June 11, 2009

TMI Thursday, in a way.

my conversation with gertrude over lunch today:

me: our waiter is so adorable.
gertrude: no kidding. he's such a little baby.
me: i know! a cute little adorable baby.
gertrude: omg! you should take him home for some bicep sex!
me: HAHA! not a bad idea. although i feel like bicep sex might be better with someone older and wiser, if you know what i mean.
gertrude: yeah, you want someone who's got some know-how under their belt.
me: although sometimes the young ones are more eager to please, you know?
me, horrified: oh my god. i'm a couger.
gertude: CHEERS, BABY.


  1. Does the fact that I am giggling make me a cougar, too?

    Must. Plan. Blog Meet-up. Soon!

  2. You totally ARE a cougar. This explains so much!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a cougar. Nothing whatsoever (says the girl who's bf is three years her junior).

  4. too funny! you are not a cougar until you are in your 40s i think!!

  5. Not a cougar...



  6. first of all lovey, you are a PUMA. and second of all, from one pseudo-puma to another, i love you.

  7. This is why I renewed my Puma hunting license!

  8. I am not sure someone in their TWENTIES can be a cougar, you are still just a cubette yourself.

  9. Are you free for meet-up on Friday the 19th?