September 17, 2008

updates! again!

hey look! it's still september! which means i'm still busy as crap! and, uh, obviously kind of sucky at blogging (slash reading blogs) as a result. and work is actually making me WORK, which is annoying, because then i can't blog. and then my reader gets all backed up, and i feel guilty about not reading AND not blogging, and basically wah wah wah yes i would like some cheese with my whine, thanks for asking!

ANYWAY. a brief-ish update on what i've been doing:

*drove down to the outer banks on thursday night, where we TOTALLY lucked out and got fantastic, hot, sunny weather for the weekend. we beached, we drank, and we ate crabs. WIN.

*when i got home sunday night, i went to bed niiiiice and early. and thought it would be a GREAT idea to bring book 3 of His Dark Materials with me, to read for just a little bit. because the last book of a trilogy isn't, you know, the CLIMAX OF THE SERIES or anything. four hours (and a few crying jags) later, i finished the darn book. (carrie - thanks for book 2!!)

*monday night, i met my lovely friend arielle for dinner - and then my lovely roommate val for a show - at iota. iota is a great little club in clarendon, for any locals who haven't been. dana fuchs was singing that night, and holy crap. she played sadie in across the universe, and she is a POWERFUL SINGER in person. especially in such a small venue. i loved it.

on the way home, i got a leeeeetle too engrossed with playing tetris on my phone, and completely missed my metro stop. doh. no big deal, i thought to myself, i've still got like 12 minutes before the metro officially closes, so i'll just take the last train going in the other direction back the one stop to my place. so i hopped off at dunn loring, crossed the platform, and started checking the signs to see when the next train was coming.

except... no "next train" ever showed up on the board. i went up to the station manager and asked if any more trains were coming that night. the answer: not so much. "crap!" i lamented, "i missed my stop at west falls. ah well, i'll go get a taxi."

but instead, the station manager called ahead to... someone? a conductor? and told me that a no-passenger train would be coming through the station shortly, and he'd told the driver my predicament, so the train would make a special stop at dunn loring to pick me up and bring me to west falls. yay, station manager! just when i think i want to mutilate the majority of the dc area with burning laser beams shot from my eyes, the METRO - of all places! - restores my faith in people. i can't believe i'm saying this, but: thanks, metro. that was really awesome.


  1. wow - what an awesome metro station manager!
    ha - my word verification is "vbush" and for some reason I find that hilarious

  2. That's awesome. I can't believe that happened. Torsten once stopped paying attention on the Metro and wound up in the depot place. The conductor guy was furious when he found him. Oops.

  3. Holy crap! Metro was AWESOME to you?! For once! Geez. I guess that gives them a thumbs up for once.

    Was the place you went to in Clarendon next to or close to Whitlow's?

  4. Wow, lucky you! Mostly when I do something like that I get a blank 'so?' look from the dude in charge.

  5. i saw that dana fuchs was coming to cleveland as an avid across the universe fan i feel like i should go see her right!??! ha

  6. Dude. You have TETRIS on your PHONE? I would never get anything done, like, EVER, if I had that on my phone.

    Also: that's really cool about Metro. It's nice when people surprise you like that, isn't it?

  7. That is so cool! Go station manager!

  8. That's so cool that the metro was understanding! Usually, they're just like "tough luck buddy!"

    I am in the same too busy to post/read blog boat. And I feel guilty too. WTF? We shouldn't feel guilty!

  9. wowwww that was so nice of the metro to do that!!

    they're usually a bunch of aholes