June 01, 2012

hoping the charity karma will pay off

over the years, i've been invited to join various race teams - race for the cure; 5ks for charity; etc - and have always quickly deferred (after having a hearty laugh at the thought). i offer to donate whatever amount is needed to the team website in order for me not to have to run.

i hate to run. haaaate.

i would much rather pay other people to run. it's wonderful that everyone does these charity runs! i will pay you to do it! just please don't ask ME to run it.

so when marie asked some of us to do the color run with her, i laughed at the absurdity of it and said no. i mean, please.

marie assured me this was not a race i would actually be required to RUN, however.  the faqs are clear that you can run, walk, or cartwheel your way through this race - it's purely for fun.

well, i mean, THAT sounds doable, right? skipping my way through a 3 mile course where i get progressively more covered in paint? that actually sounds pretty great.  i was in!

...and then our stupid teammate pointed out that his wife is a personal trainer and thus we had no excuse for not training with her and running the entire race.  AFTER i had already signed up.  mother effer.

so. i am apparently RUNNING a real freaking 5k this fall.  WHAT THE HELL I HATE EVERYONE.

would you like to help me hate life a little less? you can donate to our team! donations support the children's national medical center.

(why yes, this IS our
scavenger hunt team!  since the Really Awesome Scavenger Hunters acronym doesn't work quiiite as well for this race, maybe we can come up with an acronym that does work? Racing And Sobbing Heavily?)

so yeah. that's happening. blargh. 

(so, er,
donate? you are all very pretty and your hair looks amazing today!)


  1. Lady I don't know about you, but I'm planning to cartwheel, skip, hop and crawl my way to that finish line. (Also I might be slowing down slightly when we get to wear they throw color on us.) :D

  2. *where not wear

    I think it's time to go home.

  3. Done! Though, I hope you'll forgive me for splitting my donation between Marie's and your fundraising efforts. =)

  4. Basically broke (wedding is 2 months away) but how about:
    Runners Are So Hawt!

  5. if i can run a 5k, you can run a 5k alice!! donation is on it's way :)

  6. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it Help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save live"!

  7. Crossing the finish line for charity is a proud thing indeed. Even if you are crawling. Good luck!