August 31, 2010

another round up, because holy crackerpants i am doing TOO MUCH STUFF

1. august charity time! many of you guys also read marie, and so know about her scare this month (and THANK GOODNESS, also the positive outcome). it freaked me out, though. i know way too many women who have had cancer scares, and they're very very very not fun. as a result, i've decided to donate to the breast cancer research foundation this month so that we can try to ensure that more and more women will be able to walk away from those biopsies with benign results. you can donate here if you'd like to join me.

also! check out what one of chris's friends is doing in september: 29 days until 29. he's using the jetblue all you can jet pass and flying over 33,000 miles in 29 days to raise cancer awareness and generate positive connections between people rather than the negative connections we share due to cancer. you can follow his travels on his blog and on twitter, or donate to the american cancer society to help him raise money.

2. my own insane summer traveling has been part of the reason i've been such a slacker here on ye olde blog: this past weekend was the fifth in a row (FIFTH!) where i've been out of town. this time, it was so that my girls and i could head back to the infamously debaucherous dewey beach just like we did last year to celebrate our lovely alyssa's birthday. i haven't managed to download the photos off of my camera yet, but this photo stolen from my friend erin sums up the weekend nicely:

have any of you been to dewey before? there's this bar called the starboard that's famous for its orange crushes, which are delicious. THIS year, we learned they had a new drink: the ruby red grapefruit crush. oh mah holy hell, people. it's absolut ruby red, sprite, and fresh-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice. AMAAAAZING. tastes like the most refreshing little summer drink you could possibly imagine, PLUS with the added bonus of fighting off scurvy. so basically you could argue that drinking 400 of those was GOOD for us. yes. that's what we'll go with.

3. montreal! dudes, i went there like a MONTH ago and never got around to mentioning it. the whole AliceBlogs family drove up from nj for our first ever trip to canada, which was actually a terrible idea since my mom becomes a 5 year old child after about two hours in the car. despite the whimpering from the back seat (MOM) the drive wasn't too bad, except for the nearly TWO HOURS it took to get through customs at the border. considering the interrogation we got consisted of "where are you going? for how long? for vacation? ok, enjoy!" we have no idea why the backup was so intense.

but man, once we got there, we all enjoyed montreal SO MUCH. we visited one of the most amazing cathedrals i've ever seen (and trust me, i have seen MANY):

Notre-Dame Basilica

The altar again... unlike anything I'd ever seen

The pulpit

we climbed some mountains:

The long, hot climb to the Mont Royal Cross

Me, Mom & Dad

we did some serious drinking (cause see? we're serious? get it..? i'm usually the only one who finds this funny):

Afternoon drinking = VERY SERIOUS

we enjoyed their parks:

Lac aux Castors (beavers) in Mont Royal park

...and of course, we ate POUTINE!!


Poutine: A love story

(more pictures here)

we all agreed that canadians really ARE nicer and more polite than americans. and that my mom is not allowed on any more road trips over four hours.


  1. I have heard lovely things about Montreal, but they usually involve Jazz Fest and not their cathedrals, parks or poutine. Makes me want to go that much more!

  2. Oh my god, those orange crushes. I was at Dewey for the first time back in July and those things destroyed us. But in such a fun way that we recreated both the orange and the ruby red at a DC bbq just a couple weeks ago. Same fun, same disastrous results.

  3. Oh, the cathedral! Both it and your photos of it are stunning. Want to go to Montreal now.

  4. Um, I want to hear about your gift basket from the hotel.

  5. Ahhh, I love it when the blog world feels real! I was in Montreal a few months ago and took pictures from those same places on Mont Royal. Except .... I took a bus up and went down those stairs.

  6. It cracks me up that your mom is the one whining. Heh. Probably more funny to me since I was not in the car. ;-)

  7. I love when I get to travel vicariously through your blog. The cathedral is lovely!

  8. It was just something that suddenly happend awhile ago so it must be blogger related

  9. I envy your life full of things.

    I've always wanted to go to Dewey Beach, but I've never been.

  10. I would like that drink right now.

    Also, when I first read it, my brain skipped the "absolut" and I was like "why is Alice drinking all those non-alcoholic drinks? It's like I don't even know her!"


  11. Ha! Serious drinking. You made me snarf my wine.

  12. Ruby red grapefruit crush. I want some now. Please?!? I'll even be a serious drinker if you want.
    I'm going to show my east coast ignorance and ask, where the heck is Dewey beach?!?
    Also, I need to know which cathedral that is, because it is A+ gorgeous!
    And now I want some poutine.

  13. That's awesome that you donated to cancer research! I think that's the one charity I constantly donate too. And Chris' friend is doing something AWESOME! To say the least that is. Best of luck to him!

    That Cathedral looks amazing and so very gorgeous. Love, love you're pictures!

    Also, why you no bring me back some poutine woman?? ;)

  14. That drink sounds really, really good! YUM!
    The Cathedral pics are gorgeous!

  15. Thank you so much for mentioning my 29 Days Until 29 journey! The power of social media is amazing and this is the perfect example of what is possible if we all work together - I don't think that you and I have ever met and I don't even know which Chris is our mutual friend but THANK YOU!!!

  16. AAHH!! Nevermind! Chris 'Shifty' Le!!! I should have checked out the Flickr feed before I went spouting off in the comments section... my apologies!

  17. You guys found some fun things to do in Montreal- my husband and I went there two years ago and weren't all that entranced. I think that we missed the good spots! (we couldn't go into the cathedral because someone rented it out for a wedding. Who knows how much THAT cost?)

  18. You guys found some fun things to do in Montreal- my husband and I went there two years ago and weren't all that entranced. I think that we missed the good spots! (we couldn't go into the cathedral because someone rented it out for a wedding. Who knows how much THAT cost?)

  19. Those photos of the cathedral are STUNNING.