March 28, 2011

the HUNT results!

oh, you guys. so close. SO SO VERY CLOSE. team R.A.S.H. (Really Awesome Scavenger Hunters) came in second. SECOND! by a supposedly very slim margin. we are... sad. SO CLOSE! first place trophy... you shall be mine one day. OH YOU SHALL BE MINE.

i guess you'd like to see some items, yes? unfortunately i can't show you one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES, which was our team informercial, which was.. um.. gosh. how shall i put this delicately? a product to remove your.. shmanal shbeads.. when they get shtuck. that looked and sounded a lot like a shvaccuum. IT WAS BRILLIANTLY DONE.

but! onto the ones i am willing to share with the general public (which, i think you'll soon agree, do not really have much in the way of reserving any of my pride or decorum):

*entire team dressed as superheroes:

*a sign with burned out bulbs, making something else funny:

*the most pimped out ride you can find:

*adrenaline (this one was open for interpretation... so naturally we had to work pole in somewhere!):

*double dizzy bat tug of war:

*and then our final video: zombie invasion of a public place. we rolled this up into a number of additional items on the list, as you'll see:

we completed 44 items out of 45, for a final 15 minute long video. it was seriously a thing of beauty. team RASH - i can't wait until this time next year :)


  1. WE WERE CHEATED! WE ARE NO. 1!!! I won't back down on this.

    Let's be zombies again next month. :D

  2. sorry you didn't get first place! Y'all did great, though!

    Love the zombies!

  3. I ve never heard of this but it sounds like so much fun. Who puts it on? How long do you have to gather all the items?

  4. Wow! I love it. You guys did so much. If you came in second, I want to see who came in first! Because everything you guys did was super awesome gravy.

  5. Wow I'm really really impressed!

  6. I absolutely love this. And I kind of really wish that I'd been in the public place when you came dressed as zombies.

  7. Dude, I want a R*A*S*H* shirt SO BAD.

  8. Oh my goodness! That is a serious scavenger hunt! Love it.

  9. HOW MUCH FUN!!!

    we do a scavenger hunt every christmas with my fam, so awesome.

  10. we do a scavenger hunt every christmas with my fam, so awesome.