November 12, 2008

things i'd like to complain about today

a. tights. MOTHEREFFING TIGHTS. they're cute! they're handy! they keep your legs warm while still letting you wear cute skirts and boots! but OMFG THE ITCHING. yesterday at work i had to go to the ladies room several times, peel off the tights, and re-moisturize my legs in a vain effort to stop the irritation. it did not work. on the way home, it got so bad that i had to yank the tights off (while driving! so safe!) because i thought likelihood of me driving off the road would be higher due to the unbearable irritation than the act of actually worming out of them while in traffic.

b. the deep cut on the tip of my right forefinger that makes typing very, very painful. so i'm typing with that finger up in the air, trying to use my right middle finger for all the keys my first finger would usually take care of. it's very, very awkward, i assure you.

c. the workers who are replacing the siding on our building, and who start VERY VERY VERY early in the morning, DIRECTLY OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. and by directly outside, i do mean directly outside:

see the dude? outlined behind my curtain, taking up the entire right side of the window?

this next ladder is placed on the wall directly on the other side of where my head is when i sleep. sorry, i mean where i USED TO SLEEP before a ton of very loud men started constructing scaffolding RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MY HEAD AT 6AM IN THE MORNING. it makes me very shouty, evidently.

d. hmm... well.... huh. it seems unlikely that there are only three things i want to complain about, especially given that i've been up since 6am. you've lucked out, i guess. anything you'd like to complain about today?


  1. I've got no complaints.

    Most municipalities have noise ordinances. Find out what hours that type of work is acceptable, then complain to your landlord.

  2. I use to have that problem with tights, but I don't anymore. Other than them continuously slipping down my leg. Fun times.

    Try buying cotton tights like the ones HUE have ( They should definitely be less itchy.

    No complaints today. Would just like it to be 5 already though! ;)

  3. Yes, I do feel like complaining today (thanks for asking :) ).

    I was at work at 8:30am and left at 6pm. My lunch was 15 minutes while actually working. I didn't have a break all day - and I did not complain about it. The only thing I wanted from my day today was that the people around me worked as they should, and I would have some progress on my projects this week....

    Guess what - it didn't happen! I get sick and tired of people complaining about how much work they have but have enough time to chat at the cooler, or coffee machine, or hang around other peoples desks, or have enough time to grab a whole hour lunch, or hang around on facebook.

    I'm not complaining about my work (or the quantity), but more about people who are inefficient and in certain circumstances - damn right useless!

    Aaah, feels so much better :D

    Thanks! ;)

    p.s. - i'm not anti-facebook.... I just think that there is a time and a place!

  4. Those workers are a little too close for comfort! Then again, I'm out the door at 6AM, so they probably wouldn't really bother me. (Lucky me, right?!)

  5. I REALLY loathe extreme loud crap outside of my window before 10 am.


  6. I would like to complain that there is a FLY in my KITCHEN.

    Also, and this is so awesome you will think I am lying to you, my word verification is "whingey."

  7. you have been complaining a lot since the break up.

  8. hey anonymous - bite it.

    moving on, that picture of the dude at your window made me laugh out loud.

    i hope they are done soon!

  9. Dude, I'd have to stab someone if that is what happened outside my window at 6 am. See also if it was that bright outside my window at 6 am. We likes the dark.

  10. haha! anonymous is technically correct - in the 24 hours since the break up, i HAVE written a post about complaining. AM SCH A BIG COMPLAINR ZOMG!

  11. Um, I'd want to kill anyone who did that outside my window that early in the morning! Sheesh!
    Anonymous is funny. ha! There's been what, ONE post since then. hehe

  12. I would like to complain about:

    -Packing boxes (ick, ugh,OMG, teh suck)

    - Swollen yucky ankles, because they hurt, and when you're all sore and achy all over, and you've been wearing heels all week, only to realise that a good portion of the pain was coming from the aforementioned ankle, that until now you didn't even notice... Well it's annoying. Also painful.

    - And having to keep working, even when I know that some time in the next three weeks someone's going to come past my desk and say 'dude time's up, collect your belongings and leave the building. I can't wait to be unemployed, but I really wish it was a bit more planned. I like plans.

    I feel better. Thanks for letting me bitch :)

  13. I would like to complain about your anonymous commenter. S/he is a bit of a douche.

    My tactic for wearing tights is to not shave my legs for a few days before I wear them. I find that tights are unbearably itchy on cleanly shaven legs. Also I hate shaving my legs.

  14. I just wanted to tell you, I have totally taken my tights off (1) whilst driving, and (2) on a bus. Yeah. Don't ask. Totally worth it though.

  15. Stupid engagement.senior.

    That is my teaching accounting alter ego where I make my students remit their know...realism.

    Oh and PS. I love hillary. I love to call people a douche.

  16. hillary gives good head and caught a cold.

  17. I would like to complain about the fly that seems to be stuck in the ceiling light next to my desk. The buzzing is making me go crazy.

    I would also like to complain about how I haven't slept a full night in over a week. So. Tired.

  18. The asshole who lives on the floor above me who must like to do aerobics at 2 a.m. every night/morning.

  19. my particular problem with tights (love!) is that they roll down. So I have an unattractive ROLL around my middle. TIGHTS! THEY SHOULD BE TIGHT!

    boss = douche.
    interwebz message boards = douches
    child = asshole
    husband = asshole
    pocketbook = empty

    yeah, like that.

  20. Can we get in on the complainin'?

  21. For the itchy:
    - Baby Oil as soon as you get out of the shower or bath
    - Gold Bond Medicated lotion

    The medicated lotion is kind of lame but it takes you from being all itch back to being human. Totally worth it.

  22. Six o'clock in the morning?!?
    That's bad enough to make me grouchy for a week at a time! Absolutely NUTS! And, wrong.wrong.wrong. (Even though I am up at 5am, I still like peace & quiet until I yell at teenagers 2-1/2 hours later.)