November 28, 2010

to be fair, we don't KNOW he wasn't a poodle herder.

so! thanksgiving! that happened. chris, near-saint that he is, came and spent 3.5 straight days with the full aliceblogs family, which is not a feat to be taken lightly. my sister and i even broke out the long-dormant tradition of me playing the sheet music to The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast while my sister... well, "performs" is really the only word for it. it's a captivating mélange of dance and interpretive song that truly needs to be witnessed first hand. my dad, alas, refused to reprise his part in the Gaston song, which was a shame. i suppose he was trying to retain some semblance of Fatherly Dignity in front of chris.

of course, most people come to my mom's house for the food, not for the musical numbers.

we started with the aliceblogs family traditional Truffled Quail Eggs (= deviled quail eggs using truffle butter, = YOU HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN) along with caribou pâté picked up from our montreal trip. then of course a heritage turkey cooked to perfection by my mom, and then after this point i was too busy stuffing my face to remember to take any more photos, but i assure you it was all delicious.

after lots of quality time with the fam, we headed back to VA on saturday. on the drive back, we passed a car with vanity plates that read "PDL HRDR." i am incapable of not trying to decipher coded vanity plates, so i immediately started making guesses:

me: pedal hoarder! pedal herder? p...oodle? OOH! OOH! POODLE HERDER!!
chris: um, it's "pedal harder."
me: ...oh. hey, well done! how did you know?
chris: the bike on the car's roof was a hint....


  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Very jealous of the Quail Eggs...

    Pedal Harder, that's a great plate. Way to go Chris!


  3. Wow! Look at the size of that turkey. It looks fantastic. We never have turkey at Thanksgiving so I'm always in awe when I see one.

  4. It sounds like it was a great holiday! I want to eat dinner with your family someday. They sound like awesome foodies.

    That dude was totally a POODLE HERDER. I mean, what else could he be?

  5. The other night on our way home from Target, I saw a plate that said "NCE NRS" and I thought it said "Nice Nards." Like, slang for male genitalia. D looked at me like I was nuts and said "that's nads, like short for gonads, which is a medical term." Hello, I am stupid.

  6. Will Chris be stepping into the now vacant Gaston role?

    & I like poodle herder!

  7. bwahaha @ poodle plates. hehee

    The eggs? I have never heard of such thing, but now I really want to try it! Quail eggs! Truffle butter! I have no idea where I would even FIND those things!

  8. Your mom + my mom + a kitchen + food = HOARDS AND HOARDS OF AWESOME FOOD FOREVER.

    And then we will go into a lovely food coma.

  9. Poodle herder is much more creative!

  10. So why wasn't I invited?

    Poodle herder. I like that!
    Of course, in my house, it's more like herding cats.


    Awesome. I love that you do musical numbers for your (captive) audience. We have a flatmate living with us who sings and dances while she does EVERYTHING. And she just brought a ukulele.

    It's quite nice having a morning live soundtrack to pack lunch to!

  12. I love "poodle herder"! Today I saw MRSUZY and was wondering which meaning would be worse, MRS UZY or MR SUZY?

    Earlier this year, I saw FILNDR, and I still can't figure that one out. Philander? Surely not.

  13. So, where does one buy quail eggs? They certainly don't sell those at my grocery store!

    I saw a vanity plate the other day that said RIPMUP. I thought (in my head), "That's peculiar... that probably would have been appreciated more on a gravestone, but to each their own." Then Bret goes, "Rip 'em Up... people will put anything on a license plate!" I felt dumb. You're not alone. I just tell myself often that we went to the Harvard of the South :)

  14. I like Poodle Herder. Just because the guy has a bike doesn't mean it is Pedal Harder. I mean - he probably USES the bike in his Poodle Herding activities!