September 21, 2008

happy wedding, jess & torsten!

dear jess & torsten,

you probably already know this, since i may have squealed it to you in person tonight, but i'm thrilled you two are getting married. you are so ridiculously cute that everyone who sees you can't help but be happy around you.

(i'm lamenting that i missed all your cute kissing and cuddling moments tonight. am not a focused photographer.)

i AM happy that we managed to keep the Bloggy Bridal Shower such a complete surprise, though. and that your sister and your friends trekked all the way to my house, even though they'd never met me, to make the surprise that much greater. maybe i should have, i don't know, taken a picture of THE GUESTS? that did not occur to me. sorry, internets.

here, though, is the BEAUTIFUL recipe box that psuedostoops and swistle had commissioned off of etsy for jess:

hee! also cupcakes for them ;-)

please also note the purple tiara with the veil. that was her friend jen's (BRILLIANT) idea.

you guys... the amount of recipes and cards that the internets provided was really humbling. it was incredible. i was moved, and they weren't even for me.

you can see the stack of cards - separate from all the recipes that filled the box - in the picture above, behind the bread. with, uh, some tiaras on top.

so jess & torsten: here's to you. cheers to you, cheers to your bloggy shower of love, and cheers to your future (and clearly secure) happiness. all the best!

love, alice :-)


  1. That's so sweet. It amazing how people come together for something like this.

  2. I know I don't even know them, but I feel so certain they are perfect for each other.

  3. This is SO great! I love seeing photos!

  4. Also, Pseudostoops gets 100% credit for that box: she thought of it, found it, commissioned it, etc. Swistle = did nothing except said, "OMG PRETTY!!"

  5. What a beautiful party! I am so happy for the two of them :) And I love Jess's purple top ;)

  6. yay!! I'm so glad it went off without a hitch. Love the pictures.

  7. the photos are just wonderful! I love Jess's look!

  8. What a lovely gathering. You're clearly a gem for putting this all together and organizing with the other ladies. Yay for all you've done.

    PS - Cute apartment, by the way! :-)

  9. Thanks for helping to put all this together. It was FUN being a part of something so special! :)

  10. adorable shower, and i love the thing hanging over your couch!

  11. Wow! I wish I could have been there! And those cupcakes are so cute!