September 30, 2009

i use the word awesome a lot in this post. be prepared.

holy crap, you guys. things have been BUSY. work has been absurd, and my social life has been absurder.* i've been getting home around 11pm every night from Various And Sundry Fun Times, and my weekends are chock full, with 2 or 3 parties / meetups with friends / partying with out of town guests per day. even when i do have some down time at home, i'm not really a blog-at-home kind of girl... i'm more of a "thank god i'm home for once; i shall beach myself upon my couch and catch up on my dvr" kind of girl. don't get me wrong: i'm not complaining. i love it. it's just making my blogging awfully sparse these days.

*totally a word. shush.

but! the things, they have been happening! like last weekend, my fabulous friend shannon came to visit for her first Hard Core, Balls-Out, Dance Until We Shut Down The Bar, Girls' Night Out since having a very adorable son last year. (his name is elliott, by the way, and we're totally dating. we were trying to figure out what that would make me - eg, not a cougar, since i'm not in my 40s. so, a cheetah? a puma? then we hit on it: a pedophile. whoopsie!) we met up with another college friend - also newly a mom! - and basically rocked out with our cocks out.
how cute are they? new moms, dancing all night and closing down the bar! and making me drink car bombs! i guess now that she's a mom, shannon automatically developed the ability to guilt people into things... :-)

and then! also recently, just because i was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, and shelly is TOTALLY AWESOME at all times, she sent me a sweet care package! see?
i've been wanting to read that book for AGES now, so this is so perfect. and how CUTE are those notecards and sticky notes? (also super cute, though i covered it up for anonymity, was the notecard shelly wrote that had teensy adorable drawings of each family member with their name under it. love!)

and so, in the spirit of Care Package Love, i'll be sending one out to another blogger sometime soon... more on that later.

in other this-past-weekend news: i've mentioned the legwarmers on this here blog a few times, particularly their overall awesome-sauciness. and how we dress up in even AWESOMER 80's clothes to go see them. if you follow me on twitter, you've likely already seen the new Most Awesome Photo Of Me Ever, No Seriously, but i'll grace your eyeballs with it again here, because i am a giver:
here are my equally awesome friends alyssa and jen, who, i would like to note, BOUGHT THE ENTIRETY OF THESE OUTFITS AT TARGET. like, last week. eg, in the present day. there is something very, inherently, grossly wrong about that.
we partied it up at my house for a bit, then headed to the concert, where.. well, we partied it up there, just with better, louder 80's music.
if any of you local folks haven't been to one of these shows yet, i'm not kidding: you need to go.

so! lastly! the other thing that's been taking up a lot of my time is planning my INCREDIBLY AWESOME trip to eastern europe that i'm going on next week. next week!! that's... well, it's NEXT WEEK! that's soon! would you like to know where i'm going? of course you would.
  • leave oct 8, arriving on oct 9 in Prague. fyi? october 9 is my birthday. i shall be celebrating my 29th birthday IN PRAGUE, bitches :-)
  • oct 11: arrive in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic (thanks for the recommendation, artemisia!)
  • oct 12: arrive in Budapest, Hungary
  • oct 15: arrive in Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • oct 16: return to the ol' USA

and then october 17, obviously, attend the wedding of the century. #pbandtuna! (and #sweetpickleballs, while we're at it, although i'm still waiting for marie and makarlin to tell me what that IS. hookers.)

SO. there's a lot going on; there's a lot more that will be going on; The Boy Who Found My Website is still lovely; things are good. and with any luck, i'll be able to tell you these things a liiiitle more frequently from here on out.

hey look, a whole post without talking about merkins! WIN!


  1. Love the outfits. Stylin'

    You sound crazy busy!! Have fun on your trip!!

  2. By the sheer fact that you are mentioning #sweetpickleballs means that it is a HUGE success.

    Soon enough my pet, soon.

  3. I am jealous of your energy!

    I am super excited for your Europe trip. It's going to be so awesome! I can't wait to hear about it. I have not been to any of those countries. I will have to travel through you! :)

    How cool that you've been out rocking it, especially with the moms! I love it when I meet a mom who's still got it goin' on. Cause... you know. Some let it go. I am not mentioning any names... (it's family)

  4. Two things:

    1) "we were trying to figure out what that would make me - eg, not a cougar, since i'm not in my 40s. so, a cheetah? a puma? then we hit on it: a pedophile." made me L quite literally OL.

    2) What the heck is this Legwarmers thing, and why has it wreaked so much bodacious friggin' 80s fashion all up on my google reader?! What are they and in what city can I get a swig of their magic? (I'm hoping it's Boston, but guessing probably not...)

  5. First I'd like to say this post is nothing short of awesome.

    Second, remember those 80s leg tights that would hook under the foot? Yeah, well I saw those at Target once. *shudder*

    Third, #sweetpickleballs will be revealed in all its awesomeness on Oct. 17. BE PREPARED! It really is awesome.

    Lastly have hoards of fun on your trip early Happy Birthday to ya!

  6. i can't wait to meet you on the 17th!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Omg that hashtag is following me everywhere!

    In other news I wanted to go to the Legwarmers and I heard they were awesome.

  8. Strangely jealous of your party life, not-so-strangely jealous of your travel! And cracking up that you didn't talk about merkins but you HAD to mention it, didn't you? LOL

  9. You're travelling again? Seriously? Hope you post lost of pictures.

  10. First, that book is awesome. Second, that trip sounds awesome. And third, happy early birthday! Awesome IS a good word. Especially when my toddler says it.

  11. That's a great book! The sequel just came out in hardcover a month or two ago -- the third book in the series was just published in the UK (like, I mean, published TODAY), but won't be published in the US until next spring -- no problem, that's what is for, and I'll have my copy in about a week! :)

  12. This is awesome. Especially your trip. So jealous!

  13. Wow, girl, you're buuuusy!

    Sounds like a blast :)

  14. I was in Prague for my 23rd birthday. weird.

    I loved it. loved it. Have a great time!!!

  15. Looks like you're having plenty o' fun!

    I just had an awesome '80s party this weekend. I really want to dress like that every day.

  16. Best picture EVER indeed. You rock!

  17. I hope you love the book. I am SO SO jealous of your trip. Have a great time and take lots of pictures.

  18. YOU and your friends are rock stars ... with or without the leg warmers!

  19. your plan for your birthday in Prague is seriously outshining my plan for my birthday. i was gonna rent out a Chuck E Cheese, but now that seems so lame.

  20. Thanks for an AWESOME weekend. I think we might have to make it an AWESOME semiannual event. And that is the most AWESOME-EST picture of you ever. It might be a framer. And... I don't think it took very much cajoling in the end to get you to drink that carbomb. Your attempts were weak, at best. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. (oh, and to the boy... it was SO NICE to meet you ::wink, wink::)

  21. dude! you are awesome.
    also, you are celebrating MY birthday in Budapest. I will try not to hate you too much as I celebrate my birthday in Seattle.
    have a great trip!

  22. I'm super jealous of your trip!

  23. Your trip sounds great and like such a fun way to ring in the birthday. Take notes for stuff to see and avoid for me for my trip out there this Spring.

    Also, I used to go to legwarmers shows all the time with my friends a couple of years back. SO MUCH FUN.