December 14, 2015

Turning a corner....?


I'm now 6 full days out from my latest aspiration and I feel.... pretty OK, actually. I had another check up this morning, and while there is still fluid hanging out in my midsection, especially in my upper abdomen, the areas around my ovaries are looking waaay better. And I feel better. Like.. more human. Capable of handling (small chunks) of life. I will take it! Happily! Please and thank you! Let's keep this up, body!

Meanwhile the betas continue to go up, still peskily refusing to double, but the doctors still seem OK with it. They went from 715 on Wednesday to 1242 on Friday, and I'll get another reading later today. Then, assuming I don't relapse, no more appointments until FRIDAY! When I'll be just about 6 weeks, and they can start hopefully looking for some baby bits in there too.

One weird consequence of things finally starting to level out a bit (LET'S HOPE) is I no longer know the cause for, like, anything that I'm feeling. We went to the mall for a few hours on Saturday to pick up some gear for Iceland, and I had to abruptly cut the trip short because hey! I need to go lie down! Like... rightnow! So we went back home, where I settled into the couch with my feet up to rest... and promptly fell sound asleep for two full hours, at 3pm in the afternoon. After sleeping for nine hours the previous night. So, hormones? OHSS? Pregnancy? ANYONE'S GUESS!

So for now I just hope for good betas today, hope the fluid continues to drain, and hope that I can stop drinking two gatorades a day sometime very soon.



    Being tired could be from the drugs that you are on (I'm assuming you are taking some progesterone?), pregnancy, or OHSS- or a combo of all of them! Either way, being tired is a good sign of first trimester symptoms!

    Have you figured out your favorite flavor of Gatorade yet? Do you go with the G2 flavors or regular Gatorade? :-)

    1. Yup, still on progesterone (and estrogen)! Can't wait to stop those nasty things. Ha, definitely prefer G2 as they seem less sweet, but the yellow one is my fave either way :)

  2. YAY! I'm glad you're feeling better from that nasty OHSS! First trimester hormones always knocked me out like someone had shot me with a horse tranquilizer.

  3. Everything crossed here for you!!

  4. Crossing ALLLLLLLLLL the things!!!!

  5. Sounds promising! Fingers crossed again/still.

  6. Sounds like hormones to me, as that exactly describes the fatigue that hit me like a brick wall around 5-6 weeks with both my pregnancies. Hopefully this is the start of regular pregnancy symptoms and no more OHSS! Also, those betas look good... the doubling time is actually getting shorter, and is within normal range even though it's still more than 48 hours, which hopefully is another sign that the OHSS is calming down and there isn't quite as much fluid in your body anymore. Everything crossed!!

  7. First trimester pregnancy fatigue is BRUTAL. I would get home from work, sit on the couch, and not move one bit. I hope the OHSS stays away now!