July 24, 2012

"winning" and weddings!

at work the other day, my boss was pulling up supposedly embarrassing pictures of himself to show people.  one was from before his kids were born - aka The Time When He Still Had Hair - but then he pulled up a "really embarrassing" one of him in about 8th grade.

it was... a picture of a perfectly normal-looking kid at the beach.  maybe some floppier-than-technically-necessary hair, but certainly nothing egregious.

"i hope you all don't think that's an embarrassing childhood photo, because that would be, like, the best photo taken of me as a kid," i commented.  there was some good-natured joking, but clearly no one believed me that i had the awkwardest - like, no, seriously, THE AWKWARDEST - childhood.

sooo... i pulled up this old gem:
there was... silence. then unanimous agreement that i won for worst picture.

this is no surprise. you guys, i always win that game.  i have a whole childhood's worth of photos jussssst like that one, people. I WIN AWKWARD.


and now for someone incredibly NOT awkward! (how's that for a segue?) my lovely friend alyssa got married a few weekends ago in Rochester, NY (which was pretty awesome since it was 104 in DC that weekend, and something like 79 in Rochester. SO VERY MUCH BETTER).

how beautiful is alyssa??

Mr. and Mrs. Haskins!

it POURED the entire morning leading up to the wedding, but cleared up beautifully just in time for their ceremony to be held right on the edge of Seneca Lake.

Belhurst Castle! The weather breaks just in time for the ceremony

SO gorgeous
aww... these guys...


The happy couple!
also! look at my pretty bridesmaid friends:
it was a beautiful, classy ceremony, and an awesome, dance-filled reception.

...and then we found the wall tap.

see, the wedding was held at a winery.

Shall we have a wine tasting before the wedding? We shall!
and there was a tap, DIRECTLY IN THE WALL, right outside of the room chris & i were staying in.

a wine tap.

things got... inappropriate.

Of course we're not filling a Corona bottle with wine. Of course not.
Oh dear. We, uh, re-found the wine tap.
Oh. In the meantime, we obtained.. um.. a few vessels.
happily, we managed not to do this DURING the wedding, and remained mainly civil and didn't embarass the bride & groom too much. (i hope.)

Some of the VA girls
so, that was 3 weekends ago.  last weekend, chris and i headed up to toronto for another wedding.. and in a month we head to chicago for his brother's wedding. and VERY excitingly, we just found out we'll be attending yet another wedding in march, for these two fools:

so. excited. these two? good people.


  1. Whatever. I loved you in high school just the way you were.

  2. You were a darned cute teenager. If you really need to see awkward, I've got photos... but I'd rather not share them.
    Also, don't be mad, but you had me thinking that the last photo was going to be of you & your guy. (I have wedding on the brain. My oldest son is getting married in 11 days!)

  3. I have photos that could rival yours, but for the sake of your eyes I will not subject you to them. Also? Chicago wooooooo have so much fun! Let me know if you need info/will let me live vicariously through you by telling you all the best places to eat/drink/drink some more!

  4. You've aged well, dear Alice. =)

    Also, ummmm, Chicago????? I know you'll probably be super busy, but if you have some time and want to meet up for breakfast, coffee or a twirl around the local playground, let me know!!!

  5. oh man, i love how many of you guys are My People. i am seriously not exaggerating when i say that picture stunned people here to silence. it makes me happy that we'd all have been nerd friends in highschool! :)

  6. I remember that Alice from HS! I was right there with you... And I second what Carrie said. But I do have to add that you have aged well.

    Gotta love wedding season. We'll be there with 4 this fall.

  7. I have some really awkward photos from junior high and then this bad period around the age of 18 (think Carrot Top perm). Oh dear. But look at you all grown up so lovely! I think those awkward stages make us stronger.

  8. It's better to have been awkward than to be awkward. Or something.

    Also, wine tap? Brilliant.

  9. Awesome picture. Just like my junior high one with the big glasses, frouffy hair and braces. High five!

    2011-2013 shall be hence called: Alice's Wedding Years

  10. YOU ARE COMING HERE? SOON? Please to provide details. I will bribe you with my cute kid. We would love to see you.