May 19, 2015

Tattoo dreamin'

Just over five years ago, after ten years of pining for one, I got a wee tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. It took me a decade to pull the trigger, because I was worried that there was nothing I'd be happy to have permanently branded on my body for the rest of my life.

Well, I'm heading toward the ripe old age of 35, and not only am I still completely in love with the tattoo I got... but I want another.

I love that you can see it in some of my wedding photos!
But I'm back to the same conundrum as last time: what do I get? And where do I put it??

I'm thinking maybe shoulder blade area or on my side, over my ribcage maybe. But one of the reasons I chose my wrist last time was so that I could look at it whenever I wanted, which is tricky to do when it's on your back. And I've heard that tattoos over your ribcage hurt A LOT.

And even more tricky: what to get? What else do I find interesting enough / meaningful enough / cool enough / pretty enough / whatever enough to put on myself permanently? Maybe something music related this time, even though I play even LESS piano now than I did five years ago? Finally finish tweaking that celtic knot I was working on last time? A wee frisbee? An MS Paint icon??

Maybe words, this time. I recently saw this quotation from The Twits:

...and I've been fairly obsessed with it ever since, but it's sort of a long quote to print on oneself.

Ideas? Do you have a tattoo? Show me yours! Or send me pictures of tattoos you love!

May 14, 2015

Christina's wedding part #2: NYC version (with special guest star)

I'm just going to get this out of the way up front: I'm pretty sure your wedding wins when Evander Holyfield - THE Evander Holyfield - tweets this picture out from your cocktail hour:

So yeah. That is a thing that happened at Christina's wedding. Evander Holyfield came to it.

Here he is in their hotel room, getting in on their formal couples portraits:

And here he is pretending to punch the groom:

He was suuuuuuper nice and incredibly gracious the whole time. When he returned for the cocktail hour, he patiently shook everyone's hand who approached him and took photos with anyone who asked. Awfully nice guy.

(Back story: Christina and Matthieu got married at the Eventi Hotel in Manhattan. Two days before the wedding, she was in the elevator when Holyfield got on with his manager and bodyguard. When she realized who it was, she asked if he would mind popping out at her floor to meet her fianc√©, who is a fan and would be really excited to shake his hand. His manager apologized and said they were already late to an engagement, but gave Christina his card and said to give him a call and he'd see what he could do about arranging something the day of the wedding. Apparently Evander was in town because Team Holyfield was sponsoring one of the fighters at the Klitschko-Jennings fight that weekend at Madison Square Garden, so he'd be a little busy during the actual reception. But Christina did call them, and his manager promised to do his best to have Evander swing by while they'd be doing portraits in the afternoon... and lo and behold, he not only followed through with that, but also came back during the cocktail hour to do a lap on his way to MSG. And then tweeted about it (!!).)

So! Other than these high quality fuzzy phone pics from awkward angles, I don't have a ton of pictures since I was busy maid of honoring and stuff - although decidedly and happily UN-poisoned this time around, at least.

Instead, I'll steal these two pictures from Christina's facebook page to show you how gorgeous her dress was. Please to excuse the ridiculous face / pose on my part here. I may not have been puking, but I will still try my darndest to ruin a nice moment, apparently!

Before the ceremony, we went around central Manhattan getting pictures at some really cool spots, like in front of the Flatiron Building and in Times Square. (I am dying to see the rest of the photos from her photographer - they are going to be amaaazzzinnnggg.) Anyway! While we were traipsing toward Times Square, one of the bridesmaids pointed out these posters, and we all immediately clambered across some construction and through a busy intersection to get there, because you really cannot get more perfect than this. (Christina is, of course, an American who lives in Paris!)

Lovely, lovely, lovely wedding you two. Félicitations xoxoxo

May 11, 2015

Christina's wedding #1: Paris version!

When I was about 15 and a sophmore in highschool, I met my friend Christina.

(We are not 15 here. I think this is her 30th bday?)

