January 28, 2008

violence really IS the answer! who knew?

last night, shortly after writing that post, i left work all angry and grumpy and a little dejected at my choices. i really, really, really dislike moving. i LOVE the actual part once i have a house and i get to go to ikea and buy all the wonderful things i need in the new place, and redecorate, and frame photos and set up my piano.... but the finding of the place? not so much. i hate that i need to give notice at my current place before i've found a new one. it's like quitting a job before you get a new offer, which means that if you don't get lucky in the next few weeks you are SO SCREWED OMG NO SERIOUSLY. bah. hate.

but! anyway, then i went to the gym and went to a kickboxing class, which i love. a good workout always makes me feel better anyway, but kickboxing has the added bonus of getting to visualize someone's face who you then get to pummel for an hour. (this time it was the dog who craps in my room every day and has destroyed several pairs of underwear, as well as one of my favorite pairs of pants, AND most likely those heels that mysteriously went missing. god, was it satisfying to pretend to hold him down and punch his yappy little head. does that make me sound psychotic? TOO BAD. you start living with someone else's parents and see that YOU don't want to punch annoying little puntable dogs.)

uh, this was supposed to be about how i was feeling better, but oddly i keep tangenting off into rants. ah well. the gym + some really delicious pad thai certainly helped, but i guess the moral here is that i clearly need to get out of this situation. i went down last night to ask the parents in person how long they planned to stay here. up until now, i'd just had the second hand info that they were "working things out" and didn't really know. so i went to the source. turns out they're "working things out" and don't really know. HELPFUL. but also a pretty clear indication that they're not going anywhere anytime soon, is my take.

so. time to figure out my options and start obsessively checking craigslist for apartments, yet again. and do a lot of kickboxing. has anyone ever used a realtor to help them find a place, even if they were just renting? is that something people do?


  1. I've never used a realtor. But the way that I found my current apartment? Is that I just went to the Metro stop near the neighborhood I wanted to live in and started walking into buildings and talking to lease managers. I realize that this works best if you want to live by yourself or if you have a roommate already in mind, but there was no Craigslist involved and I think that made it simpler. I use Craigslist only for finding the less important things. Like fiances.

  2. I find everything through Craig's List.

  3. I think it depends on where you live. In Chicago, there are apartment finding services (free to seekers - they charge the landlord). But, there are also a number of places that never get listed that way and the best way to find them is the free way (craigslist and walking the street with cell phone in hand). Good luck to you - keep reminding yourself you'll be in a better place!

  4. Realtors are a great choice, actually. You tell them what you want, they find it and can negotiate for you based on what you want. The best part is that their commission gets paid by the people renting, NOT YOU! Just takes a little less stress off of you doing the searching. Let them do it!

  5. Moving SUCKS. but you get to go through your stuff and through out a bunch of stuff! Oh, is that only fun for us OCD types?

    Maybe now you can try out a new neighborhood you've been eyeballing? Do you commute into DC? If so, I loved living in the Pentagon City area. Quick commute, fun neighborhood on the weekends. But I loved! LOVED! living right in Dupont Circle. Awesome.

    I've never used a realtor, but for renting I think it would be a great choice. Let them hunt suitable places down!

    I can't believe you have to live with SOMEONE ELSE'S PARENTS. Dear God, woman. You are a saint for not killing them in their sleep. Ugh.

    In this case, moving will be good.

  6. Dude .. I totally forgot ... sabotage the dog. Feed it chili peppers or hot sauce or chocolate. Dogs can't handle that. Or pick your underwear up off the floor.

    But I like sabotaging the dog myself.


  7. Alice, that sucks! Sounds like the realtor is a good answer. And best wishes - I hate moving, too. Maybe be a total princess and have a realtor find your new place, and then have movers come pack all your stuff and move it, and just refuse to lift a finger because this move wasn't your idea at all, damnit. Or would that just be me?

  8. I've never used a realtor, but people actually do it. Wishing you luck and as easy a move as possible...

  9. I agree with the realtor comments, I know a few people who have done that and it seems to work, but I would continue to look on your own as well, it never hurts!

    And if you need a place for a while, my downstairs bedroom is empty.

    Good luck!!