December 09, 2010

don't cry for me, argentina... or brazil.

i've been feeling a bit bummed recently that i have no Major Awesome Trip on the horizon to look forward to. i'm kind of a travel addict: i've spent the majority of the past 8 years (holy shit) having either just come from a fabulous destination, or planning a new trip to an exotic locale. except the last exciting trip i took was last october - like, of 2009! - when i went to eastern europe with my bud alyssa.

except, um, that's a COMPLETE LIE. in talking to my mom yesterday, i realized that not only have i done a fairly excessive amount of domestic travel in 2010, but as my mom pointed out: hey, moron, we also went to CANADA, which is a whole other country.

i went to williamsburg, new orleans, california, hot springs, VA, new york city, vegas (TWICE!), dewey beach, cleveland, and took multiple trips to NJ. and, you know, went to canada as well.

however, in my head, a "big trip" apparently requires either a) a plane ride over an ocean and/or b) the destination to be non-english speaking.

which is why i just begged chris to come with me on a 10-day vacation through brazil and argentina. and he agreed. YAY! WE'RE GOING TO SOUTH AMERICA!! IN APRIL!

i am BESIDE MYSELF with excitement for this trip. rio de janiero! copacabana! iguazu falls! buenos aires! not only 2 new countries, but an entirely new HEMISPHERE for me! why is it not april yet whhhyyyyy??

so, um, i'm pretty happy now. huge exciting trip on the horizon to look forward to? MOTHER EFFING CHECK.

in other news, turns out i completely screwed the pooch on a november charity. since my october charity was to S.O.M.E., which is a big charity around these parts for Thanksgiving, i just sort of mentally assumed that was my november donation since thanksgiving = november. but no! i donated to them in october! WHOOPS. so to make up for november, i'm donating today to toys for tots. it may be meant for november, but since we're officially in the christmas season i couldn't help making the charity holiday-themed. if you'd like to chip in for toys for tots as well, you can do so here.

then you can book yourself an awesome vacation and feel no guilt because you're also donating to charity, which basically means you OWE yourself a vacation. true story.


  1. YAY! Is it bad that when I was reading this I thought to myself that I had not been on a cool vacation since October 2009 either... when I went to France in May of this year?

    But I visited my host family there! For a wedding! So while it was WONDERFUL, it didn't feel like a VACATION.

  2. I am insanely jealous of your upcoming travels. Insanely.

  3. I can't argue with that logic.

    I totally feel the same way about travel. I just feel weird and icky if I don't have a trip to look forward to. Having a trip on the horizon makes the daily stuff tolerable.

    South America! Good for you!

  4. Put me down in the insanely jealous category. I am the spouse of an airline employee and we have only used our passports ONCE. The shame.

  5. Yay! I am excited for you!

    What will it be like there in April? That is their winter, right? I don't think their winter = our winter!

  6. South American vacation = Awesome
    Toys for Tots = Awesome
    You = Awesome

    My passport expired years ago. :*(

  7. Your life is so exciting. I can't wait to hear about the trip!

  8. Congratulations! But I say that with bitter jealousy. I'm hoping I too can go on an amazing trip next year. Probably not as amazing as yours but any overseas trip would do.

    Have fun and I expect to see pictures when you return.

  9. Oooooh so jealous! Sounds amazing!

  10. Ok, I am jealous. VERY jealous. But I am leaving for Chile in 10 days, that helps me feel slightly better. Still. I am jealous.

  11. Very exciting!!! Add me to the jealous list. I agree with your assessment of not going on any big trips. I do a lot of traveling too, but I don't really consider that big trips.

    And how could you miss Movember??

  12. Fun, fun, fun! And so jealous!

  13. watch for the old corn hole in Brazil

  14. Wow, That's my DREAM holiday!! You're going to have so much fun!

  15. I really wish I had your energy for travel. I love it when others travel and tell me all about it and show me pictures (um yeah, TAKE PICTURES), but I don't have the pull to travel much anymore. Must mean I is old.


  16. I am SO JEALOUS! We don't have any fun vacations or trips planned and I am going crazy. Our last big trip was our honeymoon to Africa that was over a year ago. Booo.

    But you will have a fantastic time in Argentina. Not sure if you already have the entire trip planned out, but Iguazu Falls is amazing and so is Calafate (Patagonia). The Perito Moreno glacier is AMAZING. I also spent time in Ushuaia (southern tip of ARG), Bariloche (also cool) and Buenos Aires. There is a ferry over to Uruguay from BA which I thought was worth it (even if it was just to make U-R-GAY jokes). :-)