March 18, 2009


oh, spring. you do not appear to want to show yourself to anyone except my nasal cavities, which are currently VERY MUCH convinced that you are here despite any other evidence to the contrary. they are celebrating by trying to rip themselves directly off my face. it feels awesome, if you were wondering. about as awesome as being sledgehammered repeatedly in the face, i mean.

the allergy attack started somewhat hilariously with me progressively losing my voice over the course of the day yesterday. i started out a bit gravelly, and ended the night with a complete and sincere inability to speak in anything other than a weird, awkward croak. as i described it to my friend on gchat when i got home:

me: oh hey, also funny: i have no voice
Paul: that IS funny
me: i have this horrible croaky raspy thing, which could potentially be sexy if it were not so the polar opposite of being at all sexy
Paul: you should take up smoking so you'll have an excuse to sound like that
me: it doesn't even sound like a smoker though
me: it sounds like a seriously upset frog
Paul: I try not to piss off frogs if I can help it
Paul: cause I don't want to hear them
me: yeah. i'm pretty sure no one wants to hear me right now either
me: i was out w/alyssa and her new bf, and i kept trying to tell stories, and her bf kept going "seriously, i can't listen to you when you sound like that."
me: and he wasn't even being mean, he was being earnest
Paul: how... noble of him
me: hahaha
me: aw, i just laughed out loud for real, and it was a croak

Paul: hahahaha

i woke up today feeling like ass warmed over, but was too chicken to call out sick from work because dude. the day after st patrick's day? i'm "sick"? CONVENIENT, no? i worked from home. WIN. (uh, except for the part where i'm actually sick. that is not so win.)

in other news that people aside from me actually care about:

  • i'm going to be moderating comments for a while. sorry if that's annoying. some people don't deserve to get their comments published though, turns out.
  • i won't have any of the good scavenger hunt pictures until next week, after we present our final prouct on saturday night. then i promise, i will totally share.
  • in the meantime, the one picture that i do have....


  1. Moderating comments is a frustrating but necessary solution, I think. I'm sorry you're sick. I hope actual spring comes soon.

  2. im sorry you have to moderate comments, at times its a necessary evil though.

  3. This is why you take St. Patrick's Day AND the day after as vacation days.

    But, actually, I didn't do that because of any sickness. Unless the sickness is "alcoholism."

  4. Comment moderation = a sad but necessary evil

    I've been fighting a cough/hack/drip thing in my throat for 2 friggin' weeks. I'm trying to blame it on allergies, but it only just now moved into my nasal passages, so I dunno. There have been a few times I thought for sure I was going to hack up my lungs. You already know what my voice is sounding like (an unsexy, ticked-off frog...such an apt description). Tonight I am switching to Robitussin CF. I'll let you know if it works.

  5. Ouf! Allergies are just evil. I hope you feel better soon!

    Totally get the whole moderating thing. Sometimes it's just very necessary.

  6. That blows. Sick the day after saint Pat's...yeah, I could see how that would not have gone over too well.

    Feel better. Drink tea, and STOP TALKING

  7. Look at you! You are the cutest frog EVER!

  8. alice! i hope you feel better! i actually had a pretty wicked headache on monday - not sure if it's spring or work. let me know if you need help with the hunt :)
    see you soon dahling!

  9. Allergies are the worst. Because there is no rightful end to them (unlike a cold when you know you'll be back on your feet after a week or so). Down with allergies and asshole commenters (whoops, does that get me banned from your blog?! =) ).

  10. Hope you feel better soon. My mom always tells me to gargle with salt water. Granted I don't do it, but that's just because I like defying my mother. It probably really works.

  11. I have been suffering from allergies all freaking week and it makes no sense. It was cold enough here to snow last week. Nothing is blooming or even remotely alive. WHAT AM I ALLERGIC TO?! It is contributing to my stabbiness.

    Hope you feel better soon, lady!

  12. I haven't had to moderate yet because most people who have blogger accounts don't dare be rude or controversial. What problems are you having?

    Love the pic by the way, makes me want to chant the Family Guy commercial tube jingle.

  13. I had the same sinus thing. I could barely open my mouth enough to get a toothbrush in there to brush because of the stupid sinus cavity near the upper jaw causing intense pain. You'd think that it would have hindered my ability to eat, thus resulting in some much-needed weight loss so my pants wouldn't feel so tight, but you'd be wrong. I just switched from things that needed chewing to milkshakes and mashed potatoes.

    Hope you feel better soon. Mine turned into infection; I hope you escape that fate.

    Is it wrong that I really want, nay NEED, to know exactly what brought about the comment moderation? Yes it is, but nonetheless... please tell me.

  14. Ooooh, is it our freaky friend?

    I have a fucking cold. Misery too.

  15. I have the same morbid fascination as Fiona Picklebottom - even though, clearly it is none of my business! HOWEVER, I do hope you feel better really soon.

  16. ugh. I thought I left a comment. oh wait. Maybe you moderated it. mm. Now I see why commenters don't really dig the moderation.

  17. all caught up with you!!

    1.) I love the photo
    2.) Boo to the comment moderation
    3.) Hope you feel better soon!!