November 19, 2007

Where have I been? part 1283763498237408

hi! guess what guys? i have a TOTALLY LEGITIMATE reason why i went silent these past few days. i mean, i guess germany was a good reason too, but i suppose maybe i could have given you a heads up first on that one.

anyway! reason i've been mia: remember back when karl was just a gentleman friend? and he blew out his knee? well, he done blew it out PROPER, and tore his acl real nice-like. so he had surgery to fix it on thursday, and has been looking more or less like this ever since:
poor guy has a brace from his hip to his ankle, and i get the impression the searing, burning sensation in his knee doesn't feel too fantastic either. also hopefully he doesn't mind that i just posted such a sad picture of him. dear karl, would it balance it out if i posted a hot picture of you too?

karl + tuxedo = good times. for me, i mean.

so now we have to figure out a way to cram him and his bracey-leg into my wee civic for the laborious drive up to nj on wednesday night so that we can partake in the fantasticness that is my mom's thanksgiving dinner. oh, also he'll be meeting the parents at that time. and the sister. and the aunt/uncle/cousin. while recovering from knee surgery and hopped up on percocet! my sister has already promised to do her best to dig up some dirt on him to make thanksgiving dinner as interesting as possible. and those of you who have been here for many moons may remember how fun thanksgiving is at my house ANYway.. so, uh, yeah. karl's a trooper.


  1. Poor Karl. I don't even know your family, but already feel for him. :-) The fiance's parents and my parents will meet for the first time this week. Lots of first for our SO's and our respective families, eh?!

  2. Oh, poor fella! My sister had to have her blown ACL reconstructed, too. It is a long recovery, I am afraid.

    Hope he feels better, and I hope you guys have as comfortable drive as possible. Happy Turkeyday to you!

  3. Put Karl in the Civic, and his leg on the roof. Easy peasy.

  4. Aw, that sucks! I had it easier with my surgery because I'm short and easily fit my leg everywhere. But Karl looks tall...

    Have fun on Thanksgiving!

  5. Poor Karl. Erm...for the knee thing, I mean. Not because he's spending time with you...

    Wait. You were Mia? I thought you were Alice!

  6. Tis the season for Germany and knee injuries, apparently. Last year at this time was when Torsten came home with me for Thanksgiving and met my parents for the first time. But at least he wasn't recovering from knee surgery. Have fun!

  7. Poor Karl. Make sure he gets seconds and thirds of the fantastic food...