August 13, 2009

because i'm not strong enough to stop drinking wine

the blogging juices are running dry, my friends. an empty blog for a week; 23371562736251 unread posts in reader; unanswered emails... i am a Very Bad Internetter this week. a few things i've been up to, though:

last weekend, my gorgeous friend charleen got married to her absolutely wonderful (now!) husband, matt.

i met char on one of the first days of our freshman year of highschool. my highschool friends are some of the best i've ever made, so it was really, really nice to see so many of them all in one place.

congrats, char! we love you one million :-)

next up: yet another exercise challenge i've set for myself wherein i'm all gung-ho at first and then most likely let it piddle out halfway through when i get bored. fun, right?? except this time i have a calendar to track my progress and everything, so i'm hopeful that i might actually stick it out.

also i'm unable to fit into several of my pants, so that's a good motivator too.

while at blogher, i briefly met kristen from motherhood uncensored, who introduced me to the concept of shred heads - those folks who start the 30-day shred and then actually, you know, DO IT every single day for 30 days. i can't do ANYTHING every day for 30 days straight except for eat, sleep and poop, so this was intriguing. i know myself and my life-ADD, so i knew i wouldn't be able to commit to shredding every day... but after thinking about it for a while, i decided to challenge myself to exercise in SOME WAY every day.

..and then made a google calendar for it, because i'm much more likely to do something if i get to check stuff off and make lists and have a pretty calendar for it.

the blue bars are the proposed exercises i'm supposed to do each day; the red bars are logging the successful completion of each one (with details like how far i ran or what level of the shred i did) and the yellows are big fat FAIL days, where i've already screwed up.

(one fail was because i'd planned to go swimming at the hotel the day after the wedding, but the pool was outside and it was thunderstorming; yesterday's fail was because i showed up at the gym to run and learned i'd forgotten socks, and after coming home and making dinner i accidentally fell asleep on the couch [whoops!]; the first fail was because i was busy having a date and i refuse to feel bad about that one.)

i've decided that each failed day will be tacked onto the end of the 30 day challenge - so already, for example, this is being extended to 33 days to compensate for the 3 where i sucked.

since this isn't technically about losing weight, and more about seeing if i can just sort of reduce the general mass of ye olde midsection (and also because i don't have a scale), i didn't weigh myself for before/after comparisons. i DID take some crappy mirror photos of me in a bathing suit, though, so if this regimen actually makes a difference, hopefully i'll be able to see it there.

i suspect my inability to diet / stop drinking so much wine is the REAL reason i have the extra flesh clinging so lovingly to my spare tire region, but maybe i can coerce at least a bit of the insulation off this way. i'll let you know 19 22 days from now.


  1. good luck!

    I don't even mean that in a snarky way.

  2. Well, it is going to take me 17 years to lose all the weight I need to lose because I refuse to stop drinking beer. I haven't had any for a week, and I think now I need (want) one.

  3. Dieting is evil but exercise is great. Something will click for you when it is time and then WATCH OUT!

    I am having trouble avoiding the wine lately too.

  4. Good luck! Exercise is totally worth it if it means you can still have wine.

  5. On of my friends is constantly training for a triathlon. I pretty much always want to punch her.

    I work out 4-5 days a week and I refuse to feel all guilty for not adding in those extra 2-3 days. Or giving up beer or wine or cheese. I LIKE those things. So if it means I have a little extra cush, I'm okay with it.

    But rock on, girl. Because if you can actually make it through this 30-day challenge, my hat is off to you.

  6. I'm exactly the same when it comes to the diet and the WINE! I know if I could stop drinking wine on a *very* regular basis I could lose a few pounds, but alas...that wonderful juice from the heavens calls to me and I am defenseless. But I do love the 30 Day Shred! That video kicks my ass. Good luck!!!

  7. Your calendar is very pretty.

    I have managed three days on 30DS, not consecutively. So, FAIL.

    Maybe I will give this a try with you!

    Good luck!

  8. is it too stalkerish of me to ask if that is the NJ school? cuz i know 5478 people who went there and I just went to another Lawrenceville wedding myself!

  9. I never work out, or even move that much. I probably should.

    The wedding pictures are lovely. :]

  10. I need to do this too. Maybe I'll start a calendar too!

    Because once you hit 30, you can't really eat and drink like you're still in your 20s and expect your pants to fit unless you work out.

  11. You are smart! Knowing that if you don't work out today, your 30 days will become MORE than 30 days is TOTALLY motivation to just do it already.

  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the wine is fucking me in the goat ass too. Pretty sure it's here to stay though.

    I like the idea of tacking days on to the end! SMRT.

    Keep me updated, obv.

  13. What a great looking group of Lawrencians!!

    I totally feel your pain about the extra fleshy stuff around the midsection. Mine comes from beer, not wine, but the result is the same... Good luck on your 30 (33) days!

  14. Love your calendar. It makes my OCD, anal retentively organized heart sing. You rock. If only you had spent that hour working out, you'd have one less fail... story of my life. I was really meant to be a waif.

    On other note, if shredding fails... I highly recommend getting pregnant, gaining tons of weight and then breast feeding. Worked for me!

  15. What a beautiful bride!

    Yay! I love your workout for 30 days idea! It will make a difference!

  16. you can do it! calendars and lists are solutions; they make everything easier.

    and yeah Jersey!

  17. i am a lot like you and last year I challenged myself to blog for a year and to get my certification as a personal trainer and not just the books. I did both and I can't tell you how great it felt that I set a goal, a goal i would have most likely blown and I did it. Keep it up.

  18. I don't think any of those really count as fails. But then, I'm extra squashy lately, too (too much wine and not enough Jillian Michaels myself as well), so maybe I'm not the best one to offer advice on that.

    And I've been lousy at the Internets recently, too. I just opened my feed reader for the first time in a week and a half tonight, terrified at how many unread posts would be in there, and it was only 355! Not 1200! I'm convinced several feeds are broken, but I'm not going to complain. (Note: 355 is still daunting, of course, but not nearly as daunting as I thought.)

  19. Char's wedding dress = GORGEOUS! DROOOOOOLS! =)

    Also, I have a theory about working out. If you're not a 7-day a week kind of workout girl, aiming to workout 7 days a week will leave you disappointed. Why not aim for a really realistic 3 days a week. And once you get in the groove with that, then add a day each week if you're feeling like you have the time. That way, everyone wins (as in the social you and the workout you).

    But, that's just me - you'll have to let us know what happens at the end of this month!

  20. I wish loads of better luck than I have had. Procrastination + love of a relaxing drinkie-poo + laziness does NOT = weight loss.... this I know from much personal experience.

    And I know about too many feeds & e-mails to even dream of catching up. (I went on vacation for 2 weeks.)

  21. It's not a FAIL if it was for sex.

  22. Good for you, man! My philosophy with diet/exercise has been: "You don't have to want to do it. You just have to do it." Getting those work outs on the ol' google calendar is a great way to let yourself know that you've made time for it and should do it, by gum!

    Also, eating and sleeping are gimmes, but if you poop every day for 30 days, then I think we can add "ahead of the curve fiber consumption" to your daily list. Hey! Just trying to give you some credit where it's due! (And apparently speculative tmi-ing in the process as an added bonus.)