June 08, 2010

tales of clinic protestors, and june's charity

i had a busy day on saturday: i woke up early to go volunteer at the clinic, and then went straight from there to my pole studio, where i work a few hours a week at the front desk. it had been an interesting morning at the clinic - i was amusing myself by surreptitiously posting twitpics of the protestors, and we were treated to a shockingly rage-filled outburst by this guy, who i like to call Ebigeezer:he was standing in the driveway talking to another protestor, which is actually illegal since it's blocking access to the clinic. this sweet maybe-20-year-old college student who was also volunteering that day approached them and asked them to move back onto the sidewalk, at which point ebigeezer rounded on her and positively SNARLED, shouting - and this is 100% verbatim - "YOU SHUT UP, YOU FILTHY BITCH! YOU GO TO HELL, AND YOU STAY THERE!!"

aw, aren't old people just the darndest? we agreed that it was probably what jesus would have said in that situation, too.

in any event, as i drove away toward the studio, i was tickled by the combination of my morning's activities, and what ebigeezer and his friends would no doubt think of them:

and then several people replied back with similar AWESOME SUGGESTIONS:

freaking awesome. and since i can't actually marry a girl (a. because i'm straight, and b. because even if i wanted to, it's not currently legal in virginia) i decided to do the next best thing: donate to an organization that IS helping girls marry other girls.

i've donated to the courage campaign in the past, as well as directly to the "no on prop 8" campaign last year. i feel INCREDIBLY strongly that marriage should be for EVERYONE, and it makes me furious that people whose lives are NOT AT ALL AFFECTED by whether 2 men or 2 women make a life together get to deny that right to others.

so on saturday, i made a new donation to the courage campaign, and today i made a donation to the local pflag chapter as well.

if you'd like to donate to either group, you can donate to the courage campaign here or pflag (national chapter) here.

previous charities, if you're interested in donating:
the red cross
planned parenthood
providence house (via cleveland's a plum)
patriot guard riders
make a wish foundation


  1. You are awesome for doing this. And I can't believe that asshole. Seriously, what a fucker.

  2. I would have punched Ebby in his old bulbous nose. Asshat.

  3. Ha ha! This part made me laugh literally audibly: "aw, aren't old people just the darndest? we agreed that it was probably what jesus would have said in that situation, too."

    Well, if you're too straight to marry a girl (we can't help it, we were just BORN wanting to marry GUYS), donating money is the very next best thing!

  4. "aw, aren't old people just the darndest? we agreed that it was probably what jesus would have said in that situation, too."


    You are rad.

  5. I love how you start this post with pro-life extremists to donating to the gay cause. If only we could all have such diversity in our lives!

  6. I love it. Reminds me of how the author Bill Bryson deals with crotchety and mean old people: "Thank you, die soon."

  7. This post is so awesome. Now, i must go find and follow you on twitter.

  8. Rock on, lady. This world is a better place because of you.

  9. Wow - you must get the crazies at your clinic. My office is right around the corner from a Planned Parenthood and I've never heard so much as a peep out of any of those protesters.

  10. If you ever decide to marry a girl, for whatever reason, can I be on the list of candidates? You know, if polygamy is legal by then, too.

  11. "aw, aren't old people just the darndest? we agreed that it was probably what jesus would have said in that situation, too."

    I'm glad you can keep your humor. I would have been shocked, and then asked old Eb to show me where in the Bible we are told to act like that. And then I would have showed him a well-known passage where Jesus protects a woman being called names and saves her from getting killed. (John 8:2-11) Yeah, Jesus really called her names.

  12. As one of your lesbian readers... thanks.:)

  13. i have no tolerance for people like that even if they are old, ha.

  14. I'm sure Jesus would be proud of folks like Ebigeezer speaking in his name.

    Good donation choices. :)

  15. Thank you, I think I may have figured out what charity I would like to help out as my "goal".

  16. Time to move to DC then, ain't it?

  17. What a cool organization to donate to!

    ha ha. Was the other volunteer upset with the old dude or did she laugh at him?

  18. I am totally adopting your term, "Ebigeezer." I know I don't have to tell you, but there's a whole lot of them in the 'Burg.

    You pretty much rock.