10 years ago she went to Paris for an internship, met a guy during her last week there, fell in love, and moved to Paris for him. At the time I thought she was a crazy person.

(This is not 10 years ago. This is 2.5 years ago, when we stopped in for lunch at their apartment in Paris on our layover to Mauritius.)

She proved me and everyone else completely wrong though - I adore Matthieu and she absolutely made the right choice. And two weeks ago they made if official, getting married in NYC. But two weeks before that, they had a civil ceremony at their local courthouse in the 7th arrondissement. And because I am a wonderful friend who will sacrifice myself my happiness for others will pretty much take any excuse to go to Paris, I eagerly jumped at the chance to be there for wedding: part the first :)

You can't tell in this picture, but great friend that I am, I nearly ruined the day entirely by basically poisoning myself the night before. Voluntarily. The problem is that I am a total sucker and a half for foie gras. That shit is delicious. However, when you have no self control and a giant wedge of it is placed in front of you at dinner, along with a freshly-baked baguette? It's possible you might overindulge. Liiiike, say, to the point where you wake up the next day with stabbing stomach cramps and the inability to be more than 10 minutes away from a bathroom at any time.

The best was when, to really cement the stereotype of Americans as super graceful and classy, I gracefully and classily puked into a gutter just after finishing up photos at the courthouse.

I'm a super charming friend to have around during important occasions, is what I'm saying.

As a result of this special development, I have very few pictures of the day since I was mostly trying to hold it together and not let everyone know I was dying of foie gras poisoning. Christina, who had enough sense not to eat 45 lbs of foie gras, looked absolutely lovely:

The courthouse where Chris and I got hitched did not look like this. There was, for example, very little (no) gold leaf in the random office room where our civil ceremony was held. Also no 12 inch sculpted crown molding or beautiful frescoes behind the podium either (sadly not pictured due to imminent death / witness duties).

The woman on the left there is actually somewhat of a Big Deal - she's a celebrity politician named Rachida Dati, currently the mayor of the 7th arrondissement. Christina & Matthieu wrote her a letter asking her to personally perform their ceremony, and she did!

It was a hard day to top, but the NYC wedding involved (I shit you not) Evander Holyfield, so you might say these two know how to throw a party.

May 08, 2015

It's equally painful every year, I just usually get around it to it earlier than this

I am pretty sloth-like during the winter months. I am not very motivated to go to the gym on a regular basis, and I actually just laughed out loud, here alone at my desk, at the thought of going running outside in the winter.

So when frisbee season starts up in the early spring I'm usually super on board, given the last several months of having failed to do any vaguely challenging cardio whatsoever. This year though, I had just learned I was knocked up, so I kept putting off registering for spring league with my team. I realize that running around in circles on a field is not technically something to avoid, especially super early in a pregnancy, but given the frequency with which I fall down / hurt myself / inexplicably figure out a way to provoke the worst case injury scenario, it seemed like maybe I should just go ahead and not see if that would hold true. The whole miscarriage and d&c ended up making that a moot point, but also kept me away from frisbee for a bit longer, and then MAN it turns out I go away a lot on the weekends, and long story short here we are in May already and I have still failed to do any sort of aerobically challenging anything despite being perfectly able to for quite some time.

Until yesterday! When, I am happy to report, I finally dragged my butt to a pickup game and played a few points. I'd love to say it went well, but truthfully it went horrifically and I dropped the only 2 INCREDIBLY EASY passes that came DIRECTLY AT ME but I sweated a lot and ran around so I am calling this a win.

not dead! red and sweaty, but not dead!

May 07, 2015

Benefit of changing my name: much harder to google me now

me:  check it out: i'm an artist!

Marie: wow alice! i didn't know that you draw so well! why have you been keeping this a secret??
that is some pretty damn impressive art though

me:  i know. i wish i COULD draw like that

Marie:  holy shit
she's selling one of her drawings for $20K

me: WOAH
dude i could be so rich by now! dang it!

