March 25, 2009

help me help... well, me.

you guys! hi! i'm all sorts of pressed for time this week (quarter end: we meet again) so it's going to be brief around here for a while.

however, the big news is that we TOTALLY WON the scavenger hunt! awwwww yeah. the trophy this year is EVEN BIGGER than when i won two years ago (still of a horse's ass, of course) and our team is very proud. i still don't have any media to share, though - i have a .mov file of our team's full 20 min presentation, but so far it won't play on my computer. lame. i'll work on it.

secondly: i need your help. i convinced myself yesterday that i absolutely MUST take a vacation at the end of april to the caribbean. this is because a) i haven't been to the caribbean in what feels like aaaaages; b) i've hit my max vacation time at work so i need to use some of it; c) i am craving the feeling of sun on my skin like no one's business; and d) dude! caribbean! duh.

once i decided this Had To Happen, i ran the idea past friends but no one has the money / the vacation time /will be around / WHATEVER, so i was like hey, no worries, i'll just go myself. and then i got really excited about it, because this was seeming like an even BETTER idea: 4 days of nothing but me, several books, and a swim up bar. perfect! relaxing! SUNNY!

except. except except except. all the rates down there are based on double occupancy. a lot of places won't even let you BOOK just 1 person in a room. so my initial thoughts of "whee, $600 for a long weekend in the sun!" quickly crumbled into "oh. i mean, $1300. if they even LET ME BOOK," which is obviously not as good. i'm really frustrated and pretty crushed.

so this is where you come in! i need either:

a) recommendations for how to get to the caribbean solo and it still be cheap. know of any smaller hotels, for example, of the non-resorty variety? tricks you've used? friends with a beach house in the caymens that i can borrow?

b) volunteers to come with me to share the cost of the room.

i'm, uh, only slightly kidding about b).


  1. If I were single, I wouldn't bat an eye about planning a trip with you...

    I'm no good on Caribbean recommendations as I've never been. But, errr, ummm, Costa Rica is a pretty darn nice place, too and I'm not sure it's more expensive. You know where to find me if you want info!

  2. The resort we stayed at in the DR let you book single occupancy. I know, because I accidentally did it and had to cancel and rebook. It wasn't half the price, but it was definitely cheaper than double occupancy. Don't know if you want to go to the DR (we were in Punta Cana which is only, like, half Caribbean), but I'm happy to give you the details if you want.

  3. I hope you find someone to go with/or a way to go solo! Have fun!

  4. I know (but do not understand) that double occupancy is often cheaper than single, so - can you just say you're booking double, then show up just you? You could always say your friend got a lobotomy/had a car accident/massive toenail infection and had to cancel last minute.

    Or is that too dishonest? But frankly, charging more for one person than two IS dishonest/not fair, so that's karmic, right?

  5. *Carrying beach bag and slathered sunscreen on nose*

    Wait... were you kidding or not?

  6. If there was ANY POSSIBLE WAY for me to go and share room costs, I SO TOTALLY WOULD. But yeah, the whole 4 kids and husband thing...

    Well, I hope you either find a different place or find someone to share the cost. Good luck!

  7. Oh man, I wish I could go with you! How about the US Virgin Islands? Specifically St. John? It's where I went for my friend's wedding a few years ago. We all stayed at Maho Bay: Not sure if it's your thing, but I absolutely loved it there!

  8. OMG, solo vacay is my DREAM. I will do it one day. Oh yes. I will.

  9. I have never been to the no advice. Just wanted to say congrats on winning the scavenger hunt!

  10. Busy booking a girls weekend in Dallas for mid-May, but I hope you can get this solved PRONTO!

    I just pulled an almost all-nighter last night, getting the newsletter put together. I got one hour of sleep, which isn't helping my bronchitis to go away. But at least I finished that one big project. Whew! (I hear quarter end sucks)

  11. ::cries in corner at loss of vakay with Alice::

    I would TOTALLY find a way to go by myself. Because that sounds like a wet dream to me.

    Also? DUDE. YOU WON THE CONTEST?! Love it!!

  12. Grr. This is just one more way the world is biased and discriminatory against singletons! That sucks.

    H edonism (slightly masked there to avoid nefarious Googlers on your account) encourages singles, so you could probably go there... And it would definitely be an infinitely bloggable trip for you, which is a plus for all of US! :-) Probably not what you had in mind, though. Also, not cheap.

    There must be web sites devoted to solo travel, particularly after the whole Eat Pray Love phenomenon. Have you done any Googling with that as your search target?

  13. the only time i've gone to the caribean has been on one of those all inclusive things - do that!!

  14. Aw man I would totally go with you lol - too bad I am broke as. Perhaps get a lonely planet guide or Lets Go to the caribbean and susss out some budget stays. Hostels are awesome, seriously great places to meet people. I have never been there though - sadly - so I don't have any recommendations but I do recommend everything that Let's Go recommends.

    Too many recommends. Am I even spelling it right? lol

    x0x0 Lusty

  15. If only I were husbandless, I'd so sign up for that. Jealous of your solo trip.

  16. Um. I so would love to go with you! Not that I actually really could, mind, but I would in a heartbeat. You are teh awesome.