March 09, 2010

i VERY MUCH hope that all searches for "baby oil slip n' slide" now direct the internet to my blog

so! photos! i finally got them downloaded off my camera and uploaded to flickr and AREN'T YOU ALL JUST THRILLED? i know, me too. let's take a walk through my past few weekends, shall we?

three weekends ago, i went to visit my darling shannon down in williamsburg, home to our alma mater and adjacent rooms on our freshman hall, where we met each other on the first day of freshman orientation.

we somewhat inexplicably ran into a group of folks who were celebrating president's day by actually dressing up as the presidents. it was odd.

then we took a whole lot more self-portraits just like this, where shannon looks cute and i look disturbed. as it should be.

then! the next weekend, i hopped a plane to new orleans to cheer on the lovely pseudostoops in her first half marathon. PEOPLE. that is 13.1 miles. MANY MANY MILES. thankfully, she stopped trying to convince me i should join her in this madness early on, so i happily just came for the food and the cheering.

i got to meet some of her blogger training buddies, too: danielle, erin, & sundry.

mardi gras trees!

this HAD been a huge pile of warm beignets and two amazing cafe au laits. unfortunately, i was too busy seeing how many i could cram into my maw in under 30 seconds to take a picture until after we'd destroyed them.

and then! this past weekend was the infamous annual scavenger hunt. marie, myself, and my very patient boyfriend spent 2 nights running around doing ridiculous things, like creating an indoor baby oil slip n' slide:

and fitting in small spaces:

and hitchiking on busy roads:

and spraying people with fire extinguishers:

and dancing on bars:

while we didn't win the entire hunt (only 3 teams managed to do all 45 items on the list!) we DID win a supplementary award for "Best Use of Props" from our team's Saturday Night Live skit. you've all seen Dick In A Box, i gather? well, marie and i did Boobs In A Box.

you're welcome.


  1. Boobs in a box makes me happy. So very happy.

  2. Boobs in a box? Brilliant! I hope THAT brings lots of interesting google searches to your blog.

  3. This is fantastic. How does one get in on such a scavenger hunt?

    PS - the bows are a nice touch.

  4. All I'm thinking is, "this is gonna be hilarious but ow it's gonna hurt when she dives on the kitchen floor and oooooohhhh it's so greasy."

  5. bwahahaha! LOVE the boobs in a box. D*ck in a box is one of my all time favorite SNL skits.

  6. I'm still laughing. :D Can't wait to do this again next year!

    Also, I really think we need to decorate trees around here with beads. Awesome.

  7. It's late and I'm afraid I'll LOL, so I'll have to come back at a better time to watch the vids, but FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!
    And I want a Mardi Gras tree. That is too cool.
    I also want a bottle tree but I'm still trying to convince my husband that it won't make us look like hicks who decorate the yard with trash.

  8. I almost peed in my pants with that fire extinguisher video. Less from what you've done. And more because of your laugh. Hilarious! I want to come to DC next year to be on your team!

  9. Boobs in a box is hilarious! That scavenger hunt sounds awesome!

  10. Damn, you have a fun life.

  11. you needed a LOT more speed on the run up to the slide.

    also, you needed to be naked.


    Also, I'd think you'd be used to people dressing up at presidents. My first thought when I saw the photo was, "Oh, they look just like the presidents at the Nats games!" With smaller heads, of course.

  13. I'm jealous that you got to meet Sundry. I love her writing!!!

  14. Incroyable! That's AMAZING.

  15. Yay for boobs in a box!! LOL!

    And I really think "indoor baby oil slip n' slide" should be done naked.

  16. Ooh beignets. Now I just need some Chicory.

  17. That last picture... the boobs in a box crawl? Definitely award-worthy.

  18. OMG OMG OMG!!

    this is amazing!!!


    i'm planning a scavenger hunt with my friends for sometimes this summer, it's going to be amazing

  19. Hi there! Found your blog by Googling "slip my baby oiled boobs into a box."


    I want to see the Boobs in a Box video.

  21. Beautiful. Why is Boobs in a Box only photos and NO VIDEO? I need.

    PS: Your life is fun.