September 21, 2009

if nothing else, just click the merkin link

well.. ahem. so, it's been a week, has it? huh. someone should really talk to management about how spotty the service is here. someone's clearly falling down on the job.

it's just that i've been so BUSY! what with the working, and the playing, and the.. well, ok, pretty much it's just been the playing. well, that and the sleeping to recover from the playing. except during the week, when the problem is i'm unable to sleep in and recover, which leads to rambly(-ier) and more incoherent(-ier) blogging than normal, with no discernable point. sort of like right now. or every previous entry. ok, so maybe that last one is a poor example. basically, what i'm trying to say is that i'm a freaking MARTYR because i've been trying to save you from crappy posts like this one. you see? i neglect the blog for YOU. out of LOVE.

(slash laziness.)

anyway! there are so many things i've been meaning to write about, like how the 30 day exercise challenge went (hint: HAHAHAHAaaa), solidifying my plans for eastern europe, and most recently, getting to finally meet kim and her husband! she was in DC last week and we managed to line up our schedules enough for a quick lemonade at bourbon coffee so i could talk their ears off. (kim: err, sorry i was so chatterific. and late. and sweaty.)

(also: sorry i'm about to steal your photo, as due to the laziness issue i have not downloaded the one from my camera yet.)

me & kim! i am working my "sicilian sweaty" look here.

kim is ADORABLE. so cheery and sweet! maybe i should look into veganism so i can be adorable like that...?

meeting up with kim kicked off a very full weekend: i left her and steven and headed to logan circle for dinner with a good friend; brought the friend to meet up with The Boy I'm Dating Who Has Officially Found This Website, Oh My Crap and some of his friends at chi cha lounge; headed to 18th street for a while, then ended the evening with my first foray to ben's chili bowl. verdict: the chili is SPICEH. and the chili cheese dogs are amazing.

saturday started with a greasy brunch at bob & edith's (if you live anywhere near arlington and have never ended a night and/or started the next day here: you probably should. it's as traditional a greasy-spoon diner as you'll find outside of nj - and i would know), continued on to a double-surprise-birthday-party, headed to dinner at founding farmers (yum!!), and then ended at the ballroom, where i helpfully introduced my compatriots to the wonder of merkins. not, uh, PERSONALLY introduced them, to be clear. just introduced the term into their vocabularies.

(you should definitely click that link, by the way. everyone should know about merkins.)

sunday saw brunch at tallulah with another lovely friend, some highly important shopping for an upcoming legwarmers concert (woo!), and then watching the giants beat the cowboys. in the cowboys' inaugural game in the new cowboys stadium. heheheheh. heh. it was sweet.

wow. for someone who claims to not have a lot of time, this is an awfully long and wordy post. i did start it at like 10am, and it's now.. oh. um, after 5? ouch. ok, we're done here.

ps: merkin.


  1. thank you for "merkin." just... thank you.

  2. that merkin link should come with a warning

    just sayin'

  3. Yeah! I love having new slang. I wonder if Steven knows that one.

    Damn, you are busy. You need a day off to sleep in! I love weekends like that, but always feel exhausted come Monday.

    Thanks for fitting us in! You're such a sweetie. Oh, and I would have been SO SWEATY if I hadn't taken that shower (ugh, did you notice my spikey "I don't have time to dry my hair so I am going to gel it" do? Yies!). I sweat like no other. Hate it.

    I hope we get to meet again soon! I am sure I will be back in DC at some point for work!

  4. due to his southern accent, i always though George W. sounded like he was saying "merkin" when he was saying "American." oh listening to him talk sure was funny!

  5. I need a nap just reading this.

    You need a weekend off to prepare for mah arrival!!! Rest up chickie.

  6. "The Boy I'm Dating Who Has Officially Found This Website, Oh My Crap"
    ...this but it jumped Right. Out. At. Me. When did this happen?!? Dang, I miss out on so much thanks to not twittering. Sheesh. Spill, Girl!!! The usual, when where why how....
    And someday I need to hang out with you and experience the wild life. Well, maybe only a few hours of it. I'll skip the merkins, thanks. (But I feel so educated now, LOL)

  7. Merkin. Merkin. Merkin. Merkin. Merkin.

    Guess what the first word out of my mouth is going to be when I see you next?


  8. I totally fell for that merkin link thing. That's just WRONG.

  9. I used to work with a guy named Squeek who was, seriously, allergic to the work merkin. He would actually cringe at its very sound. He wouldn't have made a good superhero since everyone knew his kryptonite. So sad. Merkin.

  10. Isn't Kim a doll? I adore her ... and her main squeeze! You are, my dear, busy. And what's this with the guy you're dating ... and you don't even give us an update. Screw the fact he will read it ... give us the lowdown!!! And merkin ... hahahah ... didn't see that one coming.

  11. OK, the boy you're dating might be reading this website, but I still want to know more about him. Details, please!

  12. So, I didn't know what a merkin was, but I am definitely going to start screaming it at people who cut me off while driving. Definition #3 was my absolute favorite.

    No rest for the weary, dear... I hope you are prepared for my imminent arrival. I totally want sweet tea vodka. Maybe I'll be able to use, "You freaking merkin" on my drive up?

  13. OK - clicking that link MADE MY DAY.

    Thank you.

  14. Wow! Busy girl :) I was in DC this weekend, too. Short, jam-packed visit. Next time I come, we're hanging out, though.

  15. ummmm.


    ahhhhhh, hilarious!!!

  16. I'm too tired to click the link, but I will return. 30 day exercise challenge eh? Wish I knew about that so I could also NOT do it!

  17. I think my hilarious comment just gotten eaten by the blogger devil. I'm sad I can't duplicate such genius now :(

  18. My cast members told me about The Legwarmers and I wanted to check it out- but it's already sold out! Have fun!

    Also Merkin? Ew.

  19. Merkins never fail to amuse me. NEVER!

    I adore Kim and think it's all kinds of awesome that the two of you met. You are great and she is great so it's just double greatness!

  20. is it true that kate winslet wore one in the reader... b/c i didn't notice it. maybe i'm just not checking out her crotch enough.