July 31, 2015


Back on my Very First Ever date with Chris, he asked what my weekend plans were. "Oh, I'm headed to Chicago," I answered. "What for?" he asked, completely reasonably, but I flew into a small internal panic. Because I was going for BlogHer, which I was very excited about, and it wasn't a secret or anything, but this was a first date and it had been going very well up until that point, but not everyone *gets* blogging - especially not back in 2009! - so announcing that not only was I a blogger, but the kind of blogger who attends conferences about blogging seemed like it might be a little much on a first date. Yet on the other hand, I am a terrible, terrible liar.

"...ah.. for, um, a blogging conference," I muttered/replied, internally wincing.

Chris, to his credit, took it in stride. And aside from a few follow up questions - presumably to suss out exactly HOW crazy a person who goes to blogging conferences might be - let the date continue on as if I was mostly normal. (I later learned he really did think it was VERY VERY WEIRD, and had Concerns, but luckily I must have charmed myself past those on subsequent dates. I like to tell myself that anyway.)

ANYhoodles. I was reminded of that incident this weekend, because I found myself back in Chicago for my brother- and sister-in-law's baby shower, and I used my time there to try and meet up with every possible person I know in town... virtually all of whom I met through the internet, and many of whom I met up with back at that 2009 BlogHer.

My first stop upon landing was scooting downtown - because even though @pseudostoops had like 3 other lunches to attend, and was leaving straight from work to catch a flight, she STILL made time to meet me for lunch because she is extremely lovely.

The next day was pretty epic, in terms of meeting up with internet friends. I started with Dasi (or is everyone doing real life names now that hardly anyone still has a blog?) who - and I just went back through all the comments on my blog to verify this - I have "known" through blogging since TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE, and I *think* met in person for the first time in 2008. (Oh! Yes, indeed 2008 it was, and turns out I could have just referenced this post recapping that 2008 meeting for another all-caps exclamation of how long we have blog-known each other.)

This is obviously a turrible picture, but pretend I am not this bad at phone selfies, if you would be so kind.

We had a totally fabulous breakfast, where I only once threw my arms violently into our waiter while he was attempting to set drinks for me down on the table. Am very good at restaurants.

D, I am going to need an update on the dating situation, stat.

Next up was lunch at the best-named-restaurant ever, the Slurping Turtle, with a special guest appearance by Melissa, who remains as pocket-sized and adorable as the first time I met her.

I am like 4 feet taller than her. The first picture was even MORE awkward as a result, which I realize is hard to believe.
Then, interesting fun fact that I just learned last weekend: happy hours have been banned in Chicago since 1989. I KNOW! What kind of tyranny is that?! But right before we arrived - like, just in June - this ban was lifted, I can only assume with accompanying angelic fanfare, etc. 

Or, you know, accompanied by SUPER INSANE HAPPY HOURS to celebrate, like the one I hustled my butt to at the Godfrey Hotel, where for one hour Veuve Cliquot Rosé was $0.89 a glass. 

The silliest bar total ever.
And THEN look who trekked all the way over to meet me because they are also lovely? (I am sensing a theme, Chicagoans. Why you so lovely all the time?)

Kristin and Sara! Best happy hour!

It was SUCH a fabulous weekend. I also got to fit in a visit with some college friends I haven't seen in nearly a decade - and their two children! which they now have! - as well as eat and drink at some of the most fantastic venues with my in laws. (Little Goat Diner, Sunda, The Aviary... all so very, very good.)

Chicago never stops being awesome. And filled with awesome folks. The two may be connected.


  1. Your dress is FABULOUS. And I concur, Chicago is amazing.

  2. Yay! I'm so sorry I didn't get to see more of you! Come back soon!!

  3. Oh! This is adorable! And I am jealous! Could you please make your next such trip to, you know, Denver? Just saying.

  4. Yay! Sounds awesome! (Also a weeee bit jealous you got to see Sara and Melissa!)

    P.S. DC/VA/MD you are doing HH wrong.

  5. I love Chicago so much! I'm heading there again in October and I cannot WAIT!


  6. Hahaha, I can see how that would be a little awkward on a first date. :)
    I'm trying to remember when I met you... 2009? at a meet-up of bloggers in NOVA. As I recall, someone from Chicago was visiting you!

  7. Also, happy hour outlawed? Whose crazy idea was that?!?