March 04, 2008

life, unchaperoned

so! news! i now live in sin with my boyfriend! go me! it's fantastic, and by that i mean it's 100% parent-free. although let's face it, i could be living with an angry rhinoceros at this point and i'd still be all "hey, look, at least it's not a passive-aggressive parent, am i right?" but i'm pretty sure this is good, even when measured objectively against other living situations that don't embody the epitome of suck. we have a slight disagreement on use of the dishwasher (karl: they're unnecessary. and it's annoying when dishes are in there that i wanted to use. i'd rather wash everything, ever, by hand. me: .....) but in general, everything is going swimmingly so far.

we don't yet have wireless internet, just some archaic system of "plugging" a computer into a "wall," or some such nonsense. i've been so disheartened by this method that i have yet to unpack my computer stuff, like the cable to get pictures off my camera. and let's be honest, even once i have all that unpacked, i'm still going to be weird and anal and not want to show you guys photos until the place is set up the way i want it. what if you think i don't know that walls look better with stuff hung up on them? WHAT THEN? i couldn't bear it.

oliver the cat has taken the move in stride. if by "in stride" you mean "has apparently become a meth addict, what with all the racing around the house and spazzing out, and also, since when did he fall off of stuff so much? it's probably worrisome, but also fairly hilarious, except OMG SERIOUSLY CAT STOP KNOCKING SHIT OFF TABLES, OK?" so basically he's exactly the same and completely unfazed by the whole shebang.

hah. shebang.

i also need to get my bum in gear and buy a fancy ol' flatscreen tv for the new living room. does anyone have any suggestions and/or dire tales of woe regarding specific brands i should avoid?


  1. hooray for the good move! Cats are hysterical, but I really want to know how the BOYFRIEND is handling the change (other than the dishes fiasco ... from the sound of it, this man lives in the early 90's, hon).

  2. Every paragraph of this post made me laugh. Because you are that funny. Also, washing dishes by hand wastes more water than using a dishwasher. I don't know if that's true but I heard it somewhere and I'm STICKING TO IT.

  3. Glad to hear that the move went well!!

  4. Yeah for successful moves! Sweets and I have yet to do it officially. But, I already know he's ok with more clutter than I am. So, I think I know what to expect.

    Flatscreen ... ooooh, ahhh! We love our Sharp Aquos. Then again, it'd be hard not to love a TV you get for half off suggested retail value.

  5. Congrats on the move.

    Um, TVs...We have a 25" 9 year old TV. Still want my advice? Ha.

  6. I love the description of the cat. haha!

    So, if Karl wants to wash ALL the dishes by hand, let him. See how long he keeps singing that tune...


  8. Thank goodness you're done with The Parents!!! I don't envy your current task of unpacking though.

    ( And I know nothing about TVs--flat screen or otherwise--sorry :( )

  9. Dear Wife,

    Pictures of cat falling off things pls.



  10. Shebang shebang
    Oh baby
    When you moved, you moved
    Cat go crazy


  11. Glad the move was successful! My cats are too afraid to come out after a move. You'd think after four moves they'd get used to it.

  12. Yay! So glad you're outta there!

  13. Yay for your move! Yay for crazy cat! Yay for Karl washing dishes! Let him keep it up. : ) LOL. And I tagged you for a meme. Consider it a housewarming gift. : )

  14. Woo woo! Crazy cat stories! Antiquated internet access! Clean dishes! Yippee!

    I have no advice on TVs. I told A. we aren't buying a fancy TV until our two current televisions go kaput. I am a big meanie!

  15. On the internet, and having it: When we moved, I organised our phone line and our broadband internet... and now two months later, no one has used the freaking internet yet because my computer was stolen, and neither of my flatmates power cables are working.

    Waste. Of. Money.