Marie:  seriously
start drawing dammit
your ms paint drawings should get you quite the pretty penny

me:  hahahahaha

May 06, 2015

The only logical post after a year away from the blog

I spent 2 straight days last week at work reading through portions of my own blog archives. This is not ideal for my work productivity, but man.. it made me wish I still wrote regularly on here. If nothing else, it's a great chronicle of my life. And apparently I'm pretty self-centered, because it turns out I sure do like reading about myself!

So... a few small things transpired in the past year since getting married. Chris and I took a trip to Vegas / the Grand Canyon / California (which I still have not downloaded pictures for.. maybe if I promise myself to put them on the blog I'll finally do that??). We played in a beach ultimate tournament in Wildwood. We had dozens of awesome weekends with friends. We hosted my family Christmas for the first time ever. I got pregnant. I had a miscarriage. We took a trip to Barcelona to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. I went to NYC for my friend's bachelorette, then last weekend, her wedding. I went to her civil ceremony in Paris two weeks prior to that.

And with all of that, the pictures I do have readily available? Are from a croquet game we attended two weekends ago in Annapolis, for which I constructed the following superbly awesome hat:

A reasonable question at this point would be "uh... a croquet game...?" Which, yes. I don't really know why either. Except it's been happening for 33 years now, and apparently when you're in the South(ish) and do something for enough years in a row, it also becomes tradition for people to dress up and wear insane hats and drink a lot at the same time.

So we did the sensible thing, which was to dress up, drink up, and have a picnic on an absolutely gorgeous day in Annapolis.

the always lovely Goslins

our set up! please ignore the port-o-potties, they weren't actually as close as they look here

Tam, Marie, parasol, awesome light

it is possible we are terrible influences on small children.

So. We'll see if I can keep this up with any semblance of regularity. My future self would no doubt appreciate it.

April 21, 2014


Guys! I got married! I'm a wife! I have a husband! All these things are weird to say but I like them!

The wedding seems like 200 years ago and also like it just happened. It was so much fun and flew by (just like everyone says it does). Everything went perfectly, as far as I know - and if anything did go wrong, thank you, guests / staff / family / friends for not telling me :)

I don't have many pictures yet aside from the few I've stolen from friends' facebook and instagram feeds, but here's a quick peek: 

At the very last minute, we switched the ceremony from outside on a terrace to just inside, in a glass atrium area - which was NOT any of the originally planned backup locations, but my awesome, awesome coordinator mentioned at like 2pm that it was an option (for my 5:30 wedding!!!) since she could see I wasn't psyched about having it in an indoor location that I didn't love, and made it happen. Magically. Three hours before the wedding. 

I also got two very weird, personal things into the wedding that I'd wanted: I walked down the aisle to Rhapsody in Blue, despite it being not exactly traditional aisle-walking music (thank you, DJ, for convincing me to go for it!) and my best friend from highschool - who flew in from GERMANY for the wedding!! - gave a very serious, solemn, spot-on reading from The Impressive Clergyman in The Princess Bride. 

Amanda doing the wead reading

I pretty much loved how everything turned out. I loved our ceremony - which was officiated by one of Chris's best friends since childhood - and I loved that we did nearly all the pictures BEFORE the ceremony, so we could see our friends during the cocktail hour before things got even busier. I LOVED my dress, and I loved my flowers too - seen here with my adorable college roommate, and her soon-to-be-baby!

At my insistence, we did a mildly complicated, choreographed first dance.... which I proceeded to COMPLETELY screw up in every way possible, but we pretended it was supposed to happen that way and still even fooled some people into thinking we knew what we were doing. (To be clear, Chris DID know what he was doing.)

The party was awesome.. at least for me! Hopefully everyone else had fun too :) Our DJ rocked hard. We had everything from Mauritian dancing to Ke$ha and I loved it all. My feet were really sore the next day. 

We even got iced. AT OUR OWN WEDDING. 

I can't wait to get our pictures back from our (also incredibly awesome) photographer - and if any friends who attended are reading this, pleeeease post / share your pics with me!