July 29, 2008

good mood: officially over

today was my roommate's last day in my house, and even though i don't yet have a replacement (FOR AUGUST, ACK) i have to say i am not at all upset to see her go. it was not working for me. she was not around a lot, true, but when she WAS around, she treated her living situation like she was in a hotel: someone else would fix things, clean things, buy things, and take care of things for her. and she assumed that person was me. it was annoying.

last night i was already in a highly shitty mood (despite my cheery-ass post in the morning! things went downhill quickly!) so when i finally stumbled home from work at about 8:30, i was not pleased to discover that once again, my roommate had left the door closed to the laundry room, which is where the kitty litter is. the laundry room is off of the second bathroom - aka, her bathroom - and she repeatedly would close the main door to the bathroom, then go back to her room via the adjoining door, without ever reopening the main door. usually this would be at night, and i'd (hopefully) notice before i went to bed so i could open the door back up for the cats.

yesterday, though, she walked blithely past the closed door on her way out for the day... so the cats were alone in the house with no access to their litter for 12 hours. OBVIOUSLY this did not end well. i was tempted to place the throw pillow they had used as plan b in front of her door to make a point, but i just cleaned up and threw away the pillow instead. i knew from previous discussions on the matter that she wasn't going to care, AND she was leaving the next morning anyway. but i was pretty grumpy about it.

this morning, i was awakened at about 6am by the noise of glass shattering in the kitchen. i knew it was probably the cats, but i could also hear roommate putzing around. i was suffering from a pretty decent hangover (dear bottle of wine last night: oops) and really wanted to let roommate deal with it and go back to sleep, but i didn't trust her to actually deal with anything. and i didn't want the cats to end up with hundreds of shards of glass stuck in their little feet as a result.

so i drag myself out of bed, throw both cats in my bedroom, and check out the kitchen. roommate is standing there, doing her own thing, ignoring the open cabinet and three shattered wine glasses right next to her. now, i know they're my cats, and my glasses, and my house. but when YOU leave the cabinet door open, and YOU allow the cats to jump up into it, and YOU are the one there when the wine glasses end up breaking, i'd think YOU would maybe do something other than ignore the situation. i went to get a broom, and as i started cleaning up the mess, instead of offering to help, she took her tea and shut herself back in her bedroom.

but. at least she is gone now. without giving me 30 days notice, but that's a whole other rant.

in other news, my credit card was apparently compromised, and several fraudulent charges were made on it this morning. GOOD TIMES IN THESE PARTS. i bet you wish you could come hang out with me today, eh? i'm a BARREL OF FUN.


  1. Sorry about the cat and the rubbish of a roomate. Good riddance, I say.

  2. I loathe bad roommates. LOOOOOOOOOOOATHE them

  3. Ugh. At least the roommate's leaving.

    I hope you get the financial stuff settled.

    Maybe some pushups will help. (mild attempt at humor) :)

  4. Holy shit, that's a lot of bad right at once, sorry sweets!

    I hope it gets better rather quick like.

  5. but on the plus side, you get to live alone again! hooray! (well, temporarily at any rate)

    I hate people. The end.

  6. your ex-roommate = bullshit

    that is all

    ps - I am in an equally foul mood today - sorry I can't come up with a better comment

  7. Oh, roommates suck. LAZY roommates are the biggest suck.

    Do you know where your card is?

  8. Dang. The shit hit the fan all at once with you didn't it? Sorry to hear about the crappy roommate, but glad she is gone. Hope you find a MUCH nicer person.

    Did your card services catch the fraudulent charges in time? I hope they did because then they can cancel them and your card. Just reissue you a new one. I wish ill upon those who steal like this.

    Here's to hoping things only look up for the rest of the week!

  9. Poor Alice! Stupid roommate! I'll hang out with you if you need cheering up! Just say the word.

  10. welllllll the good news? you got rid of the roomie AND the credit company is on the hook for the charges, but it is annoying

  11. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you kind of suck at picking roommates. Sorry.

    Probably not what you want to hear today. The good news is we get to try again tomorrow.


  12. Dude. What a bitch.

    Of course, I can kind of see my husband doing the same thing :)

  13. Oh DAMN! That is a whole lot of bad right there. Here's hoping it gets better SOON!

  14. Hey, combine my shitty ass cold with your crappy day and we could have a love-in. Just remind yourself, it WILL get better. Hang in there.

  15. Ugh, bad roommate situations are the worst, they taint your entire experience of being at home, which is supposed to be COMFORTABLE AND RELAXING, not passive aggressive and tense. So sorry about the lousy day.

  16. Awwe poor kittehs! My cats cant go an hour without the litter tray, I can't imagine what they would do to my place if they were without it for 12 hours!!

    And wtf is with flatmates like that anyway? Everybody (minus my lovely boyfriend) has been the same way, thinking that everything else will just be done for them, that they don't need to contribute with cleaning, etc. It's total bullshit.

  17. I think that you should mail the compromised pillow to your ex roommate as a housewarming present.

    Or maybe that's too mean?

  18. i hate credit card bs like that. it can ruin a perfectly good... year!

    hey, i think Barack is cyberstalking you...