June 22, 2007

my year in review

i'm not what you'd call a good planner. if i were a good planner, i would not have decided that the end of the quarter was a perfect time to announce my return to blogging. because who doesn't have some time to kill while frantically running around like a crazed squirrel working 67 hours a day? am smart!

but, due to popular demand (if by "popular" you mean "neil," which i do) here is:

Alice's Year In Review! *fanfare*

  • remember how i was just starting that new job when i slacked off before? that's still going pretty darn awesome. (awesomely?) i just got a new promotion actually, and will be moving to a Real Office, with walls and a door next week. a DOOR! my own door! i'm going to name him Fred.

  • also remember how i was so excited to be single? i, uh, almost immediately got a boyfriend after declaring that. but then! we broke up and now i'm single again. summer is a good time to be free ladies, i'll tell you what ;-)

  • you may also recall that i was living in a shit hole. NO LONGER, my friends! i live in an extremely great house now. i lucked out with incredibly chill roommates, the house is ENORMOUS, i have a huge bedroom with my own bathroom, and we have a maid service every 2 weeks included in the rent. maid service! like people who come clean my bathroom! FOR ME! love.

  • oh so also? i have a wife now. it used to just be that i had a really great friend, J, and we hung out a lot. then it was more like "oh hey alice, we're having a dinner party on friday and we want you to come! and J is invited too, of course!" ..which progressed to "you're going out tonight? without J? does she know? is she OK with it?" so we gave in and embraced it. we're going to the Outer Banks later this summer with a bunch of friends and they just sent out a list of who is responsible for which meal, and i swear to you it says that "Alice + Wife" need to make dinner on Thursday.

  • can we talk a little more about how i have a maid? because i do.

  • i went to cancun! with my wife! and a bunch of boys we didn't know. it was fabulous. also, if you are the parent of a 15 yr old girl: just so you know, she is drunk in mexico right now and making out with a boy while wearing a ridiculously short skirt. i was appalled, APPALLED I SAY, at the number of extremely underage kids down there being debaucherous. am officially old and crotchety.

  • and then there was the kitten. do you need more pictures? i feel like you do.


  1. Congratulations on the maid! And it's great you got a promotion at work too. Was that suppose to be the other way around, but more importantly, now that you have an actual office does this greatly increase the chances of you one day blogging about having office sex?

  2. Is it possible to see a photo of your new exciting office door?

  3. I'm totally happy you are blogging again. Now that Bon Jovi in on CMT and Amber is back, the world will be mine. I just need to make sure Hope is back in business and it will be just like Charlie's Angels again ... but without Farah and I'm not black like the new Bosley ...

    But ... non the less. I'm glad you are back! I'm excited.

    Sounds like you had a good year!


  4. Nothing to say, I'm just commenting so you know people are reading. Although I guess you have statcounter for that...
    Oh, I do have one thing to say: chubby kitten head in bowl = cutest thing I've seen all day.

  5. Wow, you're back! I had no idea. Thanks for swinging by. Sounds like you've had a pretty good year.

    That kitten is adorable. I wish they never grew up to be grumpy old cats.

  6. Welcome back to the blogosphere Alice! You need to tell us more about this wife. Does she still put out ;)?