September 13, 2007

late night

hi! i should be in bed, but i'm awake. you know that fabulous germany/austria trip i'm taking? i'm having a less-than-fabulous time finding, oh, say, any hotel rooms. in the entire country of germany. any rooms that i can afford, anyway. so i just emailed roughly 800 more hotels begging for a room. wouldn't THAT be hilarious? if i booked this trip to europe and then couldn't find any stupid rooms that i could afford?

i'm also up because a boy just called me to say he blew out his knee while playing soccer tonight. this is awkward, now, because i foolishly mentioned to this particular boy that i had a blog, which he then went and found, and is now probably reading this paragraph and AIE! weirding me out! but anyway. his knee is all messed up and i wish there were something i could do about it. hrmph.

hmm, while i'm up, would you like to hear about my planned itinerary in europe? yes? it's so convenient how everyone agrees with me when they don't have the option to demur.. here's the plan, which hopefully will include lodging that doesn't involve huddling under bridges with the other transients:

  • fly to frankfurt. whee! first time in germany!
  • i arrive on my birthday! and if it isn't neat enough that i turn up in europe to celebrate my birthday, my girlfriend christina who lives in paris is going to come to frankfurt for my birthday and celebrate it there with me. how awesome is she?
  • next: rothenburg ob der tauber, which is apparently a completely awesome walled medieval city. highly touristy, i'm told, but more than worth it anyway.
  • next up is munich, but i'll get there by way of nuremburg, where i'll spend a few hours poking around.
  • once in munich, i'll stay there for a couple of nights and take some day trips. first to into bavaria to tour "mad" king ludwig's castles (still need to do the research on why he's called "mad" king ludwig) and also to daschau.
  • on to austria! another new country for me. salzburg first. i'm told the sound of music tour is actually pretty great, especially because i'm not going to have a chance to see the lake country aside from that
  • finally, vienna... then a quick flight back to frankfurt, then a long flight back to virginia.

ahh. i feel better now :-)


  1. I'm excited for your trip, but I don't recommend visiting Dachau especially if you're the sensitive type. You've been warned.

    You might want to visit Hamburg and take a trip to the Reeper Bahn. Go visit the Eros Hotel, tell them Papa sent you. ;P

  2. Don't mind Bossy - she'll just be right here with the blanket over her head.

  3. I am extremely jealous of you, but happy for you at the same time. What a strange feeling.

  4. This is amazing--I have been to Germany for two days ever, and the only two cities I visited were Rothenberg and Nuremberg. Then when I go to Germany in November, I'll be in Frankfurt. So our experiences will match perfectly except that you'll have been to Munich and I won't. But still. Eerily similar, in my opinion.

  5. I think the trip to Dachau will be amazing, but sad at the same time. I can't even forget how the Holocaust museum was, let alone an actual camp.

    Have you looked into hostels? Or tried Wikitravel? Or even, try but then deal with the place directly. I tried all those tactics for a late-planning trip to Dublin and I managed to find something.