June 13, 2012

SERIOUSLY BLOGGER, this post looks like shit. i blame you.

before i begin, can i just rant once more about new blogger? BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL NEW BLOGGER.  it should not require a degree in computer science to CENTER FREAKING JUSTIFY a picture now and then. i have center-justified it from your stupid layout icons, from the hover-menu on the photo itself, AND in the html on the backend. CENTER FUCKING JUSTIFY already.
ALSO! why can i not have consistent spaces between my paragraphs!? i'm already resorting to holding shift every time i hit enter so that the one space you SHOW ME in edit mode ends up being actually one space when published, but that doesn't even always work because NOTHING LOOKS THE SAME BETWEEN MY EDIT PAGE AND WHEN I PUBLISH.
wordpress, expect to host a new blog shortly. this is some SHIT. 

ahem. anyyyyywaaaaay.

when chris bought his place, it had these gross mini-blinds in all the windows that had apparently never been cleaned since they were installed. half of them were also bent or broken.
we replaced the ones in both bedrooms with lovely wide faux-wood slat blinds, but for some reason did not get around to doing the same in the living room, where the sad, stained, ugly blinds continued to live on in painful harmony with the vibrantly forest green carpet.

so this weekend i decided to fix! it! except then i remembered one reason we'd held off: what COLOR should we get? white seemed a poor choice, because gross, look at the CURRENT ones.  but would the chestnut color from our bedroom work in the living room??

only one way to find out!

yes, i did copy & paste a photo of the blinds in our bedroom onto a photo of the blinds in our living room. how ELSE does one make these decisions??

anyway, we didn't like that very much.  so even though i'd pshawed chris's suggestion of white blinds earlier, i tried inserting a picture of those:

oh. huh. that actually looks pretty good, doesn't it. i mean, not the poor man's photoshopping. that is still pretty janky.

an hour later, we were drilling new holes in the window frame, and oliver was being as helpful as always. 

i sure would hate to put up blinds that weren't pre-treated with cat hair.

i LOVE it. the change is subtle but fabulous. it turns out i wasn't against WHITE blinds, i was against yellowed, stained, metal "white" blinds. who knew.


ALSO this weekend! i went to cooking class at Sur La Table on the suggestion of my friend Liz, where we learned to make macarons. i expected this to go rather poorly, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that i COULD make a macaron without completely effing it up.  see?

it turns out they're not particularly hard to make, they're just incredibly fussy and tedious to make, and require a lot of specialized ingredients and equipment, none of which i have.  so i probably will never make them again (unless it's with someone else's stuff) but it sure was fun. and delicious. 


  1. First, the white blinds look fabulous. You made the right choice going with the white instead of the woody looking ones.

    Second, WTF Blogger?!?!? Why did blogger change its editing template? It is SO MUCH worse now and for no good reason. I'm still using the old editing format and I will continue to do so for as long as possible.

  2. I do love the white blinds (and the photoshop work that went into the decision!).

    Also, I don't even like macarons, but those look delicious. Well done!

  3. I've never tried macarons. They look...weird. I know food bloggers are all ga-ga over them but! They look weird! What do they taste like?

  4. I gave up on Blogger a long time ago. It's hard to believe that Wordpress is so superior to Blogger, but they really are.

    Also, I just can't get past that green carpet. Woah. I'm pretty sure I would've gone without blinds in order to replace that or even change it to hardwood. But, the new white blinds do look purty. =)

  5. Wordpress is better but I will warn you that they have this annoying change to their comments so you have to log in to comment and it's drastically diminished my comments because people are like WHAT LOG IN!? It's confusing.

    Cats are very helpful with sharing their hair. :-)

  6. I HATE new blogger. Hate. All my posts with photos look horrible, and I know exactly what you mean about the paragraphs and random spaces. In other news, your new blinds look fabulous!

  7. Heh. Cat Hair Pre-Treatment.

  8. What a fun class to take!

    I hate new Blogger soooo much, it's like flames...flames, on the side of my face...

    It's like, they don't want us to use html anymore (NO DON'T MAKE YOUR OWN LINK! NO DON'T TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN CAPTION!!). But then they make it impossible to get what we want without knowing ADVANCED html (HI, WE'RE THE RANDOM SPACING YOU SEE! HI, YOU CAN'T REALLY CUT AND PASTE FROM ELSEWHERE ANYMORE!).

  9. Gorgeous blinds! Isn't it amazing what a difference it makes?

    New Blogger sucks donkey balls.

  10. that looks SO much better! Makes me want to redo all our blinds at our house even though we're renters...

  11. OMG SO much better! You should have me over for wine so we can stare at it. It'll be fun. It's what we do in our 30s.

    Oh Oliver...

  12. "i sure would hate to put up blinds that weren't pre-treated with cat hair."

    heh. brilliant!

    I've lost some commenter luv since wordpress changed up their system. Since I don't know how to fix it and make it easier, I just signed and went forward as best I could.
    Whenever I think I might want to try Blogger, someone tells me all this bad stuff, so I'll stay happy with wordpress. Besides, they have awesome spam catcher service. And hopefuly they dont have the annoying "prove you're not a robot" test.

  13. I am so happy to have put my days as a blogger on blogger behind me, ESPECIALLY when I hear about shit like this. I don't understand, why change something for the worse, just to show that you are -always trying to improve-? If it's not broken, don't try to fix it. I feel the same way about Facebook... the timeline... UGH.

    The blinds look awesome! I love white blinds.

    I have never had macarons, but this is the second blog I see mention them, so I kind of feel like I should taste them soon. Yours look beautiful!