September 18, 2008

meme: five addictions

look at me! posting TWO DAYS IN A ROW! check outside for flying pigs, folks.

shelly tagged me for the 5 addictions meme, which is fun one. i thought this would be way easier for me, considering how obsessed i get about things for like 10 minutes before my attention span moves on to something sparkly. but surprisingly, i had to kind of dredge these mofos out of the brain soup currently occupying my head.

List five addictions then tag two people.

1. bucheron cheese. sooooo tasty. it's a nice strong french cheese, but strong in the goat way, not the blue way. it's crumbly on the inside and gooey near the rind. OMG SO GOOD. i can't go into wholefoods without picking up a round.

2. pretending i'm handy. i LOVE to put together furniture, put up shelves, and find any excuse to use my drill. and i think i am SO CLEVER when i do. more on this one tomorrow! i'm so excited about the project i did last night!

3. darlene insists that "travel" needs to be on this list. it's fair enough... i've been to 11 caribbean islands, asia, africa, and europe a bunch in the past few years. and hit up two beaches and california over the past 3 weeks. and i'm going to paris again at the end of october. sooo.. yeah. it's definitely the first thing i would do if i ever won the lottery. well, the second thing, i guess: first pay off both my and my parents' debts, THEN travel like mad.

4. the legwarmers. they're performing here again this weekend, and i can't go, and i am SO SAD.

5. project runway. SO EFFING ADDICTED. although i haven't seen last night's episode yet! don't tell me what happens! i.. uh... can't link to the website, because i think it will tell me who was auf'd. sorry.

so! i'll tag hillary and marie, should you choose to accept the taggage.

(oh, heh, one bonus item, which will likely only be enjoyed by those who are not fans of the repub vp pick: fake sarah palin on twitter. i was introduced to that little gem by kirida)


  1. Now how can we get you addicted to blogging every day, Alice?

  2. WOW! How do you get to travel so much? Can i have your job?

  3. I love that you're addicted to pretending you're handy. Also, bucheron cheese sounds DELISH. Let's have some on Sunday!

  4. I love pretending that I'm handy, too! Especially putting IKEA together, like I can really follow directions or something.

  5. Dang I love me some cheese! Sad fact: can't have much nowadays due to slight elevations in cholesterol. I know, whatthehell??!

    So by marie, did you mean me? Only asking cause it's linking to hillary's blog so just wanted to make sure. :)

    Lastly, did you see the article today in the Post on how some hackers got into Palin's yahoo account which she was using to conduct official government business? Palin=not so bright all the time.

  6. Thank you for bringing FakeSarahPalin into my life.

  7. This one was too easy! :) Difficulty was picking only 5.

  8. Holy crap do I envy you. which part of africa did you go to?

  9. You really should get addicted to leaving comments on my blog, Alice. Two words: no calories.

  10. Eee! I love project runway! I'm not addicted, because I don't make time to watch it every week. But if it's on, and I'm in front of the TV then I can't walk away... I guess that's like situational addiction?