December 21, 2015

Week 6 (!) update

OK! So, a week out, and I'm still feeling pretty good! I went in on Friday and there is still fluid up in there, but as the doctor so eloquently put it, "it's not looking so much like Lake Meade anymore." I've been relaxing my Gatorade-and-chicken diet as a result and I'm hoping my ultrasound tomorrow doesn't show that this was a terrible idea. But you guys. I didn't like Gatorate BEFORE this. I now actively hate Gatorade. I never want to drink Gatorade ever again in my life. And chicken! I've never minded chicken, but as the easiest source of lean protein at my disposal, I have had way. way. WAY. too. much. of it over the past few weeks. I want a solid 2 weeks chicken-free. At least. Give me 2 weeks of carbs and fats, please.

Except... maybe don't, because as I am gloriously coming out of the OHSS haze, I am starting to enter the morning sickness phase, which seems pretty unfair but then again HEY! NOT OHSS so nevermind, I'm not complaining. There's nothing like starting a pregnancy with OHSS to make the rest of the first trimester woes pale in comparison, as I'm now learning!

As for the pregnancy, it still seems.. you know, there. My last checkup coincided with the 6 week mark almost exactly, so in addition to checking on the OHSS, they also pulled up a nice view of the gestational sac, which is happily there and in the right place (aka, not in a fallopian tube or something) and they were even able to get a tiny flicker of a heartbeat to show up. So! That is all excellent!

It's a kind of weird place for me though, because I have been so distracted by fighting the OHSS that I haven't really been able to mentally or emotionally acknowledge the pregnancy itself. Plus... I've been this pregnant before. I've had a positive test and I've seen the heartbeat, and supposedly once you see a heartbeat your risk of miscarriage drops dramatically, but that was obviously not my experience. So it's hard to get too invested in this yet. Which seems kind of cynical I guess? But also necessary, right now.

(Dangit! Accidentally hit publish too early. All posts in feed readers will now end on that bummer of a sentence. Boo!)

ANYWAY. Things are chugging along well: everything that should be decreasing - like fluid levels and swollen ovaries and alarming bloodwork numbers - continues to go down, and everything that should be increasing, like tiny fetuses, are so far continuing to grow. Keep it up, ovaries! And tiny fetuses!

Next up, another check up tomorrow, then we're headed to NJ for several days to spend Christmas with my family. I'm very excited to give several of this year's gifts! I think we did good with a bunch of them and can't wait see people open them. Our Christmases are pretty low key: we have friends over for Christmas Eve dinner, then Christmas is just immediate family - and then we usually lie around in our pjs all day, or go see a movie. If only I could partake in all the boozy parts, it would be just about ideal :)


  1. That chicken and Gatorade diet does sound like it would get old QUICK! Yay for a heartbeat. :) I hope the first trimester flies by uneventfully!

  2. I'm sorry that it has been hard to acknowledge the pregnancy while battling OHSS. Hopefully as you start to feel better you can get more excited.

    Yay heartbeat! I'm about two weeks ahead of you but still keeping myself guarded for now. With Izzy I started to relax once I got a few weeks past the first trimester. Once you start to feel kicks the pregnancy really gets real.

  3. Yay! I am happy things are progressing! Too funny abbout the OHSS making morning sickness/etc. not seem that bad.

    I bet a lot of people would feel that way in your position - not really acknowledging it yet. It's a way to protect yourself! You will get there on your own time :) And we can all celebrate your stomach expanding from the baby, and not the OHSS!

  4. I can offer you some help on morning sickness. I had it pretty bad to the point of having to take medication just to get through a work day ( having co workers see me spontaneously barf at my desk trash can was not my best side). I found that a sucker in my mouth at all times worked wonders. I can't explain it and of course I had to up my mouth care a whole lot but it definitely helped! Good luck! So glad to hear the good news!!

  5. I want to make you a sign that says NO GATORADE ALLOWED so you can hang it up in your house.

    Keeping fingers and all things crossed that you continue to progress and everything goes well!!

  6. I can imagine that this is a weird place to be, what with the OHSS and the fact that you saw a heartbeat once before... but I have a really good feeling about this one and everything crossed you keep seeing lots of nice strong heartbeats! So glad the OHSS is improving. Xo.

  7. This all sounds good, or at least promising and hopeful. Merry Christmas indeed!

  8. Yay! Glad you're on an upswing! Happy happy Christmas!