July 14, 2009

bullet-y goodness

well! it appears to be tuesday already. huh. funny how that works. and how i basically NEVER MANAGE to post on a monday. and an awful lot has happened in the past few days.. so.. bullets it is!

  • @makarlin arrived thursday night! she texted me to say she was here, and because i am 50% asshole and 50% idiot, i looked at the text from an unknown number and went "huh, some random totally just accidentally texted me. weird" and ignored her. am awesome.
  • i managed to stop ignoring her by friday evening, and met up with her for a quick dinner at my place before we headed out for the evening. y'all, she is adorable and pocket sized and FREAKING HILARIOUS. love.
  • friday night started with the nova blogger meet up with a whole slew of fun local bloggers (did i get everyone??), most of whom had multiple children at home and still looked better put together than i do on a daily basis. i appear to have impressed and alarmed them with my tales of dating woe. it's a talent!
  • after that, i dragged @makarlin to the throne of preppytown, the apex of fresh-out-of-college popped collars - or in her own words after experiencing an evening there, the "pupu platter of douchebaggery:" clarendon ballroom. it was for a friend's birthday, so that was fun, but oh my god. there is a good reason i haven't been there since i was 25.
  • i spent all saturday recovering from friday night, then met up again with @makarlin for dinner at luna grill before meeting up with SO MANY fun dc peeps for a dance party in our own alcove at lucky bar before the 236 degree temperature in there about caused me to pass out. i won't list everyone here, but it sure was awesome to hang with you awesome folk.
  • eventually, as threatened, we moved the party to camelot. while the four of us who lasted this long were all pretty drunk and worn out by then, i can say that it was a 200% improvement over our experience at royal palace. the girls at camelot are actually super hot. so, um, well done, camelot ladies! i envy your boobages.
  • sunday i pretty much wanted to die, but i had another okcupid date to show up for. at a wine bar. which was essentially the last place i wanted to be while hungover on a sunday afternoon, but i dragged my happy ass all the way to u street because i am a trooper. and while i'm pretty sure this guy isn't a creepy-ass stalker (although hey! there's still time...!) he was so very, very, definitely not for me.
  • so after making it through the date, i get back to my car... where the front tire is completely flat. like, cartoonishly spread out on the road flat. ugh. but hey, i can change a tire! annoying, sure, but let me at it! here's my spare.. and the tools... and.. hey, isn't there supposed to be a jack somewhere in my trunk......?
  • cue a call to geico, who sends a professional to change my tire for me. thanks, geico!
  • monday, i wobbled into a repair shop on my little donut tire. i told them i'd had a flat and could they check the tire and see if it could be repaired, but i was aware the tread was pretty far gone on my front wheels so it might just mean i needed new tires....? 10 minutes later, the guy popped his head into the waiting room and said i'd run over a nail; he'd repaired the tire and put it back on the car for me, and it was ready to go. and all i owed was $12. BEST MECHANIC SHOP EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. i mean, i practically begged them to sell me new tires, and they still just repaired the hole without trying to upsell me. and, seriously, TWELVE DOLLARS. i was not aware a mechanic would lay eyes on a vehicle for less than $50. so if you're near falls church and need any small repairs? i'd TOTALLY recommend all tune & lube on north washington.

this weekend is shaping up to be equally as busy. another chicago blogger (although she doesn't seem to blog any more... HINT HINT, DASI) will be in town, and there will be dancing. oh, There Will Be Dancing. plus, harry potter will need to be viewed at some point this weekend (OMG YIPPEE!). if you are not into the hp frenzy, by the way? that's totally cool. however, telling me it sucks and i'm lame for wanting to see it is pretty useless and ineffective. just so you know.


  1. nice bullets ;)
    i can't wait to be able to take part in all this fun when i move up! btw, hp is awesome!! i heart harry potter!

  2. Dude, you're partying all this time with Chicago bloggers, and it's making me jealous. Guess you'll just have to come out here so we can show you a good time, midwest-style.

    (P.S. Word verification is "pedi". Is your blog trying to suggest something about the state of my toenails? Because if so, your blog is oddly accurate.)

  3. Um, I heart Emma Watson a lot. And also Rupert Grint. And Alan Rickman. Yes, I know. But I HEART THEM.

    Also, we need new tires. Just two of them, though. I think we'll go to Costco's tire center for that one. Since we don't live in Nova.

  4. So in bullet #4 I thought you were going to say you took her Georgetown.

    I wish I had been able to join all you DC peeps on Saturday night! So glad you had a good time though!

    Oh and probably best that you didn't reread the 6th HP book because you'll end up comparing everything and not just sit and enjoy the movie. I think you'll like it!

  5. I love Harry Potter. I hate when people laugh at me and tell me it sucks. I want to punch them in the face and laugh at them because their face sucks. Heh.

  6. I think pretty much all my friends feel the same about my dating life...

  7. your weekend sounds so fun! and, um, totally exhausting.

  8. Dude, you sure are partying it up in the weeks leading up to BlogHer. Shouldn't you be RESTING up instead? Hahaha. All I can say is you've been forewarned and must be prepared to have a good time in Chicago (says the girl whose bedtime is 10pm).

  9. LOVE Harry Potter!! What a busy weekend. I need a nap now.

  10. Your weekends make me tired just reading about them! After Friday night, I drove home and went to bed and slept until 11am. (I'm afraid to click on a couple of those links with my teenage boys in the room.)
    It was AWESOME to meet you in person.
    I still think okcupid is probably not a good name for a dating service. It's like "this guy, he might be ok" ...or maybe it is because when I read it I think it really says "ok stupid"
    But hey, I met my dh cross-country skiing. He threw me in a snowbank, and I threw myself at him. (Not that I recommend that method)

  11. The Geico lizard changed your tire? That's sweet.

    Awww I wish I lived in DC :( you;d be a blast!

  12. we almost made it out Saturday. almost. i can't wait to have actually moved so there is no more packing and "getting ready to move" stuff left to do

  13. "pupu platter of douchebaggery"

    That is exactly what I think of Clarendon Ballroom

  14. You know, I not sure that you are doing enough during the weekend.... HOLY CRAP, that was ONE weekend! I don't think I did that much stuff in the last month.

    So excited about HP. I could marry Rupert Grint - he's so freaking cute. If I wasn't married and he wasn't like 10 years younger than me. Hmmmm, does that make me a dirty old lady?

  15. ha ha ha to 50% asshole, 50% idiot...I did that SAME THING to a friend who just returned from Iraq and had gotten a new phone number...I refused to answer the calls. Until he finally texted to alert me to my assidiocy.

  16. Eeeee!!! You think I'm funny! I'm so frackin giddy that I get to see you again in a few weeks...I'm gonna have to bring my sarcasm A-Game. On a related note, I cannot WAIT to show you the *ahem* flip (trying to be polite)

    Marie: I did go to Georgetown during the day on Saturday. It was much more tolerable than expected. Then again, I wasn't falling over in the street completely stone sober.

  17. She is INDEED pocket-sized. Perfect.

    Saturday was lovely. Let's do it again. Asap.

  18. You know, I decided to try OkCupid because of you. Nothing yet. Except weirdos, as always.

  19. Oh, you are funny! When I heard that you were telling dating horror stories at the other end of the table on Friday night I was sorry I missed them! I'll be lurking through your blog to "catch up" now. I do have to admit though, your adventures prove that my own dating disaster have less to do with me than the creepy guys that are out there.

  20. The awesome thing about not owning a car is that the only thing better than having a great mechanic shop experience, is never needing to go to a mechanic shop!