March 20, 2009

now with less snot!

hello hello! i'm back at work today, feeling much better (even if i don't exactly SOUND much better... sorry, coworkers) and able to take full breaths without dissolving into a pathetic hacking mucus-ball. well, able to do that like 80% of the time, anyway. this is a VAST IMPROVEMENT, i assure you.

one thing i learned over the past two days is that i am reeealllly not cut out to be a full time work-from-home-r. i love the ability to work from home, and i really love my one day a week that i do work from home, but oh my lordy. after two straight days of working from my couch - and staying in both nights, due to the illness - i was STARVED for some human interaction. i seriously BOUNDED OUT OF BED this morning, excited to go into work because it meant i'd see! people! and talk to them! and interact with them! i mean, i have a roommate and chilled with her and her boyfriend when they got home at night. it's not like i literally haven't seen another human in 48 hours. but you'd THINK that was the case, given how badly i wanted to see MORE people today. last night i was all "i wonder if anyone is going out tomorrow after work? i mean, i'm not drinking and can probably only stay out for like an hour so i don't overdo it, and typically my friends and i don't ever go out on friday nights because we are old and tired after a week of work, but maybe! it would be fun! wouldn't it be fun to hang out??"

sad, i tell you. i've said for years that my personal hell would be that i was alone for eternity. not alone like "haven't found a husband;" alone like "there is literally no one else in hell, at all, anywhere, and i have no one to see or talk to or interact with for ALL OF ETERNITY OMG." you know, if i believed in hell or heaven or religion or whatever.

so! i hope you guys are as happy it's friday as i am (although hopefully for less lame reasons than "BECAUSE I GET TO GO SEE PEOPLE AT WORK!!!!!"). any good weekend plans coming up? we have Scavenger Hunt Finale Presentations tomorrow... :-)


  1. Oh human interaction, so very, VERY important! Glad you're feeling a little better but hope things clear up for you so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend! It's suppose to be all sorts of lovely sunshine around here.

  2. Fridays used to be my favorite night to go out, then get in pajamas until Sunday, where I then prepared for the next week.

    Now that we are all "healthy" we don't really go out on Fridays.

    I am glad you are feeling better. and seeing the people.

  3. I think I'd like working at home a bit less if Torsten weren't here with me. But so far I'm not missing the constant interaction. I still get out and see people pretty often, so that helps.

  4. Have you been spying on me? Or are we long-lost twins? Because "a pathetic hacking mucus-ball" kind of describes me for the past 11 days. By yesterday afternoon it sounded like bronchitis, so I made an appointment for today (because I was babysitting my neighbor's kid and couldn't go yesterday afternoon - honest, I didn't breathe or cough ON him....)
    But this morning I got extra sleep and now I don't sound as badly as I did, the wracking coughs no longer have me wheezing while doubled over. So I probably won't get to take advantage of the FREE!! antibiotics at Giant Foods. And I really wanted me some of those...

    Blogging is what keeps me from going insane for lack of seeing people.

  5. Yeah, the no people for days on end thing would be tough for me. But, the fewer interruptions would be awesome...

    Glad you are feeling better. Have fun this weekend!

  6. Amen sistah! I don't even like all the people I work with, but my day wouldn't be the same without them! Have fun tomorrow! We're going to try to catch some of the NCAA tournament between the ceremony and reception of a wedding!

  7. Oh God. Work people. Actually, I like the people at MY office but all the other idiots I have to deal with is just too much!

    I'm also a fan of hermiting though, so I would enjoy the work at home life, but wouldn't enjoy not being able to get "dressed up" for people everyday.


  8. i m feeling the same way exactly about seeing people, talking to them etc..during exams ioften got depressed qhen i stayed home alone all day studying, barely taking to anyone...
    now i m doing my internship, surrounded py people allday-i m so happy, even if it means that i get up at 7.30am every day and get back around 7pm:)

  9. My office is dead on Thursdays and Friday so I always look forward to being around more people at the beginning of the week! I understand what you are saying completely.

    We are supposed to have dinner with Steven's coworkers tonight then go to a comedy show, but... I think I am getting the flu. I feel too weak to walk. I am worried about making it to the train.

    And what's worse, I am having a blogger get-together at my house tomorrow. I pray to god I am better by the morning. :(

  10. That is so, COMPLETELY my own personal version of hell as well! Except there would also be cold-calling, and everyone you ever called would be a complete a*hole and hang up on you. Now THAT is hell!

    Glad you're feeling better, love.

  11. so you should note to self: one day, after having babies, you will want at LEAST a part time job.

    oh yes, you should trust me on this one.

  12. i couldn't do the work from home thing, i would get nothing done - seriously.

  13. OMG, I KNOW we would be BEST FRIENDS if we ever met in person, but your version of Hell is my version of Heaven. :)

  14. I'd love to work from home, but I know I wouldn't get anything done. I'm horrible.