April 04, 2012

bandwagons! i'm on them!

i finally joined the rest of civilization and downloaded draw something (start a game with me! i draw terribly! alicewonderland0! [<-- that's a zero.]) and now i have many questions.

first off: what's up with the people who WRITE THE ANSWER? i realize this is a free game, for fun, no penalties blah blah whatever, but seriously, if your entire entry consists of writing the word "CONVERSE" that's kind of lame.

secondly: do i have to buy the paid version to get more than 3 colors? everyone i play with has all these great colors! i have color envy!

relatedly: if i get more colors, does that mean i can also do things like fill an area without having to scribble it full of color? i sense that other people have more sophisticated methods - or, you know, it could just be i'm terrible at drawing.

third: ok, this one isn't really a question, but it's along the lines of the CONVERSE genius up there. when i first downloaded the game, i was really eager to play RIGHT! NOW! but didn't yet know anyone's usernames, so i started a bunch of games with internet strangers. this is what happens when you do that. i received this drawing:
the answer was four letters, and there was no R, P, or T (ruling out "rail" or "post" which were my initial guesses). i even did the bomb thing to blow up extraneous letters, and still was completely stumped.

do you know why?


i'm truly not sure if he thought "fans" was close enough to "fence" that i'd figure it out, or if he is terrible at english.


as i love me a good bandwagon, i also joined the multitudes of droid users who downloaded instagram yesterday (follow me! alicewonderland0! [<-- still a zero]). expect many pictures of my cats, except now with FILTERS!


i only have to survive 3 more days of work, and then it's CRUISE TIME BABYYYY! roatan! belize! costa maya! i really, really cannot wait. my body is barely hanging on this week, and i am looking forward to spending a solid week relaxing, sleeping, eating, sleeping, and relaxing. i've been using fake tanner on my legs as a courtesy to the other cruise guests for when i break out my winter skin for the first time, but it's still going to be pretty painful for all of us. i mean, it would be if we weren't on a cruise in belize. :)


  1. Um, that is not "fans." I also have the same questions as you. It's tempting to write the answer but then it's no fun!

    Yay for instagram! About damn time.

    And woohoo for cruise!

  2. I cannot WAIT to hear about your cruise!! We'll be leaving just as you are getting back. YAY!! Have a great time!

  3. "FANS"???? No. That is not fans. That is "barn."

  4. Hooray for the cruise - can't wait to see pics!!

    Once you play so many games of DS, you earn "coins" and with these "coins" you can buy more colors. I'm starting a game with you now.

    Fans? Really??! Uh, no. I also don't get the just write the word out. I may write words to help use as clues, particularly if my drawing is craptacular, but to just write the word is such a copout.

  5. House! Roof! Yard! Fans? No. Not fans.

  6. I've had that happen a couple times to me. I think they click on the wrong word but don't know it? Because I had "candle" yesterday and it was a drawing of Mexico. Serious!

  7. We have a friend who reads things wrong. He drew tombstone instead of trombone and browser instead of boswer, wth. I am happy no one I play with just writes it. I sometimes write clues though!

    You earn coins to get colors, as another commenter said. The $1 version is less buggy, I think, though. And they are working on updates (got an email about it awhile ago). They are going to add an undo button, but I don't think you can fill in colors.

    Have a wonderful cruise!!!

  8. I am with Swistle. I guessed barn.

  9. Draw Something is AWESOME!!! I did not get fans from that drawing.

    Your cruise sounds awesome! I want to go to all of those places (especially to dive). Have a great time!

  10. Fans?!? Maybe if their team is red and black...
    I know nothing about those games, but I do know about flashing white legs for the first time of the season. People in Arizona were glad for sunglasses last week.
    Have a great cruise!

  11. Ah yes, well you're going on a cruise in three days, but all I have to do is show up for three more days of work, and then it's... another day of work for me.

    This game sucks.

  12. I gave you a blog award today! http://nonsequiturchica.blogspot.com/2012/04/one-lovely-blog-award.html