March 13, 2009

this weekend: SCAVENGING

oh man, you guys. i should never have written that last post. i should have known better than to write a post like that, because it is basic universal LAW that immediately after writing about how good! and fun! and happy! and rainbowtastic unicorny shiny! everything was, it would immediately go to shit. and not a good, satisfying shit. a messy, horrible, stupid shit.

so, um, yeah. work has been... interesting this week. if by "interesting" i mean "alternately making me homicidal and suicidal," which i do. however, i realize i should be happy i HAVE a job right now, and i am. but that does not mean i don't still have sucky weeks, while trying to be grateful for the ability to earn money for dealing with the serious lapses in basic human decency and interpersonal interaction that some people seem to experience.

but today is FRIDAY, and that is GOOD, and i am focusing on the steadily shrinking number of hours that i have to continue to care about work this week. only 7 more to go now, hurrah! and then i get to start scavenger hunting!!

some of you may remember that i participated in this hunt last year (as well as the year before! but i was on a blogging hiatus at the time) and you guys, it is SO FUN. after the first year, we determined that the best part of the hunt BY FAR was taking pictures/videos of our teams doing silly / embarrassing / strange things (as opposed to actually finding objects) so for the past two years, the list comprises solely of things you need to document your team doing. some examples this year:
  • pay for a box of condoms with pennies
  • create your own "axe" commercial
  • wear a "will work for _____" sign at a busy intersection
  • perform a "jackass" skit
  • face painting gone bad
  • roadkill imitation (actual roadkill required in shot)
our team name is SHAK (scavenger hunting ass kickers) and we need to come to the presentation night wearing matching shirts to earn bonus points, so obvs we're making iron-on logos and slogans and creating matching tshirts. we each also have an ass-themed nickname (because we're the ass kickers! badonkadonk, keister, etc.)... mine is Assablanca. :-) BRING IT ON, other teams. that trophy is going to be MINE again.


  1. I saw your twitters that day and thought "uh-oh, she's not having a good day." If only she had a nice bottle of something (beer) in her desk...

    Enjoy the hunt! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. Um, hi. I love you.

    I want to be on your team. Geography sucks.

  3. Please, PLEASE post pictures of this!

    [slips away contemplating carrying a flask of tequila as a constant accessory]

  4. I believe I mentioned last year that I wanted to try this scavenger hunt thing. I STILL do. :)

  5. I'm going to have to echo the demandment (it's a word. shuttup) of pictures! That sounds HILARIOUS.

  6. So fun! You HAVE to post pics! I think my fave is the paying for condoms with pennies. Oh, man.

    My aunt holds a scavenger hunt every year in October. It is seriously the highlight of my year.

  7. this sounds awesome!
    have fun!!

  8. Our family used to play drunken scavenger hunt every year around the holidays...then my sister had a baby, and now we have to be all grown up. Sounds like wicked fun!

  9. The scavenger hunt sounds so fun. I can't wait to hear about it!

    You know, I think we can still bitch about our jobs, even when we are grateful to have them. But I understand why you say that. It is so easy to be taken the wrong way!

  10. The scavenger hunt sounds AWESOME! Have a great time.

    Yeah, yeah, we're all deeply grateful to have jobs. Doesn't mean they don't suck some days.

  11. Alice

    Thanks for being you. I understand you, I really do.

  12. Haha I complain about my job all the time, even though it ain't that bad but come on, it's work! You're supposed to complain (and also be appreciative that you have a job ,as I am, it's the name of the game)

  13. Ugh. I'm sorry you're having struggles at work. I hope the scavenger hunt was awesome!