January 02, 2009

burning a hole in mah pocket

for christmas this year, i also got some very nice thank you gifts from my sales reps - wine, cookies, cards. and one awesome rep gave me a *very* generous gift card to Best Buy.

for the first time in MANY MOONS, i am not lusting over something electronic to get myself. i bought my new tv earlier this year; i already have my totally sweet nikon; TheBoy got me the ipod for my birthday; my computer is less than three years old; and my parents got me the speaker dock for my ipod for christmas. so i'm a little shocked to say i don't actually know what to spend the card on.

which means i'm thinking perhaps i should go TOTALLY frivolous with the purchase. which sounds to me like a wii.

except! there are so many reasons NOT to get one. i've never had a gaming console in my life, for one, so i suspect it will be really cool for like 3 days and then i'll never use it again. also my living room doesn't have a very good set up for a wii - not a lot of open space for all the bowling and stuff. also-also, while i could cover the wii and probably one fun game with the gift card + another open-use gift card i recently remembered i had, if i want to get things like additional controllers or something REALLY fun like rock band, i'd end up spending a decent amount out of pocket, which is not really what i'm aiming to do here.

finally, even if i do convince myself to get the wii, i then run into this dilemna: if i were to get the wii, i'd want a really fun game i knew i'd play. which i keep narrowing down to either rock band, or the wii fit. and those are SUCH DIFFERENT THINGS. how the heck do you choose between pushups and hula hooping and drumming?!

those of you that have a wii, but aren't big gamers: worth it?

those of you that have a wii and love it: rock band or wii fit??

those of you that have a wii and hate wii fit and/or rock band: what game(s) can't i live without??

or does anyone have a suggestion for something entirely non-wii-related that i should get instead? :-)


  1. I'm not a big gamer but my hubby wanted the wii. We go through spurts of playing a lot or not playing at all. We've got wii fit and guitar hero and they're both cool. I'd say guitar hero is more fun/addictive and you'd most definitely play it. Another suggestion is Mario Kart b/c it? Is awesome!

  2. I love wii! It's loads of fun, but I have to admit I would never own one. Mainly because as you mentioned, I would get bored with it quickly.

    Do you have a dvd? If not maybe you might want to purchase one? And then some new dvds to watch.

    If not a big movie/tv person, then do you need a new printer?

    Or a new lens for your camera?

    How about I just go with you to the store and help you pick out stuff. ;)

  3. Two thoughts...

    First: I'm NOT a gamer, but I did buy Sweets a Wii. We just got it set up and started using it last night. From my initial go at it, the Wii Fit might make it worthwhile...

    Second: My initial thought for a frivolous gift was to tell you to buy an external flash. If you're really serious about taking good photos, the flashes built into cameras generally suck (including that built into my D90). I just pulled out an old external flash (that still works with my new camera) and it's amazing what a difference it makes.

  4. I'm not what you could call a "gamer" but I love our Wii. That being said, I probably wouldn't have gone out and bought one myself - it came with the guy. We have Wii Fit but not Rock Band (though I have played Rock Band on xbox 360 so I do feel justified in having an opinion.) I loooove Wii Fit. Rock Band is fun when there's drinking involved but I can't see myself ever playing it by myself. Wii Fit can be a group or solo thing - it's fun either way.

  5. hey alice! i actually got yosh a wii for his bday in august. i don't play it much, but he does. kart is a great game, and we are now wireless so that we can play with others. can i recommend something that i play everyday? the nintendo DS - my brother got it for me for xmas, and it's awesome. it's small, portable and there are a ton of awesome games for it - i have brain age 1 and brain age 2, and i find that i play them everyday (it has a lot of different activites to activate your prefrontal cortex). also, i plan on taking it with me when i travel so i can pass the time. i think you will like it! you can play mine when you come visit :)

  6. I am a "gamer", but like sil, I game on my DS with brain games. LOVE THEM. My high school kid has every console available, and so I have played Rockband, fun, but I agree it is more fun with others and with booze.

    The DS is fun, it fits in your purse/backpack and is handy on the bus, inline, at the doctor's office, at regular work (on the DL), etc.

  7. Not a gamer (anymore) but I love our Wii. We just got a new Raving Rabbids game for Christmas and I am wondering if I have any batteries with which to play. Raving Rabbids=evil bunnies=cackling me.

    I will admit that I have fallen off the wagon on my Wii Fit but am going to get back to it if it kills me, it's that much FUN to mess with and get some exercise at the same time.

    Don't have Rock Band. Do have Guitar Hero, but my carpal tunnel is too awful to allow me to play it well. The Sprog and Hubs both killed a level and then the next one proved too hard. Ha!

    I love our DS for Brain Age. I also wanted Mystery Millionaire but couldn't find it the other day at Best Buy. DS is cool for portability and types of games.

    That said, I would totally buy an external flash or battery grip for my camera; I have been lusting for those for a while now though.

  8. We got the Wii for our family for Christmas, so it's only been a week---but I love it, and I rarely played either of our old systems (a Nintendo GameCube and whatever thingie was before that one). Plus, seems like it would be a good thing to invite Boys back to your place to do. "Wanna play Wii?," you could say, waggling your eyebrows.

  9. I'm not a gamer, but I have a wii and Rock Band and I love it! I don't play it very often, so I don't get bored with it ;)

  10. We have a Wii. Wii don't use it as much as I thought Wii would (HAHAHAH I AM SO LAME). But I am glad to have it around for boring times and it would be great if you have friends over a lot.

  11. Husband wanted a Wii, I thought it was stupid. We got one and I love it. I think I'd prefer Wii Fit over GH but that's just me. The best part of Wii is that even the basic stuff (like bowling, tennis) that come with it are so fun. I don't know anyone who doesn't love the hell out of bowling. Someone else also said Mario Kart and I totally agree. This is coming from a completely uncoordinated, non-gamer.

  12. Oh, get the Wii. We've had one for a while now... year and a half maybe, and it is a blast. The kids don't get bored with it, and I play it when I can. We have Wii Fit and just got Rock Band 2 for Christmas. Both are fun. I'd get Rock Band 2 if you will regularly have other people over to play it, since it is more fun with several people; it's not much of an individual game. Wii Fit is fun just for one. I would also recommend Zelda the Twilight Princess, DDR, Mario Party 8 and Mario Galaxy.

    There is some sort of Internet capability with Rock Band 2 where you can join bands with people in other locations and/or compete against bands in other locations. We don't have it set up right now, so I don't know exactly how it works, but I'm sure my oldest daughter will get it going at some point. Then if you do get Rock Band 2, my 6-year-old will sing "Eye of the Tiger" with you. :)

  13. I've never had a wii or any gaming console... I would vote for a computer upgrade before a wii. I vote you get a GPS. Or what I would do: for the next year, give everybody gifts (Dvds, etc) from Best Buy. I am overly frugal, though. They sell home appliances, too. Get like, a juicer or a new microwave or a panini press. Delicious fun!

  14. I'm not much of a gamer, but my brother got my Dad a Wii for Christmas, so he could exercise and practice his golf swing. He's gotten to play it a few times when us kids haven't been around hogging it! It is SO addictive, you will love it. I especially enjoy Wii tennis. It's quite possible that I'll be moving back to Pittsburgh this year, so I will have to get the Rock Band game to add on, and then I'll never leave my Dad's house.

  15. I have a Wii and I really enjoy it - I have been a really big time gamer in the past, and have since stopped gaming all together.

    My input:
    - If you get a Wii, get a Wii Fit. It's fun, keeps you active, and you can do it with out a bunch of people (ie-rock band)

    - For other games, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility is amazing as is Super Mario Galaxies.

    I think it's worth it!

  16. I don;t have a wii, but DUDE! Buy the wii!!!

    Merry Xmas! Happy New Year!

  17. We have a Wii. I rarely play it, but I do get a good workout with tennis. My teens just sit on their hineys to play, the bums. I get into it!! Guitar Hero is fun, and I'd love rock band. But, I rarely play.

    The ds sounds like a good idea. Or maybe a portable dvd player for travel?

    You could always buy a bunch of ipods and give them away on your blog. :)

  18. hee hee my mom always says many moons and i can't help but chuckle when i hear other say it : )

  19. I am not a big gamer but I do love our Wii. We don't play it as often as we used to but we still like it. Mario Kart is definitely my favorite game. We're considering buying Rock Band. Wii Fit... egh. I'd rather just go to the gym.

  20. I would love a Wii, and also a Wii fit. Get it, and I will have it vicariously through you. :-)

  21. That's the exact reason I am resisting the temptation to get a Wii and Wii Fit myself: I fear I would love it for three days and then never play it anymore.

    I realized last week that my iFraud is totally full. You could give ME your gift card so I could buy a bigger one... ;-) (I kid, I kid. Enjoy whatever you decide to splurge on!)