January 28, 2008


my housing situation is not very good right now.

remember when i came back from my blogging hiatus and told you all how awesome my house was? haaa ahhahaaaa haaaa. although, it really was awesome, back then! i did have awesome roommates, the house is actually quite spectacular, and the maid situation? HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

however, since then, things have... changed. first of all, i have nearly all new roommates than when i moved in. the 2 lovely fun folks who were my main roommates - a gal who was a partial owner of the house, and another guy my age - are both gone now. the dude went to the middle east for a consulting gig, and the gal went and got engaged and is living with her fiance now.

also, we found out the maid was stealing our stuff. so now we don't have a maid. (i also don't have a lot of my actual stuff, since the maid apparently has it now. like, 3 coats. and my only real name brand shirt, which was a gift from my mom. and a number of pairs of underwear. [sub-parentheses: WTF!? gross.] and whatever else i'm still learning is no longer in my room.)

also, replacing my 2 old roommates in the house? the lovely gal's parents.

i'm sorry, did you catch that? i am PAYING RENT to live with SOMEONE ELSE'S PARENTS.

and, these folks hate my cat. it's sort of inexplicable as to why they've taken to blaming everything on my cat, especially as we are part-time caretakers of a dog that regularly shits on the carpet and eats my clothing [another way i've lost clothes! it's not a very safe place for anyone who OWNS CLOTHING]. we're also home to two other cats who do stuff like claw the furniture right in front of everyone - which my cat does not - and jump up on tables, which my cat does too, but it's only bad when MY cat does it, oddly.

we came home three days in a row to find oliver outside waiting for us. in the sub-freezing weather. oliver is an indoor cat.

basically, this is just a large ranty rant. slightly on the rage-ful side.

did i mention her parents are living here INDEFINITELY? they are.

i can't believe it, but i need to move. again. already. for the fucking love.


  1. man, you're living in a retirement home. pretty soon orderlies will show up pretending to be maids and making you take meds so you won't complain about the bad tasting apple sauce. i concur, move now.

  2. Ooooh, your current housing situation is no good! Get out while you can. And if you can swing it, move into your own rental. Even if it's small, quaint and cozy, at least you know it's all yours!

  3. Oh my god MOVE. NOW. SOONER THAN NOW. IMMEDIATELY. I would be furious. I'd offer to let you crash with us but. Well, Torsten might not approve. And also our building doesn't allow cats. But still. If you need, I'm sure something can be arranged. Get out of the house with the parents, stat!

  4. Wow ... this sounds like the plot line of a John Hughes movie. "What do you do when you rent from someone's parents? Alice knows and she's about to find out about ... the roomate."

    Alice "I saw an add in the paper for a roommate. MAybe if I can get the world's worst roommate the parent people will move out."

    Trust sidekick: "You really want to do this."

    Bad Roommate At Door ( naked Owen Wilson ): "I'm here for the ad about the roommate. This is all I own and I'm a nudist, is that cool?"

    Alice: "The place is yours!"

    Announcer: "See how Alice got her groove back and got rid of the shitting dog. Starts February 15th in most theaters."


  5. This is my first time reading your blog, and I had to stifle a chuckle at my desk about you paying to live with someone else's parents. Ha.

    Seriously, it sounds like an all around uncomfortable situation. Good luck with coming up with a solution!

  6. Oh my lord. What a CRAPPY situation. First of all, you had a maid? A thief maid? UGH.

    And you live with SOMEONE ELSE'S PARENTS!?


  7. Oh dear. Get out of there!

    I'd say come move in with us, but that would be one hell of a commute.

  8. there is a great story for a novel or sitcom about living with someone else's parents... but not for you. move. out. now.