March 19, 2008

fake it 'till you mean it

despite everything swaying crazily in my little world right now, life goes on. it's been really hard not writing about the personal stuff, seeing as i'm a manic, stressy ball of emotions right now, but it's just not the best idea with a public blog until i get things a little more in order. however. i miss blogland a TON and it's time to shake off some of the woe and try to get back into the swing of things.

and around here, life goes on in the form of scavenger hunts.

last year around this time, i partipated in a multi-team, week-long scavenger hunt. it was pretty much AWESOME. and! we won! we even got a trophy:

yes, that is a statuette of a horse's ass. why?

the scavenger hunt started again last weekend. the trophy rotates - like, if i drop out and/or lose, the trophy gets passed on to this year's winners. obviously this is not acceptable. so: time to get my scavenging arse in gear!

would you like to see what i've done so far? i thought you might. item #16 on the list is:
"How many pairs of pants can you wear at once?"
so cake.


  1. I'm really sorry about your personal problems and, as you know, am always here to listen if you need. And also, you are awesome. And also, when I was in college we always gave out the horse's ass trophy at our annual debate tournament just to piss off all the serious future politicians who were busy debating like it was a question of life or death.

  2. That reminds me of Joey on friends when he put on all of Chandler's clothes. Sweet trophy.


  3. Do you need me to draw you a stick drawing? Because I totally will.

  4. There's nothing like a good scavenger hunt to distract you from life. I can't imagine putting that many pairs of pants on ... they're all too tight already. Boo.

    Take care of you on the personal front. If you need a listening, outsider's ear, you know where to find me in the off-blog world. Hope you work things out soon. Miss ya!

  5. Really? Only 6? I'm half tempted to go into my room and give it a go. You know, just to see.

    I hope all the personal stuff gets worked out soon! If you need to spill it, we're here via email or blogs or Gchat or whatever!

  6. HA. You were already on it. Of course.


  7. scavenger hunt? only did that once. didn't find the easter eggs. but its kewl. i'm muslim i'm used to not getting easter eggs.

  8. Hi, I read your comment about your little sister on Tessie's blog today and it made me laugh so I came to check you out. I love scavenger hunts!

    This is seriously cool in my book!

  9. I'm a bit scared of what items would be on a Mid- ok.... nevermind. I totally misread that trophy! LOL!

    I thought it said "Mid-wife" :D

  10. This is cool. I'd LOVE to do a scavenger hunt sometime.

    (Note how I completely ignore the part of your post about things being crazy. That is because I've been away so long that I don't know what's going on yet... on to your next post.)