February 05, 2008

ranting. again. feel free to skip.

*i'm having one of those days where i just can't deal. every little thing throws me over the egde. it's all stupid, normal things. that are not hard to deal with. and yet? i actually had to close my office door today because someone called to inform me i hadn't gotten proper approvals on a deal blah blah blah and i started crying. CRYING. wtf. i am not a cryer. i don't cry at movies, and i don't cry at work. at least, i would LIKE to not cry at work. this wasn't even something that upsetting, for fuck's sake. just frustrating, because they changed the rules on us again. worthy of frustrated TEARS? not so much.

*i came home the other day to a scrawled note in my room saying, "FEED UR CAT."

a) UR? are you kidding me?
b) a roommate has brought this up to me before, that fyi, i needed to feed my cat every day. after i had stared at him incredulously for a minute, i assured him that i was aware of this fact, and do feed my cat daily, if not twice a day... because HIS cats tend to eat all of my cat's food by the time i get home.
c) thank god for you, anonymous housemate! i had no idea living creatures needed food! how silly of me! and thank goodness for you!
d) seriously. UR.
e) i turned the note over and wrote the following on the reverse side: "magically prevent all the other animals from eating my cat's food, and he'll have plenty. thanks."
mature? perhaps not. do i care? fuck no.

*i also had a random call from my old roommate (whose parents i am now living with) asking if i for any reason would want her to adopt my cat. i was surprised, said no, and made sure that it was clear i was not looking to get rid of oliver.

that night, when i got home, my roommate's mom informed me she had had a GREAT idea, and i should give her daughter my cat. and get a new kitten.

me: i HAVE a kitten. his name is oliver.
roommate's mom: but he's grown up! you should give him to my daughter! he plays well with their dog anyway! get a new one.
me: ....uh, no.

so. my roommates already dislike having me and my cat there; now they're playing the neglect card and trying to ORCHESTRATE his removal from the house. christ, people. we'll be gone soon. calm the fuck down and leave me alone for the next 3 weeks.

*do i think my mood at work has anything to do with my living situation? mmmmmmyeah. cannot. wait. to. find. a. new. place.


  1. I would have written a much. Much. MUCH less mature note than you did. Because, oh my god. UR "ROOMMATES" SUCK!

  2. Oh, man! The parents are LUNATICS. Does the former roommate have a crush on Oliver and mommy always gives her what she wants? Does mommy just luuuurve kittens? WTF?

    Oh, I wish I still lived out there. I'd take you for a drink at the Fox and Hound. Okay, I'd do that if it weren't frigid and February. Anyway...

    Hang in there!

  3. WAIT. They want you to give their daughter your cat and get a new one? That makes absolutely no sense. Hang in there!

  4. Dear Wife,

    I love you.


    PS - if I was you I wouldn't post any more of teh adorableness pictures on my blog. Because I've heard catnappers are immune to dying of teh cuteness. fyi.

  5. Sorry you're having a rough day and that your roommates are lunatics.

    Oh, and you should really feed UR cat.


    But like you said "UR"? Are they that "hip"? Are they that lazy that the other 2 letters of that word would have been too much exertion?


  6. Are you kidding me? The parents actually left that note for you? WTF? I think you have more than a few internet friends who'd be more than happy to break knees for you. I kid. Sorta.

    Just take a deep breath. Know you're the better person. And know whatever you get lined up next will put you in a much better place (literally and figuratively!).

  7. I bet they aren't Giants fans.


  8. That is so weird. Are you maybe part of a psychological experiment? Because it's like they're messing with UR head.

    We have a cat named Oliver too! And we, too, feed him. We're like TWINS!

  9. Those people suck!! I can't think of anything more interesting or insulting to say about them. Sorry. Wish I could do better. Maybe next time.

  10. Are you serious? I don't know why they're so worried. Cats are survivors. What do people think cats did before canned tuna?

  11. Oh My God! These people are seriously crazy. Thank god you AND Oliver are getting out of there.
    I hope things get better for you soon.

    I love your blog but I've been lurking for a while. I just had to comment about this.