May 29, 2008

i'll take some cheese with my whine, thanks

so i've been avoiding the subject - both here, and in my own life/head - because i was in denial. but i can no longer pretend it'll go away if i don't talk about it, because... dum dum dummmmmm... i had a roommate move in yesterday.


i've always assumed i would hate living alone. i'm unreasonably social, hate being by myself, don't ever need this "me time" or "recharging" that other people talk about. when i'm upset, i like to be with other people so i don't dwell on it. there is virtually no scenario where i wouldn't rather have friends around. so i've never minded the concept of roommates (despite having clear issues with certain particular ones) and never looked much into living alone, because in this area it's sort of prohibitively expensive, anyway, and why bother when i'd like to have roommates anyway, right?


i've been alone at my new place for nearly three months now, and OH MY GOD has it been awesome. DIVINE, even. fantastically phenominal. I EFFING LOVE LIVING ALONE.

but, uh, i'm currently paying rent in a pretty expensive 2-bedroom apartment all by myself. and i was content to do this for a while, to allow myself that luxury, but then dramacat had to go and use up all my freaking money, and suddenly getting a roommate was sort of necessary.

she moved in yesterday morning.

"moved in" is sort of misleading, though - i ended up with what will HOPEFULLY be the best possible scenario: she doesn't actually LIVE in this area; she lives in CA but is on a project for her company at their VA office. so she goes home many weekends, apparently. and she says she works 12-14 hours days, so is mostly just home to sleep. and i guess it's sort of mean of me or whatever? but I HOPE THIS IS TRUE. i do not WANT a roommate. i do not WANT to come home and find someone sitting on my couch, watching my tv. i do not WANT to have to be quiet when i get home at night, and i do not WANT to have to make sure i'm fully clothed before leaving my room.

DO. NOT. WANT. *insert tantrum*

however... what i want is now overshadowed by what i HAVE, which is a flipping roommate. sigh. she came with no furniture, though, and is on a month-to-month lease, and is (hopefully) a quiet, older-than-me lady with whom i will have very little interaction. i don't have the energy to deal with another housing situation like the one i just left.

of course if it does get bad? i wrote myself a 30-day out clause into her sublease, so i'll kick her out :-)

[edited to add: JESUS H, can we talk about the first version i published, with all the typos and grammatical horrors!? wtf, self! and apologies to anyone who is bugged as much as i am by having to read crap like that.]


  1. Good job on the sublease. It sounds like as far as roommates go, this one won't be too bad.

    Also, I loved living alone too. But I don't miss it.

  2. Live and learn, right? That 30-day clause is key!

    And I used to be just like you, too. Loved being social. Never needed to be alone. Until I moved into my own condo. And realized what true peace and quiet is. And, well, it was actually pretty darn nice. So, I know EXACTLY where you've been and where you've arrived!

  3. oh wait. maybe i need a 30 day out clause!! i have a new roommate moving in on sunday!

    im nervous, but excited. ahhhhhhhh.

    im moving in with a boy and im sad that im not going to be able to walk around in my underwear anymore. boo.

  4. Good job on the 30-day clause. I hope everything works out and she's as absent as she's claiming to be.

    I think I'm the polar opposite of you. I could be alone for days without thinking twice. :)

  5. take a deep breath. it sounds like it should work out just fine. but you are a braver soul than i.

  6. Oh, I would be sad too! I hope it works out as well as can be hoped!

  7. I think there comes a point where we feel too grown up (old?) for roommates. I would totally hate it as well. but I hope she's a good one.

  8. UGH. I was the same as you - thought I'd never want to live alone...until I did...and it was GREAT. Sounds like you've got it all covered with the sublease. Although I hope the situation works well so you won't need it. Good luck & keep us posted! ~LA

  9. Your room mate wants me to come over once a week to have sex with her in your bed.

    When you are at work of course:)

  10. Reading through your blog right now, and catching up, I feel like you're living my life ;) I could have written some of these posts!

    I have the 30 day out clause (for both me and my roommate) and it's a good thing. It sucks if I want them out YESTERDAY, but it's fair I think.

    My current roommate is pretty much what you describe and it's really great. I like her. She's awesome, friendly, smart... I wouldn't mind if she was around more. But she isn't around much and it's not too different from living alone.

    Good luck with the new roomie :)

  11. You totally lucked out with this roomie find!

    I lived alone for 5 years. It was so hard to go back to having a roommate. Even if he was my husband.

  12. Can definitely be difficult to live with someone when you have been on your own even for just a few months. I hope it works out for you though and you don't have to deal with any annoying rommie issues!

  13. Sorry but what does VA stand for? I'm guessing CA is California but VA. This question has been bothering me for a while.

    I totally understand why you wouldn't want a roommate. It's nice to be selfish and not have to consider anyone else. BUT she might actually be nice?

  14. As long as she doesn't leave notes asking you to feed your cat, I think you'll get along just fine. :)

  15. Awww...that sucks! I lived alone for two years in college and almost two years after college and it was DIVINE! In fact, it's what I miss most about my life before hubby/ kids. There is so little peace and quiet living with other people. Anyway! I hope your new roomie is gone as much as possible.

  16. Sid: VA is Virginia, which is where Alice lives :)

    (Even I don't know all our State abbreviations and I LIVE here ;) )

  17. Roommate situations scare me to DEATH! I have had some seeeriously bad things go on.


    Good luck!!

    Also? You're a fellow Virginian! SCORE!

  18. Yep, walking around in various stages of undress is one of the awesomest parts of living alone!

    Hopefully she really does make herself scarce, and doesn't manage to infringe on your space too much!

  19. I like living alone, for the most part. But I am one of those me-time, recharger, yadda yadda people. Or introvert as we call ourselves...anyway good call with the 30-day clause and month-to-month. Remember, it doesn't have to be forever...

  20. Yeah, living with a roommate sucks. Unfortunately, it's pretty much a necessity in New York.

  21. Sounds like as good a deal as you could have hoped for in a crappy situation.

    So did Jesus H ever contact you to talk about that first draft?

  22. I always loved living alone. But it sounds like this is all going to work out... *fingers crossed*...