August 29, 2007

i'm a fan of the embarrassing pictures, it seems

so there's this local band, right? called the Legwarmers. you may already sense how awesome they are, just by the name, but in case you need more to be persuaded: they're an 80's cover band. no? ok, they're a REALLY GOOD 80's cover band. still no? OK: they dress up in seriously awesome 80s outfits for their shows.

still no??
ok, also? everyone else dresses up for their shows, too.
i hope everyone agrees with me that this is potentially the most awesome dress ever made, ever ever ever in the history of the world, yes?
if you somehow still are not convinced, perhaps it's just because you need to see more than one outfit, all at once?
come on now. clearly this is the best way to possibly spend a friday night.
perhaps you were unlcear on exactly how large my sleeves were.

to sum up: if the Legwarmers happen to play a show near you? totally go.


  1. Your pics totally trump my sunrise pics on my way to work! I the Legwarmers ever leave the East Coast on tour, I just might check them out! The only thing missing from your outfit were the Ray Bans!

  2. How is it the Legwarmers were playing, but NO ONE was wearing legwarmers? SLACKERS!

  3. my wife is TOTALLY wearing legwarmers!! they're black, and so are her leggings, so it's hard to tell, but i assure you she had the legwarmers covered.

  4. That sounds fabulous. Once again, I wish I lived near you!

  5. those sleeves! what a fashion statement!!

    In an emergency I think you could use those for emergency shelters or to signal search planes. Love it *S*

    BTW...I like your new profile pic

  6. I am impressed not just at your outfits (which are amazing on their own), but at your poses and particularly your facial expressions. You played your parts with conviction.

  7. The half-leggings with the lace trim under the stone-washed jean skirt? I totally rocked that look back in the day. Great pictures!