November 09, 2007

7 random and/or weird facts about Alice

i've been tagged by shannon! i'm pretty lame at following through on these meme doohickeys, but this is a neater one than just informing you all of my favorite vegetable and what color pants i'm wearing right now. and it's in list form! so here goes...

7 Random and/or weird facts about Alice:

1. i've played piano my whole life, which isn't random or weird. BUT, i used to read about how when mozart was a kid, he could play with his hands backwards, or upside down, and all sorts of things, right? and i'd.. uh.. practice that way too. like, lying on my back on the piano bench with my hands crossed over my face. not surprisingly, i was a pretty dorky-ass kid.

2. i also used to read a lot, and loooooooved the laura ingalls wilder books. like practically had them memorized. and then i would go around and.. um.. narrate my life as it happened, to myself, in my head, pretending i was writing about it. just like laura! um. i'm starting to not like this meme all of a sudden. maybe i should move on from "ways i was exceptionally dorky" as a theme.

3. i only have 9 toenails. the big toenail on my left foot has gone through a lot of trauma in its wee life, and when i had foot surgery last year, i asked the doc to just remove it permanently, since it's better than having a freaky gnarled hunchback toenail being all cranky and gnarly all the time. so now i have only the 9, and that big toenail will never grow back ever again.

4. i can't raise one eyebrow at a time, and it KILLS ME. i used to try to practice in the hopes that i could build up the appropriate muscles.

5. i doubt this one is news to anyone, but i did go to that awfully weird school growing up. the stories from that are a font of endless hilarity and bizarre..uh..ity. bizarrity is now officially a word.

6. i like to make up words.

7. i like to think of myself as a realist, but i suppose i'm probably more of an optimist. if i saw, say, a glass with only half of its contents remaining, i wouldn't go "oh man, glass half empty." i would, in what i like to think is a very "realist" manner, note that there was only half the glass left. and then probably follow that up with "but whee! that means i still have half left to drink!" or perhaps "maybe that means i'll be getting more soon! and maybe it will be even BETTER than what's in there now!" this attitude drives my sister - who is also a realist but perhaps a little more.. jaded? shall we say? in her interpretations - batty, that i can accurately and rationally assess a situation yet still spin it in a positive light. N.B.: this mindset DOES NOT APPLY during giants games or while i'm stuck in traffic.

dude, that was hard. it took me like 3 tries to come up with 7 whole things, and those last 2 hardly even count. oh well.. at least i'm posting! this is novel.


  1. Dude, I thought that meme was grueling, too. Obviously, I could never complete one of those "100 things about me" things.

  2. I can hear you now narrating a sushi lunch, but would you do your own spin and have a British accent, or a French one? I think you should do an audio post in a French accent, narrating as Alice Ingalls Wilder. That would be fun to hear!

  3. Well done you! And wow, you were really dorky!!

  4. I love your dorkiness. And that rooster at farm school...

  5. I loved those especially the toenail thing.


  6. I used to narrate everything in my head as I did it, too. Worse, sometimes I would narrate it out loud, under my breath, but still probably not quietly enough to avoid being heard by my (much cooler) peers.

  7. 5 years late, but that's how I roll!
    a) Alice was a kickass reader. According to my mom, she was reading--fluently--at three. 3. Years old! When I was a kid, I used to get a little jealous because I was a pretty fantastic reader myself, and I knew how to read before kindergarten. And then Momma C. would go all, "Well, ALICE was reading at three years old. I remember this. So gifted." And I would sulk.
    b) I LOVE THESE "All about me" things!
    c) Farm school...ahahaha, so. I coach a summer dive of the girls was going to this...naturey summer camp at your farm school, where she "played in the woods all day." I was like, "Oh! I know that farm school! My neighbor went there and her teacher was at her graduation. I remember thinking that was so cool. They had the same teacher all the way up to 8th grade." One of my other divers heard this, and proclaimed, "Well, thank GOD I don't go there, cause I HATE my reading teacher and would DIE if I had her every hear!"