March 25, 2011

hair rant! only the most hard hitting topics on this blog, folks.

oh hey! remember how i mentioned i dyed my hair red and then never brought it up again?

this is what it looks like (although granted, not what *i* usually look like):(this, as i'm sure you've guessed, is another scavenger hunt item. partly. more to come on that next week after the presentation of the hunts this weekend.)

this is more what i usually look like, dopey facial expression included:

i've had some feedback that maybe i would look really good if i tried like a brown? that had red in it? *helpful face* but i wanted RED, darn it. i now have red. i am happy.

one reason i love dyeing my hair - completely unrelated to the resulting color - is how much better my hair behaves when it's colored. my hair is super super fine, and very thin. also limp, and resistant to retaining whatever styling i try and force upon it. and also necessitates showering EVERY SINGLE EFFING DAY, due to aforementioned thinness and fineness.

now, this is where everyone on the ENTIRE INTERNET explains to me that if i just TRAINED my hair, i could totally wash it every other day! and i can't just expect my hair to go from daily washing to every-other-day washing overnight! trust me, explains the internet stranger who has never met me and has not seen my hair. i know EXACTLY WHAT YOUR HAIR IS LIKE because i have a friend with thin hair, and i convinced HER to wash her hair every other day and now she's happier and prettier and richer and seriously you should just TRY, and listen, you have to realize it won't happen overnight, m'kay?

and this is where i explain to everyone who has ever condescendingly explained this to me that they are wrong. and i know this because when my hair is dyed, i only wash it once every other day - or once every THREE days. I KNOW! THREE!

the fact is that my hair is very fine, very thin, and very permeable to oil when left to its own devices. however, when it's damaged a bit by color? or in this case, being bleached out THEN colored? it becomes HARDY! like... normal people's hair, i would assume!

and GOD IT IS FANTASTIC. it is so freeing not to have to wash it every day. i washed it on TUESDAY NIGHT this week, and while it could *use* a wash today, it doesn't DESPERATELY NEED a wash the way my old hair would after just one night sleeping on it. we're not talking "eh, i guess i can see what you're talking about; it IS a tad oily," we're talking "dude, did you.. maybe.. spill salad dressing? ..on your hair...?"

so when my hair is colored, i happily go about my business like normal-haired women of the world, washing my hair when i WANT TO, which is never every day, and all is well.

and then about 6 weeks later, my color starts to fade, my roots start to become super noticeable, and all of a sudden i notice that i can't go two days without washing my hair anymore due to the salad dressing issue.

so, well-meaning but condescending internet people: it's my hair. it has nothing to do with "training" it. i think 6 weeks of training - on VIRGIN HAIR up at the top of my scalp - would be enough to change my hair's mind, if it was going to be changed. it won't be changed. except by hair dye, THANK YOU JEEBUS FOR CREATING HAIR DYE I LOVE IT.

boy. apparently that rant was a long time coming, eh? nothing like a good friday afternoon rant to gear you up for the rest of the work day.

ok fine, one more scavenger hunt item:


  1. As a fellow fine-haired sistah, I totally agree with you! Washing every day is NOT NEGOTIABLE. I have very fair skin, so any color other than my natural blonde looks awful on me. I sometimes get highlights/lowlights, and my hairdresser agrees with you - the texture that dying gives fine hair is awesome!

  2. I also have fine hair and have to wash it every damn day. Sometimes I can get away with skipping a day but NOT when I have bangs (which I do most of the time).

    Dyed hair does behave quite nicely, but I find that the effect wears off after a couple weeks.

  3. Who is the world told you you can train your hair and I will hunt them down?

    Ummmm, I have incredibly long, thick, and somewhat lucious hair that HAS TO BE WASHED EVERY DAY! I know of no secrets that keep you from washing your hair every day. Not even dyeing it works for me! Not even dry shampoo!! I am very upset to know that there are women in the world you can wake up and have perfectly good hair WITHOUT WASHING! This exists?? Seriously?

    *Whew* Anyway, I love the red =) I would love to go red but I'm scared I'd turn out orangey red. Yours looks so natural!!

  4. I can *maybe* get away with washing my super thin, super fine hair every other day if on the second day I do a low ponytail or some other style that keeps me from touching my hair at all during the day. Other than that, yup, wash every day. I love the red!

  5. I LOVE the red!

    The only "not washing every day" that works for my hair is Miss Zoot's "washing WITH CONDITIONER INSTEAD OF SHAMPOO every day." That must be enough to stir the oils out of there.

    A former hairdresser of mine, after listening to me complain about how my hair wouldn't take/hold a style, said it was because my hair was in "too good condition" and that if I wanted it to work better I needed to DAMAGE IT. Like, a perm without rollers, or hair color.

  6. my hair is basically the opposite of yours and it would SUCK to have to wash it daily! Every other or every 3rd is definitely enough. I like the red!

  7. Red is a GREAT color on you! You look beautiful!

    Also, we are long-lost sisters, I swear, because I have the EXACT same hair as you. It needs to be washed every day - and it is always flat and fine and resistant to volume, no matter what I try.

    In fact, in college, I once got a perm and then straightened my hair with a curling iron (this was before flat irons, obviously) just so I could enjoy thick-looking straight hair.

    Whenever I get my hair colored and the stylist says not to wash it for a good 2-3 days, I always laugh in their face. Right. Not happening.

  8. Love the red hair. LOVE!

    Also, I don't get the train your hair not to be washed daily crap either. May work for some, doesn't work for me.

  9. We all look so damn hawt as zombies and your red hair adds the perfect pop to it all.


    That is all.

  10. That is a super dooper awesome red!

  11. Screw what kind of hair you have ... RED HAIR becomes you, your personality!!! Oh and when the technology avails itself, I think you and I need to start sharing our hair texture ... cuz, ummmm, I could use some of your problem areas to help tame my mop!!! =)

  12. I think a bag over your head would work best.

  13. We all look so damn hawt as zombies and your red hair adds the perfect pop to it all.