August 06, 2009

TMI Thursday - thanks,!

a little late to the game today, but this one is fresh off the gchat presses. visit lilu for more!

so like any normal coworkers, gertrude and i send each other posts from throughout the day to entertain each other.

me: (503): I can only name 15 people I've had sex with - can I just start claiming that as my sex number?
Gertrude: me too me too
Gertrude: I honestly don't think I could remember them all

me: that's why i started The List
Gertrude: I should have kept a journal
Gertrude: and gave them scores
me: like a wine journal!
me: "nice body; a little young; satisfying aftertaste"


  1. A list is not a good idea... at some point it just becomes "EVIDENCE."

  2. Imagine your mom finding something like that amongst your things.

    Just a side note: my captcha was "samses". It's almost like "samesies". Or not really...

  3. I used to have a List, and then I LOST it! Horrors! I sincerely hope it spontaneously combusted, because if not the person who found it got a real treat.

    Not that it was a meticulous record, or anything. I think I dubbed one poor sucker simply "Scruffy's Matt". Heh.

  4. hahaha, LOVE the wine jounral parody. VERY clever!

  5. "satisfying aftertaste" = genius

  6. I totally have a list, otherwise I'd forget :P

  7. Some things shan't be documented....

  8. I used to have a list.

    It was never found, to my knowledge.

    How about if we only count the ones whose first AND last names we know? How about that? 'Cuz then my "number" would be suuuuupppper low. Like only guys I've actually dated and...ahem...married.

    And my Captcha is "dingfu"...I'm too sleepy to come up with a witty definition for that one, though.

  9. Hahaha!

    I don't have a list. I honestly don't know most of their names (it's not that many people! Geez!)

    But I'll like count in my head and it will be like "that dude with the faux hawk from the Irish bar, the 40 year old guy, tall dude from the Cubs game..."

  10. I burned mine. My number will always be my secret

  11. OMG. Now I am thinking of everything I've ever read about wine flavors. Oak. Butterscotch. Smoke. Great year. Etc.

  12. Ah, the Sex Number. Nothing more humbling.

  13. I agree with LiLu. Besides, if any one asks how many, what they are really asking is: "how many people am I comfortable knowing about and will I ever meet these said numbers?"

  14. Hee. I'm trying to catch up on blog reading, which means I really wish blogs were like Facebook, and I could just click the "Like" link right now. :-)