November 08, 2007

flickr tools = fun

why do i suck at blogging so much? (aside to wife: WHAH? WHAH do ah!?) even *i* can't be this lazy can i? ok, clearly i can, and i am. but also! i keep having all these things to blog about and then either a) don't get the pictures up in a timely fashion so i can't blog about it YET, i mean let's be serious, and/or b) get a backlog of Events That Need Blogging and then get overwhelmed with how much i haven't blogged and choose to go home and eat mini reese's peanut butter cups and wine instead of addressing my blog laxity.

to sum up: I APOLOGIZE. i would say it will never happen again, but haaahahaahahahaha.

so! more list-like summaries of my life, with photographic evidence:

a) my good friend christina, who normally lives in paris (who i stayed with on
this trip!) came to visit with her husbandy/boyfriend type and his brother. we had a lovely day doing the DC tourist thing, and since i'm jealous of nilsa's pretty collages, i made one too:

(fyi: this one was made with a neato flickr tool called the mosiac maker, available here.)

b) we also went to a halloween party that night, because.. well.. halloween was that week. except in france, they don't so much do the halloween thing. it turns out that neither french brother had dressed up, EVER, much less gone to a halloween costume party. WELL! we certainly fixed THAT. behold les french pirates:

(also made with this)

c) then! i went with karl to a Big Fancy Southern Wedding. i was unaware that Southern Weddings were a different entity than Northen Weddings. first off! did you know there are weddings that don't have sit down dinners?? I was completely unaware of this fact. karl was IN the wedding, so initially i was hesitant to go down with him.

me: but you're in the wedding.. i'll hardly be able to see you. i won't even be able to sit with you.

karl: ..... why wouldn't you sit with me...?

me: won't you have to sit with the wedding party? at your own table?

karl: *blank stare*

me: the wedding party..? no? own table? at the head of the reception hall...?

karl: what? no way. it's not even a sit down dinner. and besides, there are 20 people in the wedding party.

so, did everyone catch both parts of that? 1) not a sit down dinner! i was blown away! i had no idea these existed! they had delicious, delicious food stations all around the reception hall, and you'd grab some and then schmooze with whomever you wanted while you ate. brilliant!! 2) TWENTY PEOPLE IN THE WEDDING PARTY. that's not counting the bride and groom. TEN. PEOPLE. ON. EACH. SIDE. the southern folk i talked to did not seem overly phased by this. me? i was phased.

also! did you know that people in the south own their own tuxes? and wear them? spontaneously? to weddings they're not even IN? because they do! it's awesome, and adorable.

also also! i had never been to a pig pickin before. HOLY MOTHER OF PORK. i will say that i was a little taken aback when i mosied (moseyed?) up to one of the buffet tables and was confronted with an entire half of a pig, sawed in half lengthwise, with several pairs of tongs alongside to pull the (delicious, delicious, melt in your mouth) meat off. karl tells me that normally the head is also left on, but since this was a fancypants event at a country club, they removed the head. for decorum and all.

ps: that was just for the rehearsal dinner. which was larger than several weddings i've attended.

but anyway! the point is that it was an absolutely stunning wedding, and luckily for me i had just bought an absolutely stunning dress for just this occasion, and i shall hereby post pictures of it, because i am in love with this dress. IN LOVE.

(also made with, you guessed it,this)

(additional ps: how cute is karl in his tux? hee)

that was a lot of rambling and catching up, eh? i hear some bloggers - get this - write EVERY DAY! i hear they do this instead of saving up 2 weeks worth of posts and jamming it all together in one enormous novel. weird!


  1. You gave me props. OMG. YOU. GAVE. ME. PROPS!!!! Holy hell, you made my day. Thank you!

    But, I think those flickr mosaics are pretty darn cool. Might have to check them out next time I go to put a bunch of photos together. Please don't tell anyone my antiquated collage secret. PLEASE!!!

    Those pirates are hilarious! Perfect costume!

    And I must agree - not only is that dress awesome, but YOU ROCK THAT DRESS! Nice job. Karl is a cutie.

    And thanks for taking me back in time with the Southern wedding craziness and pig pickin'. OMG, I spent my college days up to my ears in pig shit. Kinda sorta maybe.

  2. Alice + Favorite Dress = HUBBA HUBBA!
    That dress is magnifique!
    Either Karl looks a lot like Ryan Philippe, or you're dating Ryan Philippe in which case I am so telling Reese! :P

  3. HELLO fabulous dress! That dress is so fabulous, it requires its own separate invitation.

  4. Now I really hope I get invited to a southern wedding at some point in my life!

    I LOVE the dress!!!! And it looks PERFECT on you! I'm probably going to go on a mission to find one like it!

    I've never tried doing a flickr mosaic before, but they look much nicer than individual pictures and save so much space!

  5. Great dress!

    I've never seen a French pirate, but I imagine that those guys are what they would look like.

  6. I'm a litle late to the "I too adore that awesome dress" party, but here I am anyway.

    I now want to go to a southern wedding - just to check out the pageantry and whatnot...

  7. Ya southern weddings are differnt and not what Jef Foxworthy would lead you to believe. The only sit down dinners are weddings at 6:00 and even then that's if it's a big wedding.

    Most of the time we get married ( 20 minutes if you are baptist ) and have a reception with cake and puch in the afternoon or buffet at night.

    I like the French pirates. His belly button made me chuckle.


  8. I've been to those non-sit-down weddings and they are far and away the best way for everyone to spend the day. Much more informal and much, much more fun.

    Great pics, and almost enough to make us forgive your routine disappearing acts.



  10. Finally some stories on what you've been up to! And that's a really cute dress. I want.