July 26, 2008

perfect saturday

i waste weekends a lot. i always feel like i'm not getting enough sleep, so on weekends i feel entitled to lounge around in bed loooong after it is at all necessary / respectable, and by the time i get up the whole morning is ruined, nothing gets done around the house, i run no errands, etc. and then i'm irritated by sunday night because the whole weekend passed by, i still didn't clean my bathroom, and i spent too much time inside and whhyyy don't i ever leeeearrrrn etc etc boohoo wah.

but today! today was just about the most perfect saturday i could have imagined. i did lounge in bed fairly late (although in my defense, my cats were VERY VERY EVIL last night and spent about 4 hours wrestling ON TOP OF ME in bed, despite multiple and forceful ejections from my bed) but once up, i hopped in the shower, ran to starbucks, and then headed immediately downtown to my friend amanda's house in northeast. amanda is my best friend from highschool, and i hadn't seen her in FAR too long, so it was excellent just to spend a day with her and her husband in the first place. so i recommend you find good people and then follow this plan as closely as possible:

*start with jim henson festival at the afi theater to take in a showing of "the dark crystal" (which i'd never seen before!)

*head to dupont, to check out the new mr yogato shop. DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN because it is so good. (seriously, anyone in dc? DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. go there. get the "original tangy" and then collapse from deliciousness. plus, it's HEALTHY! i had mangoes, strawberries, and blueberries as my toppings!)

*peruse japanese home furnishings store. buy gorgeous dish, on sale.

*stop off for some greek snacks at zorba's cafe

*go back to amanda & hubs' house for incredible green tea, newly purchased from japanese store. bonus: feel healthy for second time in one day!

*return home, shower again (while beautiful and sunny today, also hot & involved a lot of walking) and meet up with girlfriends downtown at zaytinya for drinks and tapas

*home by 11 for a full night's sleep (cats will be kicked out of bedroom tonight, the jerks)

i am full, tired, and happy. i ate new delicious foods, i spent time outside, and even watched muppets - and all in the company of lovely people. and! i still have tomorrow, where i am hopefully catching up with a guy in town from highschool and going to see a different friend's irish band. and maybe even cleaning the stupid bathroom. note to self: make sure more weekends happen like this.


  1. Oh my gosh. I feel like I could have written that first paragraph. I see i am not alone!

    I usually end up doing a lot to try to redeem myself on the weekends too :)

  2. Makes such a difference just getting out the house and hanging out with friends! I know I can definitely be lazy and lounge around WAY too much.

    So glad you had such a good weekend!! Here's to hoping Friday comes along sooner rather than later. :)

  3. Yum... Zorba's! Now I know what I want to do today.

  4. Sounds pretty great :)

  5. I love it when the weekend is busy with loads of things to do.... but then when Monday turns up, I always think.... did the weekend really go past?

    Just as Marie said a couple of comments back - Let's hope friday comes sooner than later! :D

  6. you know what? After numerous weekends of getting NOTHING done and feeling awful about, I just started DOING STUFF and accomplishing much - and just like you found out, it feels SO good! :) Hope the rest of your weekend rocked!