October 31, 2007

hey guys! i heard microwaves are pretty neat-o too!

i'm an idiot. i mean, this is sort of a given, but today it's for 2 very specific reasons:

(a) i sometimes have a problem doing something i know is a good idea, just because i'm lazy and/or stubborn and hey, they way i'm doing it is JUST FINE, OK? and you can leave your flashy newfangled fancypants "improved" way by the door because i'm getting along JUST FINE over here, thankyouverymuch, harumph, etc. or else the (usually extremely minimal) process to upgrade / change is just TOO MUCH do deal with right now, and god, it's just so much EFFORT, and you know, i have some very important staring at a wall to do for the next 25 minutes, thanks. the best part is that while i'm engaging in either one of these responses, i KNOW i'm being dumb and i know i'm going to like the change way better than whatever i'm doing currently, and yet i still allow myself to putz around being stubborn/lazy. there's nothing better than recognizing your faults and taking no steps to correct them!

(b) the situation that i have most recently been applying these two responses to has been setting up a feed reader doohickey. the back and forth in my brain has gone something like this so far:
-those feed readers seem like a good idea.
-don't they involve rss? what's rss? i don't know how to use rss. do i have to set something up? or learn code or something? i don't even know what rss stands for.
-you know? checking blogs from my favorites list TOTALLY WORKS FINE.
-oh.. ok i think i don't need to learn about rss to do this.
-but seriously, it's not like going to my favorites list is HARD.
-plus there's totally a lot of blogs there. and i don't even CHECK all of them all the time.
-this seems like it would take a long time. and i'd have to, like, go through my whole favorites list.
-although it seems like it would be really convenient to just know when someone puts up a new post...
-eh. whatever. my way is working out FIIIIIINE. besides, that spot on the wall is really interesting.

so. anyway. i finally decided to set up a google feed reader thing. and GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS? you will NEVER BELIEVE THIS! it's really awesome! and such a good idea! you should all go set one up right now! it's so great! and convenient! no really, go do it! ...what's that? everyone else has had one in place for the past 6 months? oh. right.

which actually leads me to yet another reason why i am an idiot: i have gotten NOTHING DONE over the past 2 days, because i keep obsessively checking my feed thing and reading whatever new blogs have popped up. boy, that sounds kind of sad, doesn't it? like, when the blogs go quiet, i then go home and crochet headgear for my 11 cats.

for the record, there's still only the one cat. and i only know how to knit, not to crochet. SO FAR.


  1. I am just like you and I also took forever to finally set up a feed reader. Torsten is cutting edge on everything and rolls my eyes at me whenever I insist on doing things my way. But whatever, my mom owns a store with items hand-priced, a tiny adding machine, hand-written receipts, and a non-electric typewriter that she uses for tax forms. So you can see where I get it from.

  2. I also read from my favorites list. Because that's how I've always done it. Far be it from me to step into the now at this point...pardon me while I go cook myself some lunch over a woodburning stove.

  3. I love my feed reader. Its great.


  4. I think I blogged for a year before using a feed reader. I still don't quite what an RSS is, but I know how to use bloglines!

    Welcome to the "flashy newfangled fancypants 'improved' way"! :)

  5. I set up my Google Reader a couple months ago and am addicted. The nice thing is I now avoid stalking my favorite bloggers only to realize they haven't updated (since 15 minutes ago when I last checked). hee hee.

  6. Fancypants! If you are like me, you will see your productivity decline.

  7. I just set up a feed reader a few weeks ago, and I'm like you with the constant checking and reading cutting into my get things done time.

  8. You should know that if you're somehow compelled to put my blog on that list, RSS automatically becomes defined as "Read Something Stupid"

  9. Man, I was EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Then Paul just set up Bloglines FOR me, and suddenly I was all, "OMG YOU GUYS! YOU ALL HAVE TO GET THIS!!"

  10. Great, you've influenced me to set one up in Google Reader. ;D

  11. Um, just so you know, if you want to make knitting "sexy" again? There's a book of patterns for knitting lingerie called, well, "Knitting Lingerie Style: More than 30 basic and lingerie-inspired designs".

    This has been your strange web moment for the day.
    That is all.

  12. I'm pretty good at figuring out computerin' stuff, but I still can't understand all this RSS nonsense. I think the gang from Sesame Street could come over and teach me about it in the simplest way possible and I still wouldn't understand. I just accept that some things are beyond my grasp and move on.

  13. "feed reader doohickey"

    Bossy's brain goes eeeeeeeeee.

  14. hey... over here... I need a scarf... I'll buy the yarn even.

  15. Tag, you're it!