November 16, 2008

weekend roundup

well I'VE certainly had a momentous weekend. things i did that surprised me:
1) i stayed out until 7am sunday morning (SEVEN! A.M.! in the MORNING!!)

2) i made soup! and it was GOOD.

3) i joined

let's discuss, shall we?

1) i honestly cannot remember the last time i stayed out all night. i go out a lot, and i stay up late a lot, but i do NOT stay up ALL NIGHT. like.. ever. i went out with my friend darlene, and when the bar closed, we went to one of her friend's houses. and played beer pong. UNTIL 6:30 IN THE MORNING. who does that? i am in surprisingly good shape, all things considered. i got home at 7, slept until 1am (GOOD LORD. AFTER NOON.) and did not have a hangover to speak of. and what's more, i totally rocked at beer pong, which never happens.

2) i've decided i want to start making soups. i love me a good soup, and they seem like some of the harder-to-eff-up things to make, in general. so last night i made a potato & leek soup, which turned out quite deliciously. (really, it's shocking how just three things - leeks, potatoes, and chicken broth - can end up tasting so yummy. cooking! it's like magic!) tonight i pureed the leftovers with some heavy cream, which made an even BETTER soup. i am inordinately proud of myself.

3) yeeeah. so i've met several mens over the years through craigslist, but i decided i no longer want to wade through the 95% douchebags to find the 5% that aren't... horrific. and i am VERY much not interested in trolling bars to meet men, or however non-interneters find men these days. and i was bored on saturday and tooling around the interwebs.. and.. all of a sudden i found myself with a profile and a subscription. so it is! this should result in some good posts, if nothing else. i already have three potential dates for next week. yay internets!


  1. Soup cooking is a lazy man's dream!

  2. beer pong is so much fun. i recently rediscovered it, and i am oh-so-glad i did!

  3. Hahahaha Match dot com! But seriously: respect. I can't wait to hear how it turns out.

  4. I am going to be SO INTERESTED in updates!!

  5. snickolet recently joined an internet dating service (not sure which one) and is currently having a hot, magical relationship with Mr. Coffee.


    That is my wisdom for the day. Take it for what it is, lol.

  6. 7AM?!! That is awesome! It is actually fun to do that once in a while.

    Seriously cannot wait to hear what happens with!

  7. Please may I have some soup?

  8. I have a good friend who actually met her husband on so you never know. They now have an adorable one year old who Miss Leyba worships and follows everywhere.

  9. Good luck on I'll definitely be interested to hear how it goes.

  10. ooooh. Can't wait to hear about your dates!

  11. You know we are all going to be living thru your dates with you. More fun for us than you, sadly.

    Oh god, if I stayed out til 7 AM I'd have to take 2 weeks to recover. Good for you!

  12. Awake all night? I only do that with a good book a couple of times a year. After which I am useless for the next week. Normally I turn into a pumpkin sometime between 11pm and 1am. Seriously, I have to become horizontal before I become ill (and that's not just the tequila talking)!

    Soup Rocks! I made Smashing Pumpkin Soup tonight and I am SO HAPPY there are leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.

    Oh, goodie! We get to date vicariously through blogging. (Which is good, because I would so suck at dating at this point in my life.)

  13. I haven't stayed out that late in such a long time! It's so fun every once in awhile!

    I love homemade soup! You'll have to share the recipes of the ones you love :)

  14. 1. The latest I have stayed out in recent memory is 4:30 or 5:00. I am tired just thinking about your night. Also, how do I still not know what Beer Pong is? Must Wikipedia that already.

    2. I've gotten a little better with the cooking, but have still not yet attempted soup. You can BUY soup! In cans! Home made seems hardly worth the point. And yet, potato leek? Sounds yummy.

    3. Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha. Welcome to the club, friend. (Also, WORD on your description of Craig's List. I also do NOT have the patience for all the riff-raff.)