March 05, 2008

graceful like a herd of stampeding elephants

last night we finally started hanging shit on the walls. it looks GREAT, if i do say so myself. karl has these fantastic handmade woven wall hangings from pakistan (i.. think? or kashmir? karl?) that look superb on the walls. we hung those, some paintings, a mirror over the mantle.. then it was time for me to hang some curtains on the glass doors leading out to our little balcony.

i don't actually recall what happened, exactly, as i tried to get down off the chair one of 2836 times during the process, but something didn't go.... right. i slipped, or something, or just was unbalanced on the landing, maybe? but the place where i had to quickly move my foot to counteract the slip was already occupied by several boxes and my printer/scanner. so i did a weird little twisty jerky thing, which didn't work, and i ended up clattering down in between the sliding glass door, some boxes, and a set of drawers.

"ouch," i said sadly.

"that was YOU??" said karl, popping out of the kitchen. we're (unfortunately) used to hearing extended crash sequences from oliver, and we've sort of stopped noticing.

i came out relatively unscathed, aside from bruised knuckles on my right hand (...?) and a rapidly growing welt on the back of my left thigh.

psa: wine + curtain hanging = good times.


  1. Been there, done that. This is the fun part of moving!

    Yay for your new digs, by the by! I highly recommend living in sin!

  2. I love getting new apartments all settled and homey and decorated. Pictures maybe? When you unpack the camera?

  3. That's great you're personalizing your space together. I can't wait until Sweets and I move into our own space together. Having him in space that was previously mine is difficult - he will always feel like he's in my space.

    BTW, did you drink to not living with insane parents anymore?

  4. Ow! I'm sorry you fell. But I'm glad you got stuff hung up. But. You know what this means, right? No more excuses! Where are the pictures?

  5. "ouch," i said sadly.

    I'm sorry, but that really made me laugh (because of how it was written, not because I'm evil).

    I'm kind of disappointed your post didn't evolve into you and Karl getting into a fight about hanging things, because every time my husband and I hang items, he is so anal-retentive about them being perfectly straight, despite using a laser level and my repeated assertions that, "Yes, for the love of god, it is STRAIGHT."

  6. So glad you weren't hurt! I was really worried there for a minute!

  7. Oh, shit. I love that Karl said, "Was that YOU?"

  8. I believe that unpacking requires wine for every chore.

    Glad you didn't break anything.

  9. oww! i've done the twist and shake like that falling off things. not fun... but it makes for hilarious hidden video.

  10. Ouch! Note to self wine AFTER curtain hanging...Hope you're ok.

  11. ooh, that went as badly as wine before hairdying went for me...

    Also? I was in tears, TEARS! At the sad little ouch...

  12. You know, I did that once, only with picture hanging. And instead of falling on an inanimateobject, I fell onto my roommate at the time and we flew backwards into her closet in our dorm room. We weren't even drinking.

    BUT. YAY! To awesome new living situation!