August 01, 2012

i guess "AliceDoesDallas" was taken too

so as threatened in a previous post, i am seriously trying to move over to wordpress. and by that i mean i keep thinking about how i need to look into learning how to do it, and it sounds cumbersome and like i'll have to learn new things so i stop thinking about it shortly thereafter.

however! today i decided to Seriously Start Looking Into It. the first hurdle is deciding whether i want a site, or if i want to host my own site and go through (which seems much more badass, but also like there's a lot more ways in which i can screw it up).

people who know things:
the articles i read seem to imply that if i want to seamlessly move over - like, keep my links, comments, and subscribers intact - i need to get a hosted, through bluehost or someone similar. TRUE? i presume if i want a true redirect i need to own the domain, huh. harumph.

so anyway, i started poking around on bluehost and to see what kind of domain names were available. the answer, unsurprisingly, is that NO decent names are still available. certainly not "aliceblogs," which, while incredibly uninspired when i chose it in 2005 when i decided to set up a blog one day while i was bored at work, i HAVE grown a bit attached to over the past 7 (!!!) years. 

even though (and, etc etc) is unavailable, bluehost DID helpfully suggest some alternate names that were similar:

i'm sorry, did i say helpfully? i meant "helpfully." 

(did you know my blog is ALREADY blocked as p0rn for loads of people?!  i don't even do pole these days, people! do i look like i also need the word "p0rn" IN MY BLOG ADDRESS?!)

anyway. suggestions for new blog addresses that do not include references to sexytimes or p0rn are most welcome.


did you just have a baby? do you know someone who did? maybe you or someone you know is going to have a baby sometime soon?  if so, please consider checking out the Perching At Home shop on Etsy.  this lady is a brave single mom of two who is working to extract herself from a pretty crappy situation, and could use any support the internet can provide. plus, have you seen her stuff?? hella cute, and all handmade to your specs. take a look


as it's no secret that i am all about bandwagons, i've jumped on yet another one!  this time i went and bought myself a fitbit. (take a look at that website if you're not familiar with them - it's a pretty neat gadget.) you guys, i am totally obsessed so far. it took me a long time to sack up and throw $100 at what is essentially a prettier-looking pedometer, but MAN have i not regretted it all. i LOVE synching up at the end of the day; i love getting new badges; i love that it actually motivates me to go running if i'm not on track to hit my weekly goals.  

(are any of you guys using it? the dashboard keeps informing me it's more! fun! to compare your stats with your friends, but... i don't have any. womp womp.) 


  1. I'm assuming you already thought of that. Can you use an alternate domain .blog or whatever they have now? There seem to be more all the time.

    Randomly - I'm so glad I'm weird enough to have signed my kids up for email addresses when they were babies as all the good names are taken now. They both are lucky enough to have first.last@
    I don't think I have any useful information other than that I'm always happy to shop another etsy shop!

  2. CRAP. I am juuuust considering getting moving and joining something...the rec center most likely and now I see this gadget I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant. Gadgets always get me.

  3. Ha ha! I didn't even notice the funny rhyming title until my second time through!

  4. prolly taken too... need to think more about this one.


  5. Isn't AliceDoesDC available? LOL

    I felt lucky to get "Spokalulu" when I changed blogs last summer. I'm not sure what I'll do when I fill this one up... I guess I'd better start working on it!
    Have you considered just getting a regular wordpress blog? That's what I've got, and I find it really easy to work with. I just put a link up at my old blog in my final post to direct people to my new blog. I haven't bothered putting up a badge where folks can easily go see my old blog, but perhaps I will. It would be really easy to do. You might consider going that route, instead of worrying about "seamlessly" moving over. Anyhoodle, I find wp to be fairly intuitive for a beginning blogger (it's what I started with) and their spam filter rocks!

    I refuse to go looking at cute baby stuff... my son is getting married in 3 days, but (knock on wood about 20 bajillion times) no babies are scheduled until AFTER they finish college! They don't need me making grandbaby noises...

    My word verification: 69 itsrivi
    Maybe that would be a good blog title? roflmao

  6. bwah-ha! sexytimes!

    I cannot bear another calorie-ma-jiggy. I use Sparkpeople and I'm never switching again. (Used to use Livestrong, before that Fitday... and whaddya know, I still don't workout on the reg and I still eat too much cheese! Useless, all of 'em.) But glad YOU like it. LOL

  7. I keep threatening to move from blogger to wordpress but it involves actually doing something. So then I'm like, forget it. Too much work.

  8. I give you a lot of credit for looking into transitioning to Wordpress all on your own. I have some good recommendations for people who could help you with that ($) if you decide it's too much for you to do on your own.

    Also, that fitbit looks awesome! I want one, too!

  9. ha! I guess they get a lot of blogs with those type of names. heee

  10. Those suggestions still crack me up.

    I have never heard of this fitbit thing. Must come over and check it out!