December 31, 2008

the end of an era. well... of a year. whatever.

happy new year's eve, everyone! it's been an interesting week so far. monday was slow and boring at work, whereas yesterday was definitely not, as evidenced by my departure from the office at 10:30pm. that is not a reasonable time to leave work. i spent that time lending a hand to another department, though, which i'm hoping pays off in the form of us NOT having to stay until 10:30 tonight, because i'd much rather be drinking with my friends in a bar at that time. in fact, i specifically have plans to get Drunk Enough To Do Something I'll Regret tonight, since i haven't done that in a while, and what better time than new year's eve to kiss a stranger because i'm inebriated? am i right?

speaking of kissing boys, how about a Men In Alice's Life update?

i think things are dwindling to an end with Eagles Boy. he's a super nice guy, very sweet, just... we're missing that exciting spark. the thing that makes me miss him when i'm home for christmas, or excited when he calls. also.. well... he's not a great kisser. but mostly that first thing.

meanwhile, i have a crop of little baby boys stepping up to the plate. as a general rule, i stay away from boys significantly younger than me, because let's face it, usually guys my OWN age are immature enough. i don't need to shoot myself in the foot by PURPOSELY finding a guy 5 years younger than me. but i have two very persistent boys on match, ages.. oh god, it's embarassing even writing it... 26 and 25, GAH, but the 25 year old is cute and very sweet and writes long emails composed entirely of proper english, and he wants to meet up this weekend.

ALSO meanwhile, while it was all slow and dragging on monday, the BossLady and i treated ourselves to our time-honored Slow Day At Work tradition: posting ads on craigslist and spending the rest of the day wading through the 89427 responses, most of which are so hilariously awful that it's actually great entertainment. i did end up exchanging a slew of emails with another ardent giants fan though, who entertained me with actual wit as opposed to mockably bad english, and he invited me to check out a bar with him this weekend that's rumored to be a NY Giants stronghold on game days. the only problem is that i did my best to cyberstalk him on facebook and myspace, and he may be.. oh god. young. FAR too young. like, legal, technically, and out of college, but.... jesus. too young for a 28 year old, is all i'm saying. but he's funny and a giants fan, so at the very least we should have a good time over beers.

OH! and as those on twitter know, i also managed to meet YET ANOTHER FLIPPING ENGINEER on monday when i went out for drinks with my roommate after work. i don't know how it's possible that there are still engineers in the metro area that i HAVEN'T met or dated yet, but good lord, it's like freaking moths to a flame the way i attract those suckers. he's a year older than me, at least. so i should have many fun updates for you guys coming up soon.

i hope everyone has a fantastic New Year's Eve tonight, and here's to a fantastic 2009. i'll leave you with my super-hot outfit for this year's Bad Christmas Sweater Party. and then also some pictures of the cats enjoying their christmas presents, so you can heal your retinas. see you in 2009!

this mat has catnip in it. oliver spent 30 mins rolling around on it like a drug addict, and now spends about 14 hours a day sitting on it with his little paws crossed in front of him. bella is evidently not allowed near it.

bella doesn't really respond to catnip yet anyway, so she was far more excited about this toy from my mom, which came with little balls that rolled around inside for her to try and get out. she gets the balls out after about 5 minutes, and instantly loses them under furniture, but she sure loves doing it.


  1. GodDAMN I really need to have one of those Bad Sweater parties.

    Happy New Year, my friend.

  2. Listen, 26 and 28 are NOT SO FAR APART. It's all about the person, you know?

    Keep us posted!

  3. Um. My husband was 25 when I married him and I was most definitely not, just saying.

  4. I am sorry that Eagles boy is a bad kisser. That definitely would be a no-go in my book, unless he was so awesome in other ways you were willing to teach him.

    Dating seems so fun when you write about it, I just don't remember it that way...

  5. Don't diss the young'ns yet! They might be mature boys. :)

    I need to have an ugly sweater party next year. [puts on to-do list]

    That ball toy thingy is so cool! Where'd your mom find it? I'd get it for Sunny, since Abby doesn't allow her near the catnip either. (Plus, Abby makes out with the catnip items for, like, HOURS.)

  6. Very ugly sweater. Ha!
    Lots of exciting possibilities in boys. :) 25 isn't too young, you never know!

  7. I had to quickly cover my eyes after seeing that sweater.

    Um, 25 or 26 is not that young. My bf is 26 and I'm 29. He's actually the mature one in the relationship. I kid you not.

    Keep us posted! And Happy New Year!

  8. Um, is that sweater barfing up ribbon? UGH! From the amount of comments on here, I suggest next year we have an online Blogger Ugly Sweater Contest where everyone posts their ugly sweater pic one day and we pick a winner.

    Happy New Year!

  9. You make that bad sweater look hawt, your cats crack me up (Oliver and Cleopatra would get along fine, once they were appropriately doped up on the kitty pot), and I'm bummed about Eagles Boy. Nice really is nice, but yeah, you need the spark. Good luck with the other prospects!
    My dh was a great kisser, but then we married and it hardly ever happens now. *sigh* oh, well, there are many other good things that DO happen and more than make up for smooches. (I can't believe I'm writing this on the internet, someone stop me!)

    Happy New Year!

  10. PK is 9 months younger than me. And there is something to be said about molding them while they are young, lol.

    Happy New Year, my dear. Hope you Do Something You Don't Quite Remember ... hee!

  11. ha, that sweater is hot! also i say go for the younger boys, it obviously doesn't bother them so it shouldn't bother you!

    happy new year : )

  12. cradle robber.
    i'm just saying.

  13. Alice, I cant believe you said that. I'm stunned.

  14. 25 doesn't seem too young! I vote go for it! (I also caution that most engineers are jumbo jerks. I'm allowed to say this because I'm an engineer. Heed this warning)

  15. I know what you mean about that spark. Why is it so dang elusive??

    Also, IT guys are to me what engineers are to you. What is up with that??

  16. Chiming in with Shauna: WHERE did your mom get that cat toy? It looks fantastic!

    And I'd totally be on board with an online Bad Sweater party. I have some good candidates that have been gifted to me that I've felt too bad about giving away.