December 18, 2008

charity and dating and muscovy duck, oh my!

so! hi! it's been a while, no? we have a lot to discuss!

first off, go visit pseudostoops and leave a comment. i'll wait for you to come back, it's ok. because for every comment you leave, she donates $$ to charity. and if enough people comment today, a private donor will match her contributions. so go! all you have to do is leave a comment! it can just say "comment" or "hi" or "alice is annoying and sent me here." just go :-)

next up, and the only real update anyone has truly been waiting for: eagles boy. (he's morphed from Eagles Fan, sorry. eagles boy it is. uh, despite the fact that he's 3 years older than me. WHATEVER.)

anyhoodle! we had date #2 on sunday night, when we went to go see the national christmas tree on the ellipse. i've lived here for 6 christmases so far, and had never gone to see it. (i may have been accused of being a Bad American because of this. it's probably true.) and i didn't know there were wee trees for each state, too! NJ's was hideous, of course. way to propogate the stereotype, nj. of course, nothing could match the majestic heinousness of the national tree itself. holy bats on a cracker, is that thing ugly. the white house is right there, looking all tasteful and elegantly decorated, and then there's this... this monstrosity on the lawn. ick.

so we went to the ellipse and walked around, strolled downtown for a bit, then metroed on back to the east falls church metro stop, where he lives and where i'd parked. he walked me back to my car, and we're standing there... doing the awkward goodbyes yet again... and just when i'm about to give up on him, he goes in for the kiss (mid-sentence. my sentence, i mean. it was kind of cute). but it was still a pretty chaste little mini kissing session.

finally, last night i headed to his place for date #3 - pizza + beer + movie - and after the movie, i basically forced him to make out. i'm no expert in men, but i'm pretty sure he didn't mind. :-)

so! you are now officially caught up on Alice's World of Dating. there have been depressingly few viable prospects these past 2 weeks from match - and by depressingly few, i mean zero - so eagles boy is getting my full attention at the moment. maybe dating picks up again after the holidays? i have no idea.

lastly, i'll leave you with the menu my mom just emailed us that she is making for our christmas day dinner. i cannot freaking WAIT for this meal:

Truffled Quail Eggs

Lobster Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette

Muscovy Duck Breast with Pomegrante-Wine Sauce
Potatoes Roasted in Goose Fat
Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes and Shallots
Crusty French Rolls

Chocolate Rum Cake (from Bermuda, courtesy of our neighbors)
Caramel-Terhune Apple Ice Cream from Bent Spoon

that last one - the bent spoon - is a local ice cream & cupcake establishment in princeton that is freaking FANTASTIC. they try and keep their ingredients organic and local (like - within 20 miles, when possible. terhune is an orchard just outside of princeton, for example) and their ice cream is out of this world. typical flavors run the gamut from dark chocolate sorbet to heirloom tomato to violet to gingerbread with real ginger. if you're ever in princeton, no matter the season, i recommend a visit.

i also recommend a visit to my mom's house on christmas day, because OH MY HOLY HECK DO YOU SEE THAT MENU.


  1. I WANT THAT MENU. Thank you.

    Good job on the making out! Go you!

    The first Christmas that Torsten and I were together, we walked, like, three miles in the cold at night to see that damn tree. When we got there it was closed and the lights were off, but we could still tell how incredibly hideous it was. And then we trekked back. I remember it as a completely miserable night. Stupid ugly tree.

  2. I'm totally coming to your Xmas dinner, kthanks!

    So... how was the making out? Good??!

  3. Omg - that dinner sounds so fancy!! We'll be having a much more boring meal. lol
    I've never heard a guy complain that someone made him make out. ha! I'm sure he loved it. So, did you?

    Also, must see pics of ugly tree.

  4. I keep threatening to run off somewhere for Christmas, now I know where I am going!

    (except for the lobster-that is instant death)

  5. 1. I can't believe that every single year they have THE ugliest tree at the White House! Maybe Bush isn't trying hard enough to get a pretty one and decorate it properly. Good thing he's on his way out.

    2. Yay for kiss and make out! Woot! Woot!

    3. We need to get our moms together for a Mom Cook Off. Can you just imagine all the yummy goodness that would come of that?! And then we could eat it all.

  6. I beat you to pseudostoops this morning, so I don't even need to leave your precious blog right now. =)

    Boo for sucky prospects but yay for an official make-out session on date #3. Go girl!

    And beans out of a can at my in-laws or your mom's dinner? God, if only I didn't have to choose. Food wise, you win. But, I still love my in-laws anyway!

  7. i know it's organic and i should love the bent spoon, but you know what? i don't. i much prefer halo pub. shocking.

    have a wonderful time at home! yummy menu! (and the rum cake -- wow! ah, bermuda, how i miss you!)

    this year we are making potato pancakes with smoked salmon (capers, dill, sour cream, truffle oil, etc.) because christmas is during hannukah! it's perfect.


  8. I love that you "forced" him to make out. Ha.

    your mom is nuts - I wouldn't even know where to buy goose fat!

  9. Awesome! Good job to you!

  10. Good update on the boy! And I think it is slow at this time of year, too many other things going on...

    Enjoy the menu!!!

  11. ahh...the first make-out session. I know that is the real "news" of the date, but out of curiousity...what does one watch on a beer/pizza/movie date?

  12. Inviting myself over for xmas dinner now. That won't be awk, will it?

  13. Wow. I think last Christmas we had frozen lasagna. Can I come over?

  14. um that menu looks friggin amazing!

    and keep on making out al-dog!

  15. I can't decide if I'm more jealous about the making out or the food. It's a close call.

  16. well, so things are progressing smoothly. and LORD send your mother and her menu here for x-mas, will you? We're having ham. SO unoriginal.

  17. Ok, that tree is terrible! I wonder what Illinois looked like. Hello internet!

    Nicely done on Eagles Boy. Is this the "threw" guy? Cause I'm gritting my teeth over a guy who can't differentiate between "your" and "you're" and this may be encouraging.

  18. I see the menu and I'm drooling. Do you think my family will mind if I bail and hitch up with your family instead?

    We only saw the trees last year because my brother was visiting with his family, so of course we had to see VA and our home state (WA) and his current home state (WI). It's not so busy if you go after Christmas. I figure the same decorations are used each year, so we don't have to go again, right?

    I've been busy trying to make Christmas happen, both here and across the country for nephews and nieces and grandparents and, and, and... that I'm way behind with reading blogs. (Which, by the way, is more fun than shopping and wrapping and trying to fit them all into boxes!)

    Aw, first kiss! He's maybe a nice innocent guy? (My oldest is one of those, and he's been going out with an overprotected nice innocent girl, so no kisses or handholding yet. It almost drives me crazy!! Yeah, it's my boy, not my girl